10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

Sometimes, the simplest instruments are the best. That is the circumstance with the Allen wrench or hex essential. The style is deceptively elementary. However, this mere piece of metallic provides you the torque you want to loosen screws and bolts with out stripping the heads—as prolonged as you use the appropriate dimension. You can even use them on difficult-to-entry headless established screws.

Several sets are lightweight, which makes them transportable. You can toss a package in your bicycle seat bag or auto glove box for repairs on the street. One of the terrific issues about these instruments is that they’re economical to make. It’s a single purpose why you will uncover a single or two thrown in if you have to assemble a item you have acquired.

Numerous factors come into perform when selecting the greatest Allen wrench established. Our guide will go over what you need to have to know to get the appropriate established for you. We’ve also integrated in depth reviews of the top sets to help see what to search for when deciding on a solution for your workshop. Let’s start off with a variety of the Allen wrench sets accessible and what distinguishes each and every one.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall

10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews
10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews Owl Tools 5 Allen Wrench Set
  • Imperial and metric keys ,Short and long arm wrenches ,Lifetime guarantee
    Best Value

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews
    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews TEKTON 25253 Hex Key Wrench Set
  • Well-designed storage ,Metric and Imperial sizing ,Lifetime warranty
    Best Value

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews
    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews Craftsman CMHT26001 Hex Key Set
  • Color-coded carrying case ,Lifetime warranty ,Well-made
    Premium Choice

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews AmazonBasics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set
  • Value-priced ,Easy storage
    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews S&R Allen Wrench Set
  • Excellent range ,Snug fit for keys in case ,Stamped wrenches

    The 10 Best Allen Wrench Sets

    1. Owl Tools 5 Allen Wrench Set – Best Overall

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The Owl Instruments 5 Allen Wrench Set is a item that addresses all the bases, with equally metric and Imperial sizes. The former operates from 1.27 mm–8 mm and the latter, 1/16”–7/32”. We liked that they are also diverse colors, with the metric wrenches in silver and the Imperial in black. It makes sorting them significantly simpler. The set includes the two limited and long arm wrenches.

    The 36-essential established is produced of carbon steel. The measurement is seen on both the case and the wrenches. They have the ball at the finish of every a single to boost their versatility. The United states-dependent company gives a life time assure on their merchandise, which we appreciated. They provide both a replacement or a refund. Total, we feel this is the ideal allen wrench set on the marketplace these days.

    • Imperial and metric keys
    • Short and long arm wrenches
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • A broad range of sizes
    • Occasional quality control issues

    2. TEKTON 25253 Hex Key Wrench Set – Best Value

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The TEKTON 25253 Hex Important Wrench Established was our select for the greatest Allen wrench sets for the cash. It includes Imperial sizing from .028”–3/8” and metric from .seven mm–10 mm. You are coated for whatever projects you’re undertaking. Unlike the earlier solution, this one has chamfered alternatively of the ball finishes. It is not a dealbreaker, but a single of individuals good-to-know factors for comparison.

    The scenario is properly-created and lays flat, which is very valuable. Regrettably, we simply cannot say the exact same for the keys. The slots are just a wee little bit off in the size. Whilst both measurement methods are the identical color, they are also distinct lengths. The strength of this product lies with the more substantial dimensions vs . the quite tiny kinds. Nonetheless, there is a life span warranty on your acquire.

    • Well-designed storage
    • Metric and Imperial sizing
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Same color for both Metric and Imperial
    • Keys fall out of slots

    3. Craftsman CMHT26001 Hex Key Set – Premium Choice

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The Craftsman CMHT26001 Hex Crucial Set will take a diverse method than the normal L-formed arms with a T-formed deal with to enhance your leverage. It is anything you are going to both enjoy or hate. It involves both Imperial and metric keys that are colour-coded with labeled sides for the carrying scenario. The wrenches run from 3/32”–1/4” and 2.five mm–10 mm.

    The maker has a stellar consumer provider popularity, as evidenced by the lifetime guarantee on these wrenches. The keys are properly-made but possibly not suited for difficult operate, this sort of as automotive positions. Even though the circumstance is wonderful, it is greater than we’d like. Also, it has plainly marked measurements that the wrenches by themselves absence.

    • Color-coded carrying case
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Well-made
    • Spendy
    • Fair strength for tough jobs

    4. AmazonBasics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The AmazonBasics Hex Key Allen Wrench Set stands out as an affordably priced solution, particularly taking into consideration that you get 26 wrenches. It consists of both metric and Imperial sizes in color-coded situations. The dimensions are obvious on equally, which tends to make it simple to discover what you need to have. We just want the wrenches fit a bit snugger.

    The keys have ball finishes, which may possibly explain the stingy one-calendar year, limited warranty. Nevertheless, they are powerful and made of chrome-vanadium metal. That is realistic for gentle-duty employment but not everything necessitating a good deal of torque. If that is your range of projects, then this established is an exceptional value for the price.

    • Value-priced
    • Easy storage
    • Only a 1-year limited warranty
    • Light use only

    5. S&R Allen Wrench Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The S&R Allen Wrench Set is another worth-priced merchandise. The 30 wrenches are created of chrome vanadium metal with straight finishes. There are equally Limited and Extended Arm Collection keys. The Imperial and metric sizes variety from .028–3/8” and .seven mm–10 mm, respectively. Both the case and the wrenches have the measurements on them, which we always value.

    The situation is also first rate for the cost, with a handy gap to set it on a hook. They are on the more compact facet, so the keys are the ideal decision for weighty-duty function. There is no mention of a warranty on the Allen wrench set. Instead, you need to get to out to the Germany-based mostly firm if you have an situation.

    • Excellent range
    • Snug fit for keys in case
    • Stamped wrenches
    • Light-duty jobs only
    • Unknown warranty

    6. EKLIND 53168 Hex T-Key Allen Wrench Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The EKLIND 53168 Hex T-Important Allen Wrench Set is another riff on this deal with layout. However, it misses the mark because they aren’t that relaxed to keep. The established includes just 8 items in Imperial sizes only. The dimensions run from three/32”–1/4”. The constrained selection implies that they are only appropriate for light-weight-duty employment, producing them much less functional, even with the manufacturer’s proprietary alloy.

    However, the set is Usa-created. Unlike most of the goods we reviewed, this one consists of a plastic pouch rather of a hard plastic storage scenario. It is a realistic answer for keys that really don't keep in area. The other factor that stood out was the value. The value is high, considering how considerably use you may get out of this established.

    • USA-made
    • Rust-resistant coating
    • Only eight pieces
    • Uncomfortable hand feel

    7. HORUSDY 30 Hex Key Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The HORUSDY thirty Hex Essential Set is one more providing with each Imperial and metric measurements packaged in a plastic, albeit flimsy carrying scenario. The price tag is correct on this merchandise, presented the amount of pieces and variety of measurements. It consists of the two Brief and Long Arm Collection wrenches. The metric keys operate the regular dimensions from .seven mm–10 mm. The Imperial is .028″–3/8”.

    The lack of a decent coating to protect the keys from rust is a obtrusive omission on the component of the company. Although the larger wrenches are tough, the scaled-down types lack the generate power needed to preserve them from bending. The Australian-based company delivers a twelve-month warranty against defects for private use only. It’s only three months if you use them commercially.

    • Affordably priced
    • 12-month warranty
    • Fair quality in smaller sizes
    • Poor-quality coating

    8. Tarvol Allen Wrench Hex Key Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The Tarvol Allen Wrench Hex Important Established is a helpful merchandise if you only need to have to use a limited variety of keys that are only Imperial. This established only involves 10. Not like other products we reviewed, this 1 keeps the wrenches on a ring, albeit with flimsy attachments. At the very least you will know where all the keys are when you need them. The measurements variety from one/16″–3/8″.

    The established is affordably priced. We could see introducing it to our kit on bike excursions. The dimension assortment is ideal for most duties. We also liked that the person parts are stamped with the dimension. On the downside, it’s only suitable for light-weight-obligation employment, which is not surprising, presented its design and style. Unfortunately, that is the other rub. If you use it a whole lot, change the keyring with anything sturdier.

    • Stamped sizes on keys
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Disparity of sizes
    • Imperial sizes only
    • Flimsy ring

    9. Wiha 35392 L-Key Short Hex Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The Wiha 35392 L-Crucial Quick Hex Set is one more mini item. In contrast to the previous one particular, this one is metric only and has just 5 pieces—and a larger price tag tag. It has measurements ranging from .seven mm–2 mm. The small span indicates that this set has limited utilizes, at best, especially with chamfered ends. On the good facet, they are durable, currently being produced of a chrome-vanadium-molybdenum metal alloy.

    The hex established comes with a have scenario, with the sizes obviously marked. There is also a ring for easy storage. If you only need smaller dimensions, you may possibly find this product well worth a appear. The deficiency of ball finishes and the number of dimensions make it a specialty merchandise for only specified makes use of.

    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Metric only
    • Limited use

    10. Bondhus 22199 Hex L-Wrench Set

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The Bondhus 22199 Hex L-Wrench Established employs proprietary supplies with its 22-piece package. It contains both metric and Imperial sizes. The former operates from one.five mm-10 mm, the latter, 1/sixteen-1/4″. The established has the much more frequent normal dimensions. The keys are tough and well-created, though the arms are a little bit limited to take full advantage of the torque with the more substantial types.

    We favored that the organization is Usa-based mostly out of Minnesota. The producer also stands powering their Allen wrench established with a life time guarantee. It breaks, and they’ll replace it. The keys have chamfered finishes, which adds to their strength. The other red flag we noticed was a lack of a carrying case. It was the only item on our roundup that didn’t arrive with 1.

    • Made in the USA
    • No carrying case
    • Short arms
    • A limited size range on the upper end

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Allen Wrench Set

    As you have noticed, there are a whole lot of versions on this simple theme. William G. Allen was the very first individual to patent and manufacture the hex key in 1910. Many variations existed, but it was Allen who brought it to marketplace very first, consequently, the name. It started life in producing prior to transferring to other industries, from bicycles to submarines to cookware.

    The 1st thing to think about is the sorts of makes use of the place Allen wrenches appear in useful for you. That can assist push your getting determination. It’ll steer you in the route of what features you need to have, specifically the dimensions and sorts of hex keys. Some points to take into account contain:

    • Metric or Imperial (SAE)
    • Range of sizes
    • Material
    • Length of the wrenches
    • Design
    • Storage
    • Warranty

    Metric or Imperial

    There are regular measurements for each metric and Imperial techniques. You’ll discover sets that incorporate one particular or both of these measurements. The distinction exists because the United States retained the British Imperial Method right after the Innovative War. The Industrial Revolution sealed the offer when huge-scale producing took off in the place. Aged behavior die hard in The us, Myanmar, and Liberia.

    Because you are possibly obtaining stuff made or sourced from overseas, it is almost certainly smart to seem for an Allen wrench set that has both methods for working on something that you may require. We desire merchandise that shade-code or mark the two methods in a different way to make it easier to kind. It is also valuable if the measurement is printed on the case and stamped on the resource.

    Range of Sizes

    The assortment of sizes you need to get will also count on the kind of initiatives you do. If you do repairs on your car, you will require a different established than somebody who does woodworking. The good news is, there are regular or typical measurements for the two metric and Imperial that can support your choice. A lot of goods target on these selections, with it typically pointed out in the description.

    The other issue is the precision of the keys. You can confirm them using a caliper. It’s a essential thought, provided that you can strip a established screw simply if you use a wrench that is as well small. You are going to frequently discover scaled-down sets that are acceptable for specific positions. A Swiss Military Knife type for a bicycle is an exceptional case in point. Electronics also require a a lot more limited assortment.

    The size of an Allen wrench is measured as the length among two opposite flat sides. The ASME B18.3-2003 normal addresses the Imperial measurements, whereas the ISO 2936:2014 covers the metric stop. It is well worth noting that there are also minimum hardness based mostly on dimensions and worth utilizing the Rockwell scale. This simple fact provides us to our up coming thought.

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews


    The standard we referenced earlier mentioned includes specs on the manufacture of Allen wrenches. The product you buy is an alloy metal to fulfill these criteria, which is a combination of carbon and iron. The expression alloy steel implies that there is an additional steel additional to the blend to ramp up its toughness or hardness, no matter whether it’s molybdenum, nickel, or chromium.

    The substance is a vital thing to consider, but you need to place it into context. We can measure a tool’s energy in many approaches, which includes:

    • Impact strength
    • Tensile strength
    • Compressive strength
    • Yield strength

    Effect strength is a material’s ability to withstand shattering. Tensile toughness considers how easily you can pull one thing aside from the alloy’s components. Compressive energy appears at a supplies reaction to currently being compressed. None of these specs are an correct evaluation of hex keys.

    The a single that would most likely be most crucial for Allen wrenches is most likely yield power, which actions a material’s resistance to bending. Employing that criterion, stainless metal or a metal-iron-nickel alloy would best the listing. Nevertheless, it still goes back again to your initiatives. Obtaining one thing heavy-duty may well border on overkill if you do not need to have some thing that powerful. It also can make it unwieldy to use.

    We propose that you really do not ignore the minimal-stop of the scale. The smaller sizes are the ones far more most likely to bend. Most producers use nicely-acknowledged alloys. Even so, we did come throughout a number of that utilised proprietary components that provided the end, also. This function is important because that is what’s going to protect the wrenches from rust and corrosion.

    Length of the Wrenches

    You are going to discover Allen wrenches in both Short Arm or Extended Arm Series. Typically, you are going to see longer arms with larger hex keys. The duration will enhance the quantity of torque, creating it easier to loosen even bigger bolts. Which is a fantastic point for automotive work, but for your skillet, not so much. Once once again, we refer to our beginning stage with possible uses.


    The expression hex crucial is beneficial when speaking about these tools due to the fact you are going to most likely uncover some items that really don't have the normal L-shape. Some adhere to the Swiss Army Knife model, with distinct measurement wrenches in a single holder. Other folks have diverse handles. Some may consist of rubber coating on the lengthier stop to make them a lot more comfy to use.

    An additional function you are going to often see is wrenches with a ball on the conclude. The goal is to enhance their versatility by allowing you to use the crucial at distinct angles. There is a tradeoff among a thinner stop and a reduce in the torque. If an Allen wrench is likely to crack, it is most likely to take place in the finish. Nonetheless, obtaining this attribute also boosts the flexibility of the solution.


    We think that any Allen wrench established must include some sort of storage circumstance or holder. Inevitably, the essential you need to have will go missing at the worst attainable time. We recommend spending interest to the top quality of this feature. A flimsy scenario isn’t going to do you a total whole lot of very good if it breaks the 1st time you use your set. We uncover it extremely useful if the size is printed at each and every slot to make it less difficult to locate what you want.

    The other thing to consider is the suit of the keys. They need to go into the circumstance snugly and not fall out if the scenario is tipped. The very first time it transpires to you, you will recognize why we produced a position to mention it.  Likewise, you should not have to pull hard to consider them out of their slots. It is an exceptional way to hold monitor of the wrenches and avert shedding them.


    Most producers will at minimum offer you a cash-back ensure for defective construction. We advocate supplying goods that really do not have one a pass. The length of a warranty will fluctuate from 1 yr to a life span one particular. Nevertheless, constantly check the good print, specially if the term, constrained, is hooked up to it. Some firms will offer replacements only.

    10 Best Allen Wrench Sets (Hex) of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews


    Based on our evaluations, the Owl Instruments five Allen Wrench Established came out on top as the ideal Allen wrench established. Everything about the design and style is consumer-pleasant, proper down to the coloration-coded measurement programs. The cost is proper way too when you contemplate that you’re acquiring 36 items. We could see it being the one set you purchase to satisfy all your demands.

    The TEKTON 25253 Hex Essential Wrench Set is an affordably priced alternative that also scored details for becoming consumer-welcoming. The company place some thought into the design of the situation, which is appreciated considering that it lays flat. The thirty-crucial set also contains a lifetime promise, producing it an even better worth for the price. This maker was the only 1 to supply a refund if any of the wrenches failed.