10 Clever Uses for Hay at Home (with Pictures)


Whether or not you are a farmer who grows hay or you are a crafter with a bundle in your fingers, you can use hay for many creative and useful needs, particularly in the drop. Synthetic hay from craft stores is high-priced, so it may possibly behoove you to get some of the reliable stuff. Listed here are some creative techniques to use hay close to your property when it’s not becoming fed to the animals.

The 10 Clever Uses for Hay at Home:

1. DIY Wagon Hayride

Materials: Wagon, hay
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Easy

Some folks count an yearly hayride as an autumnal rite of passage. If you really do not live close to a pumpkin patch, you can nevertheless give your minor pumpkin their possess individual hayride in your backyard if you have a wagon and some hay. A Do-it-yourself wagon hayride would also be a excellent exercise for a tumble competition or a birthday get together in October or November.

2. Straw Bale Seating at Rustic Wedding

Materials: Hay bales, fabric to cover the bales, twine, throw pillows
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty level: Easy

Who realized hay bales could be so cozy? This effortless venture is low cost and straightforward to recreate and would serve as the excellent seating for a rustic marriage on a price range. Though there aren’t any recommendations, it’s a fairly effortless job if you have some hay bales, twine, and fabric. An outdated sheet, a patchwork quilt, a plaid tablecloth, or new store-purchased fabric can all be employed as the masking, relying on the fashion of the celebration it’s meant for. Just really don't pick a cloth that is way too light-weight, or the hay may poke holes by way of it when somebody sits down.

Tie the hay bales with each other, making the personal sections as uniform as you can to stop lumpy seating. Cut the cloth so it’s massive enough to go over the best and portion of the sides of the hay bales. Secure the cloth all around the hay bales with twine and adorn with some plush pillows for extra ease and comfort.

3. DIY Hale Bale Lounger

Materials: Hay bales, throw blanket, pillows
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Medium

This enjoy-seat style hay bale lounger is supposed for use at a rustic wedding, but you can use it to give your backyard some seasonal seating. Stack the hay bales many deep, with the bales increased in the back to supply a again rest. Pile some close to the arms for an arm rest, lay a throw blanket throughout for comfort, and some pillows. You will be prepared for a soothing drop night with loved ones and pals!

4. Porch Decoration

Materials: Hay bales, real or artificial pumpkins; scarecrow, autumn sign, or potted mum
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Easy

Generate a hayride scene on your entrance porch with just a couple of components. You can source your pumpkins from a greenback retailer or craft store, or purchase some real kinds from a pumpkin patch, grocery store, or farmer’s market. Attempt varying sizes of pumpkins to produce fascination and depth.

Stack the hay bales further in the again to generate a “shelf” and then insert the pumpkins on best. You can set a scarecrow, autumn indicator, or drop flower this sort of as a potted mum beside the pumpkin. Aim for 3-5 things to stay away from overcrowding your decorations.

5. DIY Fall Backdrop

Materials: Hay bales, old fence panel, burlap banner, corn stalks, 2 scarecrows, 6 potted mums, 4 pumpkins
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Medium

An outdated fence panel and some vital autumn materials make this backdrop the excellent landscape for a drop mini picture shoot or a harvest celebration. You can resource an previous fence from a landfill or probably even a development organization. If all else fails, you could get a single panel at a residence enhancement retailer or use wooden pallets rather.

Stack the hay bales in a U-form around the backdrop and dangle a burlap banner (available at a greenback retailer or craft retailer) in the history. This project uses corn stalks on the sides for dimension and texture. Two scarecrows border the body, and six potted chrysanthemums of various measurements line the seating, incorporating a lot more depth. The four pumpkins are big ample to make a statement, but the constrained quantity doesn’t overwhelm the scene.

6. Hay Bale Maze

Materials: Hay bales
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Hard

Do not get missing! A hay maze or corn maze is a quintessential fall exercise that’s effortless to recreate at property if you have a lot of hay on hand. Even if you really don't have a whole lot, you can at least make 1 for your littles. They’ll be thrilled!

7. Halloween Hay Bale Art

Materials: Hay bales, spray paint
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Medium

We’re spooked above how effectively these Halloween hay bales turned out. Remodel your backyard into a haunted woods or a helpful pumpkin patch by spray painting these faces on hay bales.

8. DIY Scarecrow

Materials: A wooden frame – roughly 1″ by 1/2″ wood screwed/nailed together to make a cross, hay, twine, an old pair of trousers/pants, a jumper/shirt, a pair of tights/pantyhose, a hat, felt, wool
Tools: Fabric glue, scissors
Difficulty level: Medium

You are going to require to deconstruct your hay bale to make this drop buddy. Stuff a pair of outdated or thrifted clothes with the hay and tie the finishes off with twine. Things the panty hose or tights, which will be the head, and enhance the head with the felt, hat, and wool. Safe the physique to the wood body, and you are going to be completely ready to screen your new development in your backyard or on your porch.

9. DIY Hay Bale Planter

Materials: Hay bales, potting soil, fall plants
Tools: Shovel, gardening gloves
Difficulty level: Medium

A hay bale planter features greatest as a seasonal container, given that the hay will decompose before subsequent calendar year (compost material, any individual?). Slide favorites such as chrysanthemums would suit in with these slide planters, or you could go the useful route and grow greens like they did in this case in point. To start, you’ll require to dig a place in the middle of your hay bale that’s deep ample for your plants. Fill with potting soil and plant the vegetable, flower, or herb of your option. This is a very good raised mattress container concept for inadequate soil, or as a low cost planter.

10. Melting Snowman Hay Bale

Materials: Hay bales, snowman head, scarf, fake snow or stuffing
Tools: N/A
Difficulty level: Easy

Though hay bales are usually connected with autumn, the fun does not have to finish in the tumble! If you nonetheless find by yourself with hay bales into December, why not make some decorations for Christmas? This project is so effortless. All you need to do is lay out your hay bales in a single layer on your porch or lawn, distribute the snow/stuffing, and area your snowman head and scarf on top. You have received a melted snowman in minutes!


If your skin tingles at the sight of drop decorations, you may possibly be itching to pull out the pumpkins and a spiced latte and crawl onto some hay bales for a chill evening of fall exciting. Hay bales are an low-cost way to give your house some festive flair and can serve numerous sensible reasons beyond the farm.

Showcased Impression Credit history: Fusionstudio, Shutterstock