10 Basement Door Ideas & Design Tips

10 Basement Door Ideas & Design Tips
Image Credit: Jason Finn, Shutterstock

Basement doors can be a bit difficult. Typically, you are dealing with terrain constraints. Some basements don’t even have exterior doorways, creating creating a single amazingly challenging.

The good news is, there is a lot of inspiration on the world wide web for all kinds of distinct basement entrances. Whether or not you’re searching to improve or completely change (or construct) your basement doorway, right here are some of our favorite ideas.

The 10 Basement Door Ideas and Design Tips

1. Bulkhead Door

Bulkhead doorways are the “traditional” style for basement doors. They function effectively with terrain constraints because they can be set virtually horizontal with the ground. The stairs are normally on the within, which helps prevent slipping ought to the methods get moist.

Bulkhead doorways do not have to be simple and unexciting, though. There are a lot of methods to spruce up your basement door. You can protect them with wooden for an antique look or use plenty of correct angles for a contemporary seem.

2. Spruce Up Your Stairs

No issue the design, the massive bulk of basements are accessed making use of stairs. These stairs can very easily blend into the background. Nonetheless, you could also want to spruce up the stairs and make them a significant portion of your design and style.

These eclectic stairs are a special design attribute that definitely spices up this basement. The antique, colourful wooden blended with the modern ground tiles give a exclusive, unforgettable layout addition.

3. Outdoor Stairs Can Be Spiced Up Too!

Indoor steps are not the only types that can be spiced up for a exclusive basement entrance seem. Contemplate spicing up your outdoor methods as properly. These stairs are really basic, but the rock wall spruces them up and turns them into a style attribute – instead of an dismissed portion of your property.

You really do not have to do considerably to spruce up your measures. Generally, just a minor little bit of interest can make the stairs search substantially nicer. Incorporate some pleasant pavers or spruce up the wall to make the steps something to keep in mind ahead of your guests even get to the door.

This is also a excellent place to do some landscaping if you have the place. Landscaping can appear just as excellent as pretty as a beautiful rock wall.

4. Hidden Entrance

In some instances, you may possibly be capable to hide your basement entrance completely. You can disguise it beneath your deck just like they did in this picture. This is excellent for terrains in which it is challenging to make the basement doorway seem very good. Instead, you can disguise the entrance all collectively.

This also can make the area above the door considerably useable. You can walk on it and momentarily use it for chairs and similar products. If you are brief on space, this is a fantastic way to get benefit of each and every square inch.

5. Terraced Landscaping

This is an excellent instance of utilizing landscaping to correct up your basement doorway and entrance. You may not have significantly place to plant factors together the entrance. Nonetheless, by making a phase-down design like in this photo, you can make some area to plant a variety of things.

This is a excellent way to use every single inch of area you have offered to you.

6. Big Doors

Basements can often feel modest and cramped. Basement entrances usually are as effectively. 1 straightforward way to make them feel a lot more open and inviting is to make your entrance bigger. This will get a little bit of operate, as you are going to need to have double the amount of walkway place. Take advantage of the more comprehensive walkway by choosing beautiful tiles and stones.

With a more massive doorway, you can swiftly depart the doorway open to allow in some refreshing air. Bringing in more substantial parts of household furniture is also more comfy with the more substantial doorway!

7. Floor Entrance

On top of hiding your basement entrance someplace outdoors, you can also very easily cover it underneath your inside floor as nicely. This is perfect for those in tight spaces, where you could use the further floor place that the stair entrance is using up. At the very same time, this is also an straightforward way to spruce up your stair entrance if none of the other variations attractiveness to you.

Soon after all, you really do not require to spruce up an entrance if you cannot see it.

With that stated, this is 1 of the more demanding possibilities on this checklist. You will need fairly a bit of Diy know-how to make it come about, dependent on your flooring and the place your entrance is found.

8. Underneath Your Deck

Basement doorways are often beneath patios and decks. The greatest portion about this type of door is that it can simply be spruced up just like any other property entrance. You can include tiles and pavers to carry some unique fashion to the room.

Feel cost-free to use the spot about the entrance as a deck. Insert some chairs and a grill to make it a useable room. This is also an superb opportunity to do some landscaping. Contemplate employing bushes and vines to set the spot up a notch.

9. Wooden Doors

Most basement doorways are metallic or seem like your typical exterior door. You can simply spice up the entrance by making use of a uniquely styled door, like one made out of wood. Match the door to the rest of your home’s type.

This operates best if your property is not mid-century or contemporary. In any other case, a classic doorway may well look greatest. For antique and farmhouse-styled homes, although, your entrance can speedily look special with the use of a special entrance door.

10. Handmade Door

Make your entrance even far more unique with the use of a handmade, a single-of-a-variety doorway. You can uncover these on-line on websites the place craftsmen generally sell their goods. You may possibly also want to store locally if you have any woodworkers in your spot.

If you have some expertise yourself, you might be capable to craft your very own door – make it a really 1-of-a-kind entrance.


There are a great number of ways to design a basement doorway. Probably you are just looking to spice up your classic doorway or spruce up the entrance a bit. Alternatively, you could get rid of your current door altogether and location it with a unique one particular – or 1 that is handmade.

Some of these projects are straightforward, Do-it-yourself possibilities for a one weekend, even though other individuals will take comparatively much more time and organizing. On many situations, you could be ready to do multiple projects to make your entrance unforgettable.

Highlighted Image Credit rating: Jason Finn, Shutterstock