10 Brilliant Uses for Old Doors (Reuse & Repurposing Ideas)

If you dwell in a residence that was developed in the previous century, probabilities are, you are not a large enthusiast of the stock doorways. Probably you’ve already changed them and now you have a lose, garage, or hut crowded with cumbersome, pale outdated doors? In any situation, don’t throw them absent just yet! Aged doors can be repurposed and reused in many innovative methods.

In this information, we’ll focus on 10 incredible Do-it-yourself initiatives that can breathe new lifestyle into your previous doorways. For the most component, you will only need to have a observed, drill, a established of nails/screws, and paint. With some elbow grease and 4–5 hours of spare time, you’ll be ready to manage every single single one of these plans trouble-totally free. So, prepared to do some top quality repurposing? Below goes!

The 10 Brilliant Uses for Old Doors

1. Upcycled Door Potting Shed

Materials Needed: Doors (3), wood boards for the shelves, screws, rubber washers, hinges, corrugated tin
Tools Needed: Angle grinder, electric drill, pencil, measuring stick, wood saw, ladders
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

If you have more than one door accumulating dust in the garage, set them to good use with this upcycled door potting lose program. Secure them with hinges and screws, incorporate a few of cabinets, and that’s it! Use a wood noticed to make wooden boards for the shelves and to minimize the doorways to the right dimensions. Not satisfied with the colors? A refreshing coat of paint will resolve that correct up! A makeshift potting drop is a ideal solution for a greater-than-regular garden.

For illustration, if your garden will get eight hours of sunlight and you have a couple of bouquets/plants that only develop in the shade, this right right here can be an excellent Do it yourself undertaking for the weekend.

2. Wood Cart Coffee Table

Materials Needed: Old doors (2), wood boards (4), pocket hole screws, wood screws, metal angles, brad nails, casters
Tools Needed: Electric drill, glue, paint brush/spray paint, protective gloves
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Improvised tables are one of the most well-liked employs for old doors. 4 2x4s, some plywood, a established of screws, casters, some cheap paint, and an electric powered drill—that’s all you will want to create this extravagant wooden cart coffee table. Now, while this repurposing program will get a little bit a lot more effort than the average table, it will be cell and have an extra shelf. It would be greatest to inquire a pal to lend a assisting hand, as the doors might be hefty (relying on the substance).

But, it is really properly attainable to pull the venture off on your personal. Begin with the bottom shelf, paint it white, paint the screws and the hardware black, and go from there!

3. Bench for the Yard

Materials Needed: Large door, wood conditioner, a set of screws
Tools Needed: Table, miter, circular, and jigsaw, sander, framing square, tape measure, pocket hole Jig set
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Do not have sufficient seats in the garden? Then why not attempt and build a bench for the garden? This venture requires a lot of cutting, sanding, and measuring. So, make positive you have at minimum two sorts of saws, a framing sq., and measuring tape. To make the bench seem brand name-new, we advise utilizing a wood conditioner product. Painting is always an choice, of training course, but it’s not a hundred% essential.

The essential listed here is to minimize the door into four items that will provide as the back, the sides, and the seat. To give the sides that “vintage” search, make a template utilizing a piece of cardboard, trace it with a pencil/marker, and only then minimize it with a jigsaw. To put the complete thing jointly, protected the specific areas with typical screws.

4. DIY Chalkboard Calendar

Materials Needed: A door with panes, screws, chalkboard paint, primer (optional)
Tools Needed: Pencil/marker, paintbrush, screwdriver, a jigsaw (optional)
Difficulty Level: Easy

You may well not even realize that correct now, but a Do it yourself chalkboard calendar is a outstanding outdated door repurposing strategy for your property! It is one of the least difficult, but most entertaining initiatives on the list and will only consider 1–2 several hours to comprehensive. Preferably, it ought to come with panes if not, you can always minimize them out. To connect the doorway to the wall, get a established of more time-than-typical screws. For the panes, use chalkboard paint that they offer at property advancement shops.

Is the door really aged, and the paint is peeled off? Then you may possibly want to commit in a primer paint to make it search wonderful and new. The glass on the panes will reward from a primer as nicely. Alright, now seize a piece of chalk and create down all the chores, activities, grocery lists, and days of the week on the board!

5. Makeshift Corner Door Shelf

Materials Needed: Regular-sized door, particle boards, clamps, metal brackets, screws, door knobs (optional)
Tools Needed: Circular saw, marker, measuring tape, electric drill, sandpaper (200 grit)
Difficulty Level: Easy

Previous doorways are quite simple to flip into bookshelves, but if you have very limited room in the place, a makeshift corner door shelf will be a great different. Begin by cutting the doorway in fifty percent with a round noticed then attach the two items with metal brackets, clamps, and normal-concern screws. Don’t neglect to make holes for the screws with a drill. And what about the cabinets, though? Use any parts of wooden/particle boards you’ve got useful.

They do not have to be fancy—only purposeful. You can spot your favourite guides, clothing, or vegetation there. And don't forget: the larger (lengthier) the door, the more stuff the cabinets will be capable to hold.

6. Rural-Style Coat Racks

Materials Needed: Cabinet door (rectangular), plywood, D rings, coat hooks, screws, paint, wax
Tools Needed: Table saw, miter saw, drill + bits, Kreg Jig, wood glue, sandpaper, brush/sprayer
Difficulty Level: Easy

Truly feel like you’re consistently managing out of coat racks to dangle a manufacturer-new jacket? Then it’s time to flip aged cupboard doorways into rural-design coat racks. Or, just trim a standard-sized door into various elements as an alternative. Considerably like with all the other initiatives, the most essential resources are a noticed, drill (with bits), and, in this scenario, sandpaper to get the racks prepared for wax or paint. And don’t worry if you lower the improper size the 1st time: one particular one door can change into lots of racks!

Set the biggest rack in the hallway and an additional one particular in each one room. You will need to have to get a set of coat hooks, of program, together with D rings. If the door is a bit way too thin, use plywood to make it less difficult for the screws to pierce via.

7. Raised Garden Bed

Materials Needed: Shutter doors, plywood, nails, screws, deck paint
Tools Needed: Circular saw, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Easy

Beds are one of the simplest, however most typically used pieces in any present day-day backyard. They protect the vegetation from insects, critters, and floods even though retaining the soil hotter. Good information: it will get you very minor energy to change an outdated, dusty doorway into a elevated garden bed. You have two possibilities right here: cutting one particular large door into two parts or making use of a set of shutter doorways rather. For the odds and finishes, 1-50 % of a doorway will do.

Use plywood for the supports. Protect the mattress in deck paint, use drinking water-resistant nails and screws to protected the wooden, and you’re in enterprise. Following that, pour your favourite potting combine into the freshly-created bed and sow the seeds!

8. Eye-Catching Picture Frame

Materials Needed: Window-paned door, a set of hooks, water, rags, screws
Tools Needed: Drill, tape measure, antiquing glaze, clear coat, paintbrush, window cleaner, scotch tape
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Before, we took a window-paned door and turned it into a unique chalkboard. This time about, we stimulate you to build an eye-catching photo frame from it. Once more, safe it to the flooring horizontally, not vertically. The toughest element right here is to pick the right photos for the panes. Dependent on how several panes there are, you’ll be capable to screen 4–16 images use scotch tape to maintain them in area.

Before adding any treasured pictures, wipe the door with some rags and window cleaner and complete it up with antiquing glaze. The venture doesn’t end there! With a pair of established hooks, you are going to be ready to make this Diy plan even better. An electric powered drill and a set of screws will get this done.

9. DIY Garden Screen

Materials Needed: Bi-fold doors, fence posts, fence boards, wood screws (galvanized), concrete mix
Tools Needed: Posthole auger, level, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Simply cannot seem to get sufficient privateness although hanging out in the garden with your family members? Effectively, that can be solved with a Diy garden screen. Preferably, you must use louvered/bi-fold doorways for this, but typical doors will also operate. The notion is very simple: to block the view. So, the larger the doors, the much better. To protected the screens into the ground, we recommend renting a posthole auger, as it will make the job (digging 3-ft-deep holes) a lot easier.

Do make positive to speak to your local utility organization and get a eco-friendly light-weight from them on digging. Also, don’t overlook to get a bag of concrete combine.

10. Porch Swing

Materials Needed: A set of doors, eye hooks (8), S hooks (2), carabiner clips, nails, brackets + screws, chair legs, chain, paint/sealant, cushions (optional)
Tools Needed: Circular saw, chalk line, measuring tape, sander, protective gloves, and goggles
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Who does not like a very good aged porch swing to unwind on following a tough working day of operate? If you do every little thing appropriate, it will change into your new preferred place to dangle out. At its core, the swing is just a bench/chair that’s hanging from the ceiling. You will need tons of chain and eye hooks, and if the door at hand is not painted or completed, sanding repainting is a need to. You really do not want the swing searching aged and rusty!

This is crucial: just before incorporating the chains, measure the porch with tape and cut the doorways to fit it. Last but not least, take a minute to examine on the ceiling. It need to be robust sufficient to maintain the excess weight of the swing and the particular person sitting down on it.

What if You Don’t Have the Right Tools?

It’s safe to say that most of us have a marker, a couple of screws, and measuring tape in the garage. Even so, the very same simply cannot be said about electric powered drills, angle grinders, or posthole augers. So, the massive issue is—will a Do-it-yourself repurposing task justify acquiring costly equipment? In most circumstances, the reply is no. There is an exceptional resolution, although: you can always hire whatsoever instrument you need to get the task completed.

Even if you reside in a little metropolis, it should not be difficult to uncover a tool rental service in the region. For instance, Residence Depot is a single of the most dependable names in the place and it has tool rental companies in most merchants. The same is accurate for Lowes. Give them a phone to find out about the rental problems, accessible equipment, and what papers you will have to indication.

How to Dispose of an Old Door?

Before, we checked out ten wonderful repurposing tips for old doorways. We specifically picked the ones that are (fairly) simple to deliver into daily life and are wholesome and satisfying. But what if you have more old doors on your residence than you can take care of? How do you get rid of them with no violating any regulations or spending additional? Effectively, if the doors are created of wooden, the simplest and most apparent resolution would be to just burn them.

Metal, glass, or stone won’t burn up, nonetheless. So, alternatively, get in contact with a expert squander hauler and enable them take treatment of it. Alternatively, you can go to a landfill/strong waste facility in your location. Again, do make a contact initial, as they only operate at distinct several hours. Besides, there may possibly be expenses included. Very last, but not minimum, contemplate donating your doors to a BMRC centre. Really don't fret: they will not demand anything at all for that.

What About Reusing Windows?

Did you have to get by way of a total bunch of windows to obtain the outdated doorways in your shed/garage? Nicely, these home windows can be repurposed as properly! The method is very comparable and calls for around the very same resources for most Diy initiatives. Windows can serve as headboards, area dividers, cabinet items, fences, and coat racks.

In some ways, it is simpler to work with windows, as they are smaller, lightweight, and generally not as thick as doors. On the other hand, a lot of Do-it-yourself repurposing ideas call for using costly products and making precise cuts. Regardless, do not send the aged windows straight to a landfill even if you don’t want to use them for a project just but!


There is something magical about reusing outdated, “out-of-commission” doorways, windows, and furnishings. 1st, you do not have to spend time and cash trying to dispose of them. 2nd, you get to attempt some interesting Do it yourself ideas. A lot more importantly, reused doorways will provide you for many additional years, be it as a espresso desk, porch swing, or backyard bed.

As long as you find a new objective for an aged door and have the instruments for repurposing it, you can get it carried out. Do not be frightened to experiment, incorporate your very own contact to any of the 10 Diy ideas from the checklist, and get pleasure from. By reusing previous doorways, you’ll up your Diy abilities, get to understand something new, and hold your bank account intact!

Showcased Picture Credit score: Barna Tanko, Shutterstock