10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)

Making use of wood to make furniture has been about for countless numbers of several years and is nonetheless amazingly popular nowadays. Just about any wooden can be utilised to make some form of home furniture. Even so, specific woods are much better suited for it. Some are utilized for durability, and other folks for their weather and rot resistance. Below, we have compiled a record showcasing 10 common varieties of wooden used to make household furniture.

The 10 Types of Wood for Furniture

1. Cedar

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: CentrArredo, Pixabay
Color: Dark, reddish-brown
Type: Softwood

There are not several alternatives for wood that can best cedar for its outside sturdiness. It has an amazing all-natural resistance to water, insects, and the sun. Cedar is still inclined to bodily damage as it is not a very dense wooden, but this does not cease it from currently being utilised commonly for outdoor home furniture. Since of its weather conditions resistance, cedar does not need to have to be concluded, so it tends to make outstanding rustic-styled home furniture. Maybe the most legendary issue about cedar is its satisfying and sturdy aroma.

2. Cherry

Color: Light pink to reddish-brown
Type: Hardwood

Nothing very compares to furniture constructed with cherry, particularly when unstained or colored. It has a beautiful aging method where it goes from a light-weight pink colour to a deep reddish-brown above time. It is no question that it is one of America’s most common woods for wood furnishings. Even the decrease-end cuts of cherry wooden are well-known for flooring or cupboards. Because of its recognition, this wood or furniture manufactured from it is normally pricey.

3. Walnut

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: DWilliam, Pixabay
Color: Pale brown to dark brown with dark streaks
Type: Hardwood

Even even though walnut is a domestic hardwood, it is regarded a top quality wooden and thus has a higher value tag than a lot of other domestic hardwoods. Also, huge cuts are not readily offered, so it is often utilized as an accent piece to wooden household furniture or for scaled-down household furniture tasks. Its gorgeous chocolate shade and fantastic toughness make walnut a widespread option amongst woodworkers.

4. Pine

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Merio , Pixabay
Color: Pale to medium brown
Type: Softwood

Like cedar, pine has a pleasant smell but is not as powerful. One particular cause pine is well-known for wooden home furniture is because of its energy. With appropriate therapy, pine furniture will previous for many many years, even outdoors. Also, since pine is broadly accessible in North The us, it is considerably a lot more reasonably priced than most home furniture woods. Whilst it doesn’t appear incredible on its possess, pine normally takes a lot of shades of stain properly.

5. Birch

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay
Color: White to reddish-brown or yellow
Type: Softwood

When birch is employed in North American furniture constructing, yellow birch is the most typical. It can be remaining unstained to darken over time to a good golden brown normally. Nevertheless, it retains a stain properly as effectively. As other woods have risen in acceptance, birch has taken much more of a backseat to home furniture building but it is nevertheless frequent for utility functions this sort of as shelving or crates thanks to its first rate sturdiness.

6. Bamboo

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Peggy_Marco, Pixabay
Color: White to pale brown (often darkened by manufacturers when processed)
Type: Evergreen perennial

Whilst not technically wood, bamboo is commonly grouped in simply because of its durability and superb woodworking properties. It is generally processed into boards that are utilised in a variety of woodworking projects. But even in its all-natural form, it can develop exclusive home furniture designs. In addition to its versatility and longevity, bamboo is sustainably farmed exceptionally properly simply because of how quick it grows.

7. Maple

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: optimarc, Shutterstock
Color: White with reddish-brown tints
Type: Hardwood

A single of the most widely offered hardwoods in North The us is maple. Not only is it hugely resilient, but it also seems to be fabulous. Woodworkers of all kinds really like utilizing maple for every little thing from good household furniture to dining tables. It can be remaining its natural light color or stained. Another excellent thing about maple is how eco-helpful it is. The trees increase in abundance and are typically sourced locally, so transport is generally small.

8. Mahogany

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: optimarc, Shutterstock
Color: Medium to dark, reddish-brown
Type: Hardwood

When a lot of men and women believe of wooden household furniture, mahogany will come to mind or something that seems to be like it. There are a lot of variations of mahogany, and a lot of other species are simply mistaken for mahogany. If you purchase real mahogany furniture, you can assume to pay out a large premium. Even with its extraordinary demand from customers, there is not the generation to match. The deficiency of creation is a principal reason the cost is so higher and continues to increase.

9. Red Oak

10 Different Types of Wood for Furniture (with Pictures)
Image Credit: guillermocinque, Pixabay
Color: Pink to reddish-brown
Type: Hardwood

Oak was wildly well-liked in the 1900s. For furniture, it continues to be a single of the most well-known wood selections in The usa. It might not have a distinctive coloration, but its distinctive grain styles stand out. Yet another special factor about oak is that diverse cuts can have various hues and even somewhat various grain patterns—even inside the very same tree.

10. Teak

Color: Golden brown
Type: Hardwood

Like mahogany has several diverse pretenders, teak suffers the very same destiny. Various other species have related hues and grain styles to teak and frequently get handed off as a variation of teak. These knockoffs are usually apparent by their decreased value. Authentic teak is not rare, but it is one particular of the most expensive woods on the market place nowadays. If you are looking for a sound piece of home furniture to very last for many years, paying the further on teak could be a fantastic choice.

Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Furniture

The thought of getting reliable wooden household furniture may be romantic to some, however, for all the positive aspects of picket furnishings, there are negatives and issues to consider to stay away from losing money.

  • Generally, wooden furniture is solid and durable
  • The appeal and aesthetics of wooden furniture are often unrivaled
  • Wooden furniture can be repaired and restored
  • Usually, solid wooden furniture is much more expensive than other options
  • Wood needs proper care to be long-lasting
  • Wood is vulnerable to moisture and the sun


Regardless of whether you are considering wooden to make furniture by yourself or buying premade household furniture, you are investing in a piece that ought to final for generations. Some wood furnishings can last for above 50 a long time with correct treatment, this sort of as oak or walnut. If it is outdoor furniture, cedar is hands-down 1 of the best choices for long-lasting and reasonably reduced-maintenance wood.

Highlighted Picture Credit rating: Tr1sha, Shutterstock