10 DIY Cedar Planter Box Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

A planter box is a great way to spruce up any yard, patio, porch, or interior room. It can also make a fantastic venture for newcomers or experienced woodworkers, as you can typically tailor them to your encounter amount. Cedar is a great option for wooden for these tasks simply because it is effortless to work with and offered in any house enhancement shop.

If you’re intrigued in starting a new venture, keep studying as we checklist numerous Diy strategies for generating a cedar planter box. We also checklist the resources, instruments, and difficulty of each and every a single to support you discover one thing proper for your skill stage.

The Top 10 DIY Cedar Planter Box Plans You Can Make Today

1. Tapered Cedar Planter

Materials: Cedar boards, wood glue, staples
Tools: Hammer, saw
Difficulty: Easy

The Tapered Cedar Planter is an easy-to-create project. It only requires a number of components and rarely any equipment, and the outcome is desirable and useful. There are no difficult angles to lower or any intricate types, and a lot of people can have it finished in a solitary day. The end result is a large planter that can hold ferns or even a tiny tree.

2. Snap Fence Cedar Planter Bench

Materials: Cedar boards, snap fence posts, and rails, liquid nails
Tools: Rubber mallet, clamps
Difficulty: Easy

The Snap Fence Cedar Planter Bench is a distinctive strategy that makes use of snap fence posts and rails in an simple-to-construct venture that you can end in a one day. The ensuing task is tough and large ample to maintain several vegetation, and design is so effortless that you could select to develop much more than a single.

3. Ana White DIY Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, nails, fence pickets
Tools: Tape measure, brad nailer, sander
Difficulty: Easy

The Ana White Do it yourself Planter Box is an straightforward-to-construct planter box suitable for practically any individual. It only calls for a few resources and standard instruments. Constructing the legs requires many cuts, but you will have no difficulty if you measure carefully and are affected person. The ideal part is that you can apply any complete to match the décor of any environment.

4. Home By Jenn Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, finishing nails, wood glue
Tools: Saw, tape measure, drill
Difficulty: Easy

The House By Jenn Planter Box is an attractive layout that appears significantly far more tough to construct than it is. It only needs basic cuts, and even a sluggish-shifting woodworker can complete this project in a day or two.

5. Crafted by the Hunts Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, wood screws, wood glue
Tools: Drill, miter saw, nail gun, electric sander
Difficulty: Easy

The Crafted by the Hunts Planter Box is an straightforward project that can outcome in a box that seems like it came from the shop. It is incredibly appealing and has a lot of place for your crops, with a depth ideal for rose bushes and even trees. The only draw back to this task is that it can get a even though due to the fact it employs a number of slim boards that consider far more time to assemble.

6. Pretty Front Porch Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, wood glue
Tools: Drill, clamps, saw
Difficulty: Moderate

The Quite Front Porch Planter Box is a moderately challenging project. That stated, the only tough part is that it needs you to assemble numerous boards, and that can just take quite a while to total due to the fact it needs plenty of exact measurements. We like that this planter box has legs that aid elevate it off the ground, which can support it last for a longer time if held exterior.

7. Juggling Act Mama Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, square plastic flowerpot, wood glue
Tools: Table saw, nail gun
Difficulty: Moderate

The Juggling Act Mama Planter Box has a sophisticated style, creating it more suited for intermediate woodworkers. It’s a great decision, however, and the finished product will be sturdy and eye-catching.

8. Shanty 2 Chick Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, screws, staples, wood glue
Tools: Table saw, staple gun, drill
Difficulty: Moderate

The Shanty 2 Chick Planter Box is an desirable box that will seem great in any house or backyard. It’s not difficult to build, except that several screws need to go in at an angle, and it can be challenging to create the proper holes without having the appropriate device. However, once the screws are in place, the rest of the undertaking is relatively simple to put collectively. We like the darker stain in this impression, but paint also works great as a finish and offers you a broader assortment of colors.

9. The Navage Patch Planter Box

Materials: Cedar, screws, wood glue, nails
Tools: Brad nailer, saw, drill
Difficulty: Moderate

The Navage Patch Planter Box is a moderately challenging venture that will end result in a particularly eye-catching cedar plant box. The multi-colored stain helps it stand out from the other assignments on this listing, and we like that the box is tall and deep, which will allow you to include nearly any type of plant, like trees.

10. Chippendale Planter

Materials: Miter saw, table saw, drill
Tools: Rubber mallet, clamps
Difficulty: Advanced

The Chippendale Planter is an advanced layout and is far better suited to individuals with lots of experience in woodworking thanks to the many angle cuts required. This venture is most likely to take a small lengthier than several others on this record, but the finished product is well worth the wait and effort. This planter is positive to attract a lot of consideration ahead of you even put anything at all in it.


There is no shortage of planter box plans, and numerous of them use cedar wood due to the fact it’s straightforward to lower and form. Cedar is also available in numerous colours, from mild brown to deep purple. Numerous versions have a pleasant fragrance, which is specially good if you are retaining the planter indoors. Our favourite is at present the tapered cedar planter due to the fact it is so simple to develop, it is hard not to have entertaining with it. If your expertise are up to the obstacle, think about creating the Chippendale.

Showcased Image Credit rating: TRIXIE, Pixabay