10 Best Screwdriver Sets of 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Stanley Screwdriver set

Few resources are as assorted and frequently utilised as screwdrivers. But the issue with screwdrivers is just how several diverse types of heads fasteners have. This requires you to preserve a extensive selection of diverse screwdrivers on hand so that you are geared up for any predicament.

Relatively than separately purchasing all of the screwdrivers you feel you’ll want, you can simplify the method and simply get a screwdriver set. Our favorites consist of several distinct screwdrivers of varying dimensions and several even provide carrying instances.

Not content material to use any aged set of screwdrivers, we made the decision to check as several as we could uncover to establish which established is the ideal acquire. You can study about our 10 favorites in the adhering to reviews, and we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you narrow in on your prime select.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

Rating Image Product Details

Best Overall

Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set
  • Includes 9 slotted and 7 Philips screwdrivers
  • Warrantied for life
  • High strength butyrate handles can take a beating

  • Best Value

    Second place
    HORUSDY 13 Magnetic Screwdriver Set HORUSDY 13 Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  • A plastic rack keeps everything organized
  • They’re magnetic
  • Covers every size you’re likely to need

  • Premium Choice

    Third place
    Klein Tools 85074 Screwdriver Set Klein Tools 85074 Screwdriver Set
  • Precision matched tips offer a superior fit
  • Heat-treated shafts for improved durability
  • Well-balanced and comfortable to hold
  • TACKLIFE HSS1A Magnetic Screwdriver Set TACKLIFE HSS1A Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  • 26 pieces in total
  • Magnetic tips
  • Includes slotted
  • Philips
  • and Torx screwdrivers
  • CREMAX CM-TH007 Magnetic Screwdriver Set CREMAX CM-TH007 Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  • Priced affordably
  • They’re magnetic
  • Includes a convenient storage case
  • The 10 Best Screwdriver Sets

    1. Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set – Best Overall

    Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

    Craftsman is acknowledged for creating large-quality instruments that are guarded by a lifetime warranty, and this established of screwdrivers is no exception. You get a whole of seventeen parts in this established, 9 slotted and 7 Philips screwdrivers, additionally a pocket keychain with four flatheads on it for ease.

    The handles of these screwdrivers are created of higher toughness butyrate. This substance is robust enough to endure numerous beatings, so you really don't have to be frightened to take the hammer to the butt finish of these screwdrivers. And with the lifetime warranty defending them, there is genuinely nothing to fret about.

    There is a single issue we believe is lacking below magnetic suggestions. These screwdrivers are not magnetized, which is a disgrace at this value. Luckily, it’s not difficult to magnetize screwdrivers by yourself.

    • Includes 9 slotted and 7 Philips screwdrivers
    • High strength butyrate handles can take a beating
    • Warrantied for life
    • Includes a pocket keychain with 4 flatheads
    • They’re not magnetic

    2. HORUSDY 13 Magnetic Screwdriver Set – Best Value


    With an amazing 100 items for a decrease value than several smaller sets on this list, the HORUSDY 13 Magnetic Screwdriver Established is 1 of the greatest screwdriver sets for the income. With so many parts, it is not surprising that it addresses virtually each and every sort of screwdriver bit that you’re very likely to need. And it even keeps every thing great and structured in a handy plastic rack.

    Even with the lower price tag, these screwdrivers are magnetized, offering improved functionality above other sets that are not. But the magnetization isn’t as great as other brands considering that it started to dress in off right after a few weeks. Nevertheless, with so numerous screwdrivers and bits at this kind of an cost-effective price, this set is an clear option for the ideal benefit.

    • Includes 100 pieces
    • Covers every size you’re likely to need
    • A plastic rack keeps everything organized
    • Still cheaper than competing products
    • They’re magnetic
    • They started losing their magnetizing

    3. Klein Tools 85074 Screwdriver Set – Premium Choice

    Klein Tools 85074 Screwdriver Set

    Klein is identified for generating high quality instruments, and this established of screwdrivers sets a new bar for how well-produced screwdrivers can be. They all feature precision-matched ideas for a superior fit. This is tremendous essential to keep away from broken tips or stripped out fastener heads. Moreover, they’re properly-balanced and cozy to hold and use.

    When it comes to sturdiness, the Klein Equipment screwdrivers are second to none. The shafts are warmth-treated to make them stronger for improved toughness. The inside flanges are twist-resistant, making certain that even at highest torque, you are unlikely to ever malform these screwdrivers.

    Of course, this high good quality arrives with a tradeoff. You only get 6 screwdrivers in this set, even though it is much more expensive than other sets that had a few instances as a lot of screwdrivers. But if you’re seeking for top quality-high quality tools that will previous a lifetime, we feel these are what you are looking for.

    • Precision matched tips offer a superior fit
    • Well-balanced and comfortable to hold
    • Heat-treated shafts for improved durability
    • Twist resistant internal flanges
    • Contains just 6 screwdrivers
    • More expensive than other sets

    4. TACKLIFE HSS1A Magnetic Screwdriver Set

    TACKLIFE HSS1A Magnetic Screwdriver Set

    TACKLIFE is a manufacturer that makes cost-effective instruments with respectable good quality. Their HSS1A Magnetic Screwdriver Established consists of a total of 26 pieces with a durable plastic circumstance to maintain them all arranged, however they really do not keep in their slots as nicely as we’d like. You are going to get slotted, Philips, and even Torx head screwdrivers in this kit to cover the bulk of normal-sized fasteners that you are most likely to come across.

    A single factor that the TACKLIFE screwdrivers offer above other sets is that they’re magnetized to maintain onto fasteners. But they’re not as strong as other screwdrivers we examined. You don’t want to use these for hefty-duty applications the place you may well take a hammer to the bottom. Nonetheless, for medium-duty and light-weight use, these are a fantastic decision, even if the HORUSDY kit in second spot gives better worth.

    • Includes a durable plastic case
    • 26 pieces in total
    • Includes slotted, Philips, and Torx screwdrivers
    • Magnetic tips
    • They’re not as strong as other screwdrivers we tested
    • Not the best choice for heavy-duty applications
    • They tend to fall out of their slots in the case

    5. CREMAX CM-TH007 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

    CREMAX CM-TH007 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

    We like affordably priced equipment like the CREMAX CM-TH007 Magnetic Screwdriver Established. These are even magnetic and include a convenient carrying case at this affordable value. You only get 10 overall items, but that includes five Philips and 5 slotted screwdrivers. What’s missing is any variety of Torx little bit or hex head drivers.

    Even now, there have to be sacrifices created when a solution is this cost-effective. You’ll get stubby screwdrivers and long ones that will discover use in a assortment of circumstances. They are relaxed to keep thanks to the gentle handles. Nonetheless, we possibly wouldn’t abuse them way too considerably as they really do not seem to be like they’d survive for too long under a hefty-obligation workload.

    • Priced affordably
    • They’re magnetic
    • Includes a convenient storage case
    • You only get 10 total

    6. Amartisan AM042 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

    Amartisan AM042 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

    With forty two complete parts for a decrease cost than most of the other sets on this listing, the Amartisan AM042 Magnetic Screwdriver Established seems like a excellent offer. You will get screwdrivers with slotted, Philips, Hex, and Torx tips. They are even magnetic, creating it easy to keep on to fasteners without having concern of dropping them. But the magnetizing isn’t as strong as we’d like, so it only performs nicely with little screws.

    One particular special inclusion in this set that we didn’t see in others is the flexible extension that allows you get to fasteners in compromising positions. There’s also a hard-plastic case integrated to hold almost everything structured. But the latches are a weak point and they broke off with normal use in the first month.

    • Includes 42 pieces
    • Magnetic tips
    • Flexible extension included for hard to reach fasteners
    • The magnetic tips aren’t very strong
    • The latches broke off the case

    7. POPOMAN MTH300 Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Set

    POPOMAN MTH300 Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Set

    In the POPOMAN MTH300 Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Set you will get 20 screwdrivers, including full-sized, stubby, and micro-screwdrivers for working with a extensive range of fasteners. The micro-motorists even include 360° swivel caps, making them simple to twist and a lot quicker to use. Every little thing is stored in a hard-plastic carrying case that securely latches closed to keep every thing in.

    The problem with these screwdrivers is sturdiness. They have weak ideas that really do not have the same precision match as other sets we analyzed. Due to the fact of this, we finished up snapping off a lot of suggestions. But which is not the only weakness listed here. Even the shafts on the scaled-down screwdrivers aren’t resilient and we twisted several of them through light-weight use. These might be cost-effective, but there are lots of inexpensive screwdriver sets that offer you greater good quality.

    • Affordably priced
    • Includes a latching carrying case
    • 360° swivel caps for easy twisting
    • The smaller screwdrivers twist easily
    • Weak tips are likely to break

    8. Stanley 62-511 9-Way Screwdriver

    Stanley 62-511 9-Way Screwdriver

    We have gotten a great deal of excellent Stanley merchandise in excess of the years, so we predicted good things from this 9-way screwdriver. It does have Stanley’s constrained life span guarantee, so we have been sure it would be tough. But the way this set functions is you get nine mini screwdrivers that suit inside of a solitary handle. The shafts on these screwdrivers are quite slim although, and they can not endure high-torque or heavy-obligation operate.

    There’s one more dilemma. If you shed the manage, this set becomes practically worthless. Confident, you can use the mini screwdrivers as they are, but they’re small and really don't supply any good way to grip them. They are also not magnetic, which is an additional mark off. At the very least they contain a hassle-free storage scenario to hold almost everything arranged.

    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • One handle with 9 screwdrivers to fit inside it
    • Includes a convenient storage case
    • Small screwdrivers aren’t very durable
    • If you lose the handle, they’re practically useless
    • They’re not magnetic

    9. Wiha 30297 Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set

    Wiha 30297 Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set

    We experienced to do a double-just take when we saw the crazy substantial value that the Wiha Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Established sells for. You get just twelve screwdrivers complete, but this established fees numerous times what other sets with numerous more pieces go for.

    To be honest, these are quality equipment. The deal with caps are labeled for effortless identification. The tips are precision-machined to reduce cam-outs and damaged suggestions. To top it off, every thing is coated by the Wiha no-problem promise.

    But that doesn’t look to warrant this higher price to us. You do not even get a carrying circumstance with these screwdrivers. For this a lot cash, you could buy numerous hundred screwdrivers in kits from other manufacturers, so it’s tough to justify paying so much on just twelve screwdrivers.

    • Handle caps are labeled for easy identification
    • Precision-machined tips for reduced cam-out
    • Wiha no-hassle guarantee
    • Way overpriced
    • Doesn’t include a carrying case
    • You only get 12 screwdrivers for this high price

    10. GEARWRENCH 80066 Screwdriver Set

    GEARWRENCH 80066 Screwdriver Set

    The GEARWRENCH 80066 Screwdriver Established is a dramatically overpriced set of instruments that are lacking some crucial attributes. To start, the scenario is just a tray with no lid and does not maintain the screwdrivers well. You’re greater off chucking it and maintaining these in a drawer, which looks preposterous at this higher price tag.

    Worst, these screwdrivers just aren’t resilient. The shafts on numerous twisted with light-duty use and we knowledgeable quite a few broken guidelines. Since these are much more high-priced than other sets we analyzed, we expected considerably far better durability. What we obtained was a “speed zone” that assists change the screwdriver quicker. Which is good, but not value this cost. We recommend skipping these for a better established at a reduced price, as there are many available.

    • “Speed zone” helps turn the screwdriver faster
    • No lid for the tray
    • The case isn’t any good
    • They lack durability
    • More expensive than other options

    Buyer’s Guide – How to Purchase the Best Screwdriver Set

    Selecting a established of screwdrivers appears like a simple adequate process right up until you commence evaluating them and observing all of the variations in between sets. There’s a whole lot a lot more separating these than price, although some of them value numerous moments what other sets go for.

    If you are even now getting a hard time figuring out which screwdriver set is the greatest selection for you, then this buyer’s guide is here to support.

    Choosing A Screwdriver Set

    When comparing screwdriver sets, you need to know what qualities to examine. All of them attribute normal slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers, but many kits include a good deal a lot more. Let us consider a look at the most critical characteristics for you to choose on when picking a screwdriver set. Figure out which of these issues most to you and seem for a set that fulfills your certain demands.

    Whole Number of Parts

    One particular of the largest and simplest to recognize differences amongst these sets is how numerous items they contain. Some of these kits have as number of as 6 screwdrivers total, although other individuals pack in a hundred parts!

    In truth, you almost certainly really don't want 100 different screwdrivers. On the vibrant side, you will most likely never discover a fastener you really don't have the proper screwdriver for! On the other hand, you will have to keep all of people somewhere and appear through them all for just the correct bit when you need to have it.

    Nevertheless, you do want to get quite a couple of screwdrivers if you’re depending on this kit for all of your fastener taking away and installing requirements. If your kit has just six screwdrivers, it won’t be able to provide you as several sorts of heads.

    Types of Screwdrivers

    Let’s discuss about the different types of heads your screwdrivers can have. There are four major types of screwdrivers that you’ll want to appear for:

    • Slotted
    • Philips
    • Torx
    • Hex

    This isn’t an exhaustive checklist of screwdriver varieties, but if you have these 4, you’ll be in a position to take care of most of the screws you come across.

    Slotted screwdrivers are much more generally recognized as flatheads. They’re best for pulling out screws with a single slit throughout the head. Tiny flatheads can also be utilized to get rid of Phillips screws.

    Philip’s heads have an X form to them. This enables the screwdriver head and the fastener head to have a excellent grip which is considerably less probably to slip. These can take care of a whole lot a lot more torque than flatheads.

    Torx bits are star-formed. These are considerably less frequent than slotted or Phillips screwdrivers, but you’ll nonetheless experience them on heaps of electronics and other gadgets.

    Hex heads are also identified as Allen heads. These can replace a set of Allen keys, and provide you with much far more leverage since these will have a screwdriver deal with instead of a small metal crucial that you simply cannot get a fantastic grip on.

    Carrying Case

    The a lot more parts in your screwdriver set, the far more essential a carrying case gets. All of individuals screwdrivers can grow to be truly difficult to kind via if they’re all unfastened in a drawer. Likewise, they become hard to transport.

    But a proper carrying case will keep them organized so you can locate the screwdriver you’re seeking for. It also can make it easy to transport them for positions that really do not get place in your workshop. Ultimately, they defend them from obtaining dirty even though they reside in a messy workshop or garage.

    mini screwdrivers
    Image Credit: Pixabay


    Not absolutely everyone is heading to thrust their screwdrivers to the limits. But if you’re hard on equipment, you already know it. If you are not, then you do not need the most tough equipment on the planet. But if you strategy to defeat on the bottom of your screwdrivers with a hammer, you’re going to want some extremely sturdy instruments so choosing the greatest screwdrivers would be the greater thought.

    Screwdrivers need to have to be sturdy in many key places. Initial, the deal with need to be challenging enough to stand up to the drive of a hammer. We favor butyrate handles for withstanding this sort of abuse.

    Subsequent, the shaft should be strong. Generally, this indicates it’s warmth-treated and capable to stand up to twisting below power.

    You also need to have to feel about how the screwdriver is mounted in the deal with. With the incorrect mounting method, the shaft may possibly be capable to spin and split free of charge of the take care of.

    Magnetic Tips

    If you have utilised screwdrivers extended adequate, then you have virtually surely dropped a screw into a challenging to attain location ahead of. This is exceptionally irritating and effortless to remedy. The resolution? Magnetic screwdriver guidelines.

    Magnetized screwdrivers can keep on to a screw with no the need to have for your finger. Just set the screw on the suggestion of the driver and the magnet will maintain it in place. This makes it possible for you to easily get the screw started out with one hand, which may well normally be prohibitively challenging.

    But not all magnetic screwdrivers provide equal power. Some aren’t magnetized strongly and can only keep up extremely tiny fasteners. We even had the magnetization dress in off of some screwdrivers. The good news is, it is not that challenging to magnetize them oneself if necessary.

    Image Credit: Pixabay


    The final thought when choosing out a screwdriver established is the price. We saw some drastically various charges from set to established. But that does not mean that a larger cost receives you far more screwdrivers. In reality, it’s typically the opposite. Larger prices are inclined to indicate fewer screwdrivers but far better quality, even though more affordable sets often offer more total parts.

    Is it well worth it to commit numerous occasions as considerably on top quality screwdrivers even even though you are not getting as a lot of? It depends on your needs. Do you abuse your screwdrivers? Are they heading to stay difficult lives of everyday use? Or do you just do occasional tinkering and repairs that really do not really tax your resources?

    If you abuse the heck out of your equipment, then commit the further money for the greater-high quality screwdrivers. But if your instruments only see weekend use and they are never beaten into oblivion, you’d possibly be better served by a far more cost-effective set with much more total items provided.

    Below are some much more of our screwdriver content articles:


    Screwdrivers are just screwdrivers, proper? Effectively, if you go through our reviews, then you know it’s a bit more complicated than that. All these resources can put in and get rid of screws, but they are not all manufactured equally, which is why we’ve picked our a few favorites to offer you up as recommendations.

    With the very best mix of high quality and affordability, the Craftsman Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Established is our best decide. You get 9 slotted screwdrivers, seven Philips, and even a pocket keychain with four flatheads for a complete of 17 parts in the established. They feature substantial-toughness butyrate handles and life time warranties.

    If you want the best bang for your buck, try out the HORUSDY Screwdriver Set. You get a hundred items complete at a really affordable price and they’re all saved neatly in a plastic rack. This kit handles all the measurements you are most likely to need to have and the ideas are even magnetic.

    For a premium set of screwdrivers intended to previous a life time, we suggest the Klein Resources Screwdriver Set. These screwdrivers feature precision-matched guidelines, warmth-taken care of shafts, and twist-resistant internal flanges for the final in sturdiness.

    Highlighted Graphic Credit score: Pixabay