10 DIY Brick Mailbox Plans You Can Make Today

You may possibly be the type of individual who receives masses of every day mail, from letters to charges to magazines. In any scenario, you will require a mailbox to maintain all this paper. Mailboxes expense a great deal, though, specially if you pay out contractors for the set up. But wait—why do not you create it your self? You are going to be stunned by how easy it is to construct a wonderful letterbox with your possess two arms.

The following record includes the very best brick mailbox strategies that you can develop appropriate now. These tasks won’t consider more than 1–2 times to end the checklist of essential resources and resources is not particularly huge, possibly. So, if you’re completely ready to get your palms dirty (practically) and put a rough, hard, and weather-resistant box correct at your doorstep, let us get to it!

The 10 DIY Brick Mailbox Plans

1. White Brick Mailbox

Materials Needed 200 8-inch bricks, mortar mix (360 pounds), sand, water, blocks, cement mix (40 pounds), rebar, mailbox
Tools Needed Masonry trowel, jointer, hammer, saw, shovel, wheelbarrow, level, square, tape measure, brush, brick tongs
Difficulty Level Easy to moderate

If this is your very first Do-it-yourself brick project and you’re a bit nervous you won’t be in a position to pull it off, this white brick mailbox will be a great area to begin. As extended as you are client and have the right tools, you will be capable to complete it in a day or two. For an average-sized mailbox, make certain to have at least two hundred bricks and 300–400 lbs . of mortar blend. Grab a shovel, dig a gap (8–9-inches deep, 16×16 inches), lay the basis, and only then add the bricks.

As before long as the initial layer is in location, the rest will be significantly less difficult to handle. Use the level and the sq. to maintain the mailbox even and crush the bricks into smaller pieces with a hammer.

2. Red Brick Mailbox

Materials Needed Red bricks, gravel, concrete blocks, mortar, metal straps, mailbox
Tools Needed Protective gloves, square, measuring tape, level, masonry trowel, jointer, shovel, regular brush, wire brush
Difficulty Level Easy

This time all around, we’ll use purple bricks, but the principle will be the very same. First, place on a established of protective gloves and some aged denims that you are not scared to get filthy. Up coming, figure out how huge you want the crimson brick mailbox to be. After which is out of the way, take away any debris from the web site, and get to digging. The footing ought to be 8–10-inches deep. Only pour the mortar in when you are prepared to get some function completed.

On typical, it normally takes cement/concrete 45 minutes to get hard. So, make haste! The degree will assist you maintain equally the foundation and the mailbox straight. For the basis, use concrete blocks. Up coming, go forward and add the bricks. As for the mailbox, enclose it within the brick composition and see that it has sufficient room to open up/near. Cap it off with a concrete capstone, and which is it!

3. Quick-to-Build Mailbox

Materials Needed Red bricks, cinder blocks, concrete mix, mailbox
Tools Needed Shovel, level, square, measuring tape, work gloves, trowel, hammer
Difficulty Level Easy

Do not have a entire weekend for a Do it yourself task? Then you ought to give this swift-to-build mailbox strategy a try. It is quite straightforward and needs minor energy on your aspect. You are going to only have to make the foundation 5–6-inches deep, but the mailbox will stand robust and provide for a long time. Dig out the basis (it can be of any dimension you want), insert some concrete, and give it some to achieve a pasty consistency to lay down the cinder blocks.

As for the bricks, there are no rigorous rules below: lay them in whatsoever method you see suit. Not positive how several bricks you will need to have for this? Try out dry-fitting them about the foundation—that must give you an thought.

4. Brick Mailbox with Newspaper Holders

Materials Needed Bricks, pea gravel, premixed mortar, cement (fast-drying), concrete blocks, newspaper containers, mailbox, metal anchors
Tools Needed Shovel, tamper, level, framing square, trowel, jointer, brush (stiff-bristled), masonry saw
Difficulty Level Moderate

People that get tons of journals or newspapers routinely will benefit drastically from a brick mailbox with newspaper holders. The bricks can be red, white, or whatsoever colour you want (indeed, you can paint them). The holders should be put in the center of the brick construction, with the mailbox sitting right over them. Get ready the area, use large blocks of concrete for the basis, and use a masonry saw to reduce the bricks into the right dimension.

If it’s too high-priced, you can just lease it. The mailbox should not be a dilemma to in shape into the bricks, but the holders will demand some finesse. Very first, place a concrete block inside of the brick enclosure. Next, with the holders in place, use the saw once more to reduce the bricks into small tiny items. For the arch at the best of the mailbox, go with a combination of bricks and mortar.

5. Two-in-One Mailbox with a Flower Box

Materials Needed Bricks, mortar, cement, water, cement chisel, paver, garden soil, flower, screws, mailbox
Tools Needed Shovel, spade, mattock/hoe, level, square, trowel, hammer, drill
Difficulty Level Easy to moderate

To provide one thing new and exciting into a standard mailbox plan, you could add a flower box on the facet. Just divide the basis into two elements and plant your flower into the appropriate box. The relaxation of the method will be relatively uncomplicated but will just take a little bit a lot more operate (2–3 times tops). On the vibrant side, this two-in-1 mailbox with a flower box can make heads turn and also enhance the suppress attractiveness of your house.

For the flower, really do not neglect to get some backyard garden soil. And if you have stone numbers for the tackle, use a drill to make holes for the screws and put the figures on the side of the mailbox.

6. Cherokee Brick Mailbox

Materials Needed Premixed mortar, cement (fast-drying) pea gravel, bricks, concrete blocks, anchors
Tools Needed Masonry trowel, jointer, tamper, shovel, brush, square, level, measuring tape
Difficulty Level Moderate

The very best point about bricks is that you are not restricted to a specific form, colour, or pattern, and that quite considerably applies to this Cherokee brick mailbox. As usually, shell out added interest to planning the website and incorporating the right sum of concrete. Then, just take your time with building the main. To make sure the mailbox lasts for a extended time, set cement blocks in the middle and lay the bricks all around them. To hold almost everything with each other, use steel anchors.

Following that, experiment with the bricks until you locate the excellent layout that resonates with you. As for the prime, go with a spherical top, flat prime, or an eyebrow archtop. If you have the time for that, add a mild fixture proper on prime of the box: have an electrician operate a cable from your home’s breaker box.

7. Brick Mailbox with Extra Storage

Materials Needed White bricks (or concrete blocks), water, mortar, cement
Tools Needed Protective gloves, shovel, tamper, trowel, level, square
Difficulty Level Easy

Are you a busy man or woman that receives heaps of deals daily but doesn’t essentially have the time to check out them all? Then what you require is a brick mailbox with further storage. It can be built from concrete blocks or even stone. The idea listed here is to not only have a mailbox dealing with the road but also a big “cargo area” in the back again. This way, you will not have to worry about the weather conditions ruining your things, or, let’s say, dogs turning it into a mess.

It will get (comparatively) minor work to comprehensive this Do-it-yourself project, as you don’t have to be surgical with the dimension or the shape of that additional storage unit. The leading can be steeple, arch, or gable.

8. Flat Top Masonry Mailbox

Materials Needed Fast-drying cement (240 pounds), bricks (approx. 200), concrete blocks, sandstone for the cap, mailbox
Tools Needed Digging shovel, wheelbarrow, trowel, hoe, hammer, brush
Difficulty Level  Moderate

It does not genuinely make a difference whether you have stone, marble, or bricks, since this is really a flexible Diy plan. Bricks are easier to perform with, of course. Make sure you have sufficient of those, even though, together with 200–300 lbs . of rapidly-drying cement. Find the right location for the flat best masonry mailbox and use a combination of concrete blocks and bricks to develop the enclosure.

So, in which does the mailbox go? Set it right on top of the concrete blocks, dealing with the road. The mailbox wants to open up and shut freely. To complete the prime, minimize the bricks with a noticed or a hammer. Add a generous quantity of mortar about the mailbox and “stick” the bricks to it. The cap can be constructed from bricks as well, but sandstone will seem far better.

9. Movable Stone/Brick Mailbox

Materials Needed Digging shovel, wheelbarrow, trowel, hoe, hammer, brush
Tools Needed Level, framing square, measuring tape, circular saw, electric drill, marker, broom
Difficulty Level Moderate/Hard

What if you determine to move to an additional property in the potential? Will you have to depart the mailbox powering? The answer is no if you use this movable stone/brick mailbox strategy. As the identify indicates, it’s not a stationary framework but rather one particular that can be transported as soon as it’s built. So, as an alternative of digging a gap and making a concrete basis for the mailbox, just construct it on best of a piece of sandstone. This way, you are going to be in a position to consider it with you at any time and wherever.

Commence by creating a wooden body for the mailbox and then wrap wire mesh around it. With the mesh in area, add mortar to it and adhere to that up with bricks or stone—whichever you have obtained at hand.

10. Front Yard Letterbox

Materials Needed Concrete, mortar, water, plasticizer, steel mesh, slab, bricks, string line, brass plates, screws, silicone, timber, adhesive, letterbox
Tools Needed Carpenter’s square, spirit level, trowel, drill, saw, lump hammer, shovel
Difficulty Level Moderate/Hard

Acquired a drinking water meter that you want to protect in bricks? With this front lawn letterbox strategy, you are going to be in a position to eliminate two birds with 1 stone (or, relatively, brick). Prepare the concrete flooring and pour the concrete. As soon as it’s dry, lay down the very first layer of the basis and go from there. For straightforward entry to the drinking water meter, make a tiny wood door dealing with the home. Be extremely mindful not to hurt the meter and all the pipes.

To just take this Diy prepare to the subsequent stage, insert a newspaper holder correct underneath the mailbox and put your tackle on the correct side (use a drill to make holes and adhesive to maintain the quantities in area).

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Mailbox?

The limited response is indeed, you do. Whilst your condition or metropolis may possibly not need a permit for creating a mailbox, it’s constantly much better to be risk-free than sorry. In addition to, most areas of the country do need to have you to utilize for a allow. This includes filling out a type sharing your tackle, info on the hired contractors (if any), and a description of the venture. Brick masonry mailboxes simply cannot be more than 24” x 24” or higher than 5 feet, for instance.

The price will be $50–100, and the federal government typically normally takes 7–10 times to process the application. Yet again, we very encourage you to get in contact with the authorities and ask them to describe what the local demands look like. Normally, you’ll end up getting to pay a considerably even bigger price than for the permit, and they might even force you to demolish the mailbox.


A mailbox can be both useful and innovative. It will be the first factor that people see when visiting you or just passing by. The better the mailbox seems to be, the far better the very first impression will be! Right now, we checked out some of the most amazing and effortless-to-develop Do it yourself brick mailboxes. They’re all fashionable, trustworthy, and can increase your home’s control attractiveness just like that.

Bricks are truly quite simple to function with, specifically if you are constructing something simple like a mailbox. Just stick to the in depth, comprehensive guides, make positive you have everything required for the task, and take pleasure in the process!

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