10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 &#8211 Reviews &#038 Top PicksIf you are an avid gardener, there is practically nothing better than investing many hours functioning the soil, correct? Yeah, we thought not! The thankless process of digging by way of heavy earth is almost certainly why electric powered tillers ended up invented.

There are several distinct possibilities accessible when it comes to an electrical tiller. The tough portion is deciding which 1 is proper for you. Do you need to have a corded device, or probably an upright will be greatest? Regardless of the reply, the simple component will be putting it to use.

In an work to support you make a decision which tiller is the very best, we have set jointly a assessment of the prime ten greatest electrical tillers on the market this calendar year. We have in comparison the characteristics of some of the most popular types available. This will give you all the information you require to make an informed, and properly thought out choice. Also, verify out our purchasers guide for some extra assistance.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites in 2022

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall

10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks
10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks Sun Joe TJ603E
  • 12-amp power motor
  • Cuts wide and deep
  • Fast and smooth cutting action
    Best Value

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks
    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks Earthwise TC70001
  • Single lever switch
  • Four adjustable steel tines
  • General one pass cultivation
    Premium Choice

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks
    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks Mantis 7250-00-03
  • Instant start
  • Three-speed 540-watt powerful motor
  • Double-insulated motor for less vibration
    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks Greenworks 27072
  • Adjustable wheels
  • Powerful 8-amp motor
  • 8-inch forward rotating tines
    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks BLACK+DECKER LGC120AM
  • Cordless
  • Adustable handle and telescope tube
  • Counter-oscillating tines to prevent tangles

    The 10 Best Electric Tillers

    1. Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller – Best Overall

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    The amount 1 spot on our top 10 listing of electrical tillers goes to the Sunlight Joe sixteen-Inch twelve-Amp Electrical Tiller. This undesirable boy is a corded electric tiller, and best for digging via clay, hard-packed earth, vines, roots, and something else you can believe of. With a twelve-amp motor and 6 steel tines, this tiller can cut a swath sixteen inches extensive and 8 inches deep, making it ideal for aeration, cultivation, and a lot more.

    The Sunlight Joe also has a a few-wheel adjustment, instantaneous begin switch, and 340 RPMs. You will be ready to use this tiller for your tiny backyard, or bigger fields. However it is lightweight, it has the electricity to till a 50’x50’ area in under an hour. It also has a folding deal with for effortless storage and a simple 3-piece assembly.

    The deficiency of an adjustable handle may possibly be the only disadvantage of this tiller even so, the simplicity of use tends to make it a keeper for certain. With the effective 12-amp 120V motor, the capacity to get into restricted places, this will be your up coming favored backyard garden instrument. Overall, this is the greatest electrical tiller available this 12 months.

    • Non-adjustable handle

    2. Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller – Best Value

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    Our number two pick is a corded tiller that is the ideal for the income. It has an eight.five-amp motor, and it will be great for small to medium dimensions gardens. With 4 metal tines, the Earthwise can minimize eleven inches extensive and dig to an eight-inch depth, which can make it excellent for plowing through packed filth and tilling soil for planting. Other choices of simplicity consist of adjustable tines, a push-button start, and back wheels for effortless maneuverability.

    This tiller allows you to get into little spaces and cuts through any content with a single go. On average, it can go via a 10’x 40’ room in an hour. With an easy assembly, this is a excellent alternative for small to medium property gardens.

    However it will simply cultivate tough-packed earth, it does get tangled in vines much more simply than our top selection. It will also demand you to maintain the protection change with a single hand whilst turning it on with the other, which can be tough. Other than that, unless you are require of a heavy-duty tiller, this could be for you.

    • Four adjustable steel tines.
    • General one pass cultivation.
    • Single lever switch and a soft grip
    • Easy assembly
    • Not good for heavy-duty work.
    • Easily tangled in vines.
    • Safety switch and start switch are harder to handle

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    3. Mantis Electric Tiller – Premium Choice

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    Rating amount 3 is our premium selection, the Mantis Tiller. This corded tiller has a 540-watt motor with a few speeds and an quick start off button. If you are looking for a powerful however light-weight and compact choice, this could be it, as it functions effectively for tiny to medium measurements gardens.

    The 7250-00-03 is ready for aeration, cultivation, planting, or just ripping through the grass. It can minimize at a nine-inch width, and a depth of 10 inches. You are also in a position to flip the tines for a shallower depth of 2 to three inches. The a hundred and fifteen-volt motor is double insulated for considerably less vibration, it operates well in tight areas, and the take care of folds for simple storage.

    Ironically, the disadvantage to this compact design is the electricity. With this sort of a lightweight tiller, the energy it employs to minimize through the earth can make it hard to take care of. It tends to bounce on difficult surfaces, producing a number of passes essential. It is also not as user-pleasant because of to its deficiency of wheels, and the 40-minute assembly time. If you have knowledge with professional or heavy-duty tillers, this will be great for tiny to medium gardens. Maintain in mind however, it also does not execute effectively with damp earth.

    • Three-speed 540-watt powerful motor
    • Lightweight and can be used in tight spaces
    • Double-insulated motor for less vibration
    • Instant start
    • Hard to handle
    • No wheels
    • Not good with wet soil

    4. Greenworks Corded Tiller 27072

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    Tiller amount 4 is the Greenworks Corded Tiller. This garden instrument has an 8-amp motor and four 8-inch forward rotating tines that are excellent for smaller garden tasks with medium packed earth. This certain tiller is excellent if you have diverse sections that require different width cultivation. The Greenworks tiller has an adjustable reducing capacity of eight.twenty five to ten inches broad and up to 5 inches deep.

    Even though this Greenworks design does not have as much depth as some others, it does have an effortless commence button and adjustable wheels for usefulness. This tiller is also heavier than other models and can have a inclination to bounce on the difficult-packed earth. You might need to make several passes with this tiller. You can complete about 15’ X 25’ in two hours.

    While this tiller is straightforward to shop absent with a folding manage, it is a whole lot far more difficult to assemble. The tines especially are hard to modify. Also, despite the fact that it is heavier to shift, it does much better with pre-prepared soil and pliable weeds. Clay, tough-packed earth, and weighty roots can jam the tines. If you are in need to have of different width and depths, this could perform for you.

    • Powerful 8-amp motor
    • 8-inch forward rotating tines
    • Adjustable wheels
    • Good for small gardens with pliable materials
    • Has a fold-away handle for easy storage
    • Lack of depth
    • Difficult to assemble
    • Tines are hard to get into place
    • Heavier to use

    5. Black + Decker Garden Cultivator/Tiller

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    The Black Decker tiller is the number five select and the 1st cordless upright tiller on our listing. This is heading to be a excellent choice for light-weight backyard garden operate with pre-well prepared soil. It has a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that will operate for about thirty to 45 minutes of constant use (approx 325 sqft for each demand). Although, the battery does get about 8 hrs to entirely demand.

    The LGC120 weighs about eight lbs and will maintain tension off of your back again. It also has an adjustable deal with and telescope tube for ease of use. The counter-oscillating tines preserve weeds and vines from obtaining tangled. That getting mentioned, it is meant for light soil only. It will turn out to be jammed with clay or packed dust.

    If you require a tiller/cultivator for tiny work, in limited areas, this will work. It goes about 4 inches deep in light sod. Also, the tines only go again and forth vs spinning. Even though the battery lasts about 30 to forty five minutes, it does start off to get rid of energy following twenty five minutes or so.  Though it will need much more passes than a rotary tiller, it will be excellent for a poor again with light-weight backyard garden duty.

    • Cordless
    • Adustable handle and telescope tube
    • Counter-oscillating tines to prevent tangles
    • Works in small areas
    • Better for the environment with the lithium-ion battery.
    • Short battery life
    • Lack of depth
    • Will require more than one pass
    • Technically, more of a cultivator than tiller

    6. Troy-Bilt Electric Garden Cultivator

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    The Troy-Bilt cultivator makes it to the quantity 6 location on the record. This six.5-amp motor is a much less strong motor creating this alternative better for modest gardens and flower beds. Like the upright alternative above, it is only meant for gentle soil cultivation.

    This tiller does have eight-inch a few-way adjustable metal tines that forward rotate. It also has an adjustable width of 6 to 9 inches, and a five-inch depth. It does have again wheels for ease of use, and a large-responsibility gearbox to defend it from overheating.

    Yet again, this is technically a lot more of a cultivator than a tiller, specifically given that it does not transfer ahead very nicely. As it is meant to press forward to aerate the earth, this is a drawback. Also, it are not able to handle anything much more reliable than pre-geared up sod. Even grass will jam the tines.

    This model also a inclination to short out (possibly because of to the heavy gearbox), and the tines are simply bent. Even though if you favor a push managed cultivator as an alternative of an upright for standard gardens or plant beds, this could work. Though be well prepared to do many passes above the location.

    • Good for small gardens
    • 8-inch steel adjustable tines that rotate forward
    • Heavy-duty gearbox
    • Push-button start
    • Tends to short out
    • Tends to jam easily
    • Tines bend from rocks or hard roots
    • Hard to maneuver going backward

    Entrance vs Rear Tine Tillers – What is the big difference?

    7. Earthwise Cordless Electric Tiller/Cultivator

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    The next tiller is one more cordless option that is 40 volts and lithium-ion battery operated. It has 4 8-inch metal tines that have an adjustable width of 7 to 11 inches and an eight-inch depth. It also has flip-down rear wheels, an easy start button, and a soft grip for relieve of use.

    This tiller/cultivator is rated to manage gentle to medium garden tilling, however it really does not execute nicely with challenging clay. The max depth finishes up currently being about six inches, and it is fairly large to use. The purpose for this is it tends to bounce really a bit on the tough-packed earth. It can have trouble digging in and will get tangled in weeds or vines.

    That currently being mentioned, it is a quieter model with a decent battery demand. Even though it does take up to twelve hours to charge, it will hold the charge for about twenty five minutes of ongoing use without a decrease in power. There is also a twenty-minute assembly time for this model. If you desire a cordless tiller/cultivator that is not an upright for light-weight backyard garden flower beds, you could do even worse than this one particular.

    • Cordless
    • Adjustable width of 7 to 11 inches
    • Flip down wheels
    • Decent battery run time without losing power
    • Only good for light garden use and flower beds
    • Long battery charge
    • 20 -inute assembly time
    • Gets tangled in weeds and vines

    8. Powerworks 60V Brushless Tiller

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    Our up coming alternative is one more cordless tiller that runs on a sixty-volt brushless motor. The brushless motor presents it a lengthier run time and far more energy and torque. This tiller has 4-inch hardened steel tines, with an eight-inch extensive and five-inch deep tilling capability.

    The Powerworks tiller operates on a two.5Ah battery, but only provides about a 30-moment run time tops. With 1700 strikes for every minute (SPM), this product must be ready to manage heavier tilling but is only capable of aerating gentle fluffy soil.

    In this scenario, there actually might be way too a lot power, and there is no pace manage. The tiller tends to skip throughout the area, and has a challenging time likely in a straight line. You will require to do several passes, and pull toward you.

    However the battery running resource makes it much better for the setting, the battery is really expensive to exchange. It does have an adjustable deal with with gentle grip, but chances are, there is much better tiller suited for tiny backyard garden perform.

    • Cordless
    • 2.5Ah battery
    • 4-inch steel tines
    • Adjustable handle
    • Not meant for medium to heavy work
    • Short battery life
    • No speed control

    9. Scotts Outdoor Corded Tiller/Cultivator

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    Our amount 9 option is the Scotts Outdoor tiller and cultivator. It has a 13.5-amp motor and 6 adjustable tempered alloy metal instances. This is also a tiller that is detailed as a big to the heavy-obligation tiller, but it is a cultivator at best.

    It does have an adjustable eleven to 16-inch width and an 8-inch depth, but it does not work as nicely right after about 5 inches of soil. It also has flip-down wheels for easy use, but they are inclined to get caught and jammed producing it difficult maneuver.

    As described, this cultivator is greatest for mild soil. It does not have the electricity necessary for its measurement and any clay, tough-packed earth, rocks, vines, or even grass can jam it up. The tines are also easily bent. Besides those manufacturing problems, it is tough to handle and does not go in a straight line. It consistently unplugs and is actually not comfortable for anybody taller than 5’7” (one hundred seventy cm) as the manage is way too brief. All stated and carried out, even though it is not the worst, there are much better possibilities even for your flower beds.

    • 13.5-amp motor
    • Adjustable width of 11 to 16 inches
    • Tines bend easily
    • Hard to control
    • Light duty only
    • Wheels are hard to turn
    • Electric cord comes unplugged often

    10. Sun Joe Electric Garden Cultivator

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    The final option on our checklist is the Sunshine Joe cultivator. It operates on a modest two.five-amp motor and has four steel tiling blades. The slicing capacity is six.three inches broad and 6 inches deep, however it can truly only handle about 4 inches.

    This design does have an quick begin and a hand-held option, but to be trustworthy you might have much better luck with a rake or shovel. This cultivator is really large for the hand-held use and places a great deal of pressure on the again and arms. It does not do properly even in delicate soil and will get jammed continuously.

    There is extremely tiny electrical power to this option, and it overheats. Also, the basic safety grip and start button are tough to press at the identical time creating it even much more difficult to perform with. Even for tiny flower beds, this cultivator has a difficult time breaking down sod. Finally, the device alone it inclined to crack downs.

    If you require an upright cultivator or tiller, you would be better off picking a single of the reviews over as this one particular certainly is not well worth the income or effort.

    • Runs on a 2.5-amp motor
    • Breaks down easily
    • Frequently jams
    • Shallow depth
    • Weak power

    Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Electric Tiller

    This buyer’s information will support you locate the best electric rototiller for your needs. By hunting at variables to think about and how to use a tiller, you will have all the info essential to make a properly-informed determination about electric powered tiller assortment.

    Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Tiller

    Tiller vs. Cultivator

    To make confident that you get the very best product for your demands, you require to make sure that you truly want a tiller, not a cultivator. A tiller is a lot far more ideal for hefty soil, which includes clay, roots, and rocks. It also offers many functions. It can aerate, cultivate, prepare, and weed a big field of crops.

    In contrast, a cultivator basically helps in the planting procedure. These gadgets are greater suited for comfortable soil and scaled-down places, like a backyard or flower bed.

    Corded vs. Cordless

      Pros Cons Best For
    Corded Portable


    Requires more maintenance Those who need to till areas not accessible by a power outlet
    Cordless Intuitive Cord will limit movement Those who want a simple, close-proximity tiller

    Electric tillers come in two energy possibilities: corded or cordless. A corded selection will be more user-welcoming considering that it has an amazingly intuitive design, but it will inhibit your movement based on the size of the twine.

    A cordless alternative will be battery-run. This alternative will be incredibly lightweight and transportable, creating it a wonderful decision for people who need to go over much more land.


    Tillers can be difficult to control and use. To make confident that you can get the most from your electrical tiller, you must take into account the usability of your design. Listed here are some functions to search for that influence the usability of the tiller:

    • Easy access to tiller controls
    • Simple start option
    • Reliable motor
    • Adjustable tiling depth
    • Adjustable handle

    Though these characteristics are not necessary, they will make your knowledge more enjoyable and significantly less time-consuming.

    Soil Type

    Numerous men and women who are new to gardening and farming do not appreciate the variances amongst soil varieties, but soil comes in many kinds. As you commence tilling, you need to be mindful of the kind of soil you are working with.

    if you are operating with a tough, rock-riddled soil, you will require a larger, heavier, and more robust tiller to electrical power by way of the rocks. In distinction, you can simply get by with a lightweight tiller if your soil is comfortable.

    How to Use a Tiller


    Expect to until your land or garden about a few weeks prior to you want to plant. This will allow the land to get properly aerated and loose.

    Get started by preparing your soil, which we have described underneath. Then, plan for your tilling. Make certain that your cord can reach all areas that you want to till and make a route program for the tilling methods. You want to stay away from doubling back more than currently tilled areas because it will compact the soil.

    Get protecting goggles and boots prior to tilling. It is common for sharp rocks or sticks to pop out of the floor when making use of a tiller. You do not want to poke an eye or cut your ankle in the process.

    10 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

    When to Till

    It is best to till your soil when it is moist but not wet. The ground need to not be wet or muddy in any way. Soaked soil will overwork the tiller and permit your excess weight to compact the soil as well significantly. Check out the humidity content of your soil with a soil moisture meter.

    Tilling Time

    Begin the device in neutral and set it into the soil. Keep the take care of tightly due to the fact the tiller will jerk forward as quickly as it touches the soil. Relying on what design you selected, you may possibly pull the tiller toward you or thrust it away from you. Merely thrust nonetheless way it is made to go.

    Just take extra precaution to not operate over the wire. Doing so can cause severe health hazards this sort of as electrocution. Till the spot as many times as essential to make it not clumpy or compact.

    How to Prepare The Soil For Tilling

    Utilizing a tiller will be considerably much more efficient and useful if you have ready the soil correctly. If you don’t get ready the soil, you might accidentally crack the till, or it basically may well not complete as sought after.

    Take away Any Vegetation, Weeds, or Sod

    Begin by eliminating crops, weeds, and sod from the location you intend to until. These items can hinder the tiller’s motion and efficiency.

    Simply seize a shovel and dig around the present weeds and plants. You must commence a number of inches away from the plant and sever the roots utilizing your shovel. Pull out the crops by hand. If you want to develop fully new plants, think about utilizing herbicides on the region.

    Get rid of Large Hurdles

    As soon as the little vegetation and weeds are out of the way, you want to eliminate massive obstructions as properly. This can contain tree roots, rocks, or stones. These products are merely as well large for the tiller to get through and will severely damage it. Use a wheelbarrow to remove any huge products from the location.

    Test the Soil

    The very last stage for making ready your soil is to take a look at it out. All crops thrive at a certain pH degree. If you have a distinct plant in head, check the soil to make positive it is suited for your plant. Acquire a pH at-property soil tester to find out if your soil is compatible.


    Need to I get a gasoline or electric powered tiller?

    How considerably land you anticipate to till will decide no matter whether you want a gasoline or electrical tiller. Fuel tillers are a lot more strong than their electrical counterparts. Even though fuel possibilities are a lot more costly, they are value it for those who have a lot more extreme tilling demands. If you only need to until a tiny garden spot, then an electric powered tiller will perform flawlessly.

    How do you check soil?

    To test the pH, purchase a soil take a look at kit from a neighborhood department keep or gardening keep and adhere to the kit’s instructions.

    If you want to know what soil kind you have, adhere to these measures for collecting the soil for tests:

    • Soak a small section of soil with a garden hose.
    • Grab a handful of soil with your hands and form it into a ball.
    • Place the ball in a well-ventilated area for at least 24 hours.
    • Inspect the ball.

    If the ball is crumbly but does not totally drop apart, then the soil is loam. This is excellent for planting reasons. If the ball should totally crumble, it is almost certainly sand.


    Our two very best tillers, the Sun Joe TJ603E sixteen-Inch 12-Amp Electric powered Tiller which is the greatest all round, and the Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch eight.five Amp Corded Electric tiller which is the ideal for the income, are the best  tiller possibilities obtainable this year.

    Following all is said and carried out, there are a lot of issues to consider into thought when it will come to selecting the proper tiller for you and your home. We hope that the reviews we have offered will support make the option simpler.

    An electric tiller can just take a good deal of stress from your human body if you are an avid gardener. Make your garden lifestyle less complicated, and keep our evaluations in brain when it is time to make a acquire!