10 DIY Cedar Raised Garden Beds Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

If you are an avid gardener and want your flowers, crops, or veggies to get that “royal” treatment, a raised yard mattress is a must. The #one occupation of a elevated garden bed is to incorporate the soil, enabling you to enrich it. In addition, this forces the roots to develop further into the floor. Primarily crafted from wood, the mattress can be of any condition or dimension, and if you want it to last, go with cedar.

Cedar very easily handles dampness and mildew, and is a organic insect repellent. Much more importantly, it retains up effectively to harsh out of doors circumstances. So, today, our concentrate will be on the greatest raised cedar backyard beds strategies. Don’t worry: they really do not require a science diploma to construct. Although some are a lot more complex than others, all you have to do is stick to the straightforward, down-to-earth recommendations. Alright, now let’s discover the ideal mattress for your yard!

The 10 DIY Cedar Raised Garden Beds Plans You Can Make Today

1. Simple, Single-Layer Cedar Bed

  • Materials Needed: 2 2’ x 8’ x 2’ cedar boards, 8 3” wood screws
  • Tools Needed: Table saw, measuring tape/ruler, standard drill
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

We begin the checklist with a single of the most straightforward however most well-liked Do-it-yourself programs. This solitary-layer cedar bed will be a ideal choose for a novice gardener, as it only is made up of a single layer of cedar boards and will take significantly less than an hour to full. As prolonged as you’ve obtained a observed and a regular-concern drill, you will be able to pull this undertaking off. This raised backyard mattress is wonderful at keeping weeds, pests, and critters at bay, making sure rapidly, headache-free of charge progress for the plants.

Just make sure the screws are of the suitable dimensions, uncover the proper place for the backyard mattress (it must get 5–6 hours of sun for each working day), and you’re all set!

2. Three-Layer Western Red Cedar Bed with Spikes

  • Materials Needed: Red cedar miters, boards, spikes, stainless steel screws, sledgehammer
  • Tools Needed: Table saw, measuring tape, gloves, ear protection, pencil, drill
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

Toughness is the leading priority when developing a elevated yard bed. This 3-layer western bed with spikes is built from crimson cedar (much better than white cedar) and will provide you for several a long time, if not many years. As the title indicates, this Do it yourself garden mattress involves not only a few levels of cedar boards for developing huge crops, but it also arrives with spikes. The concept guiding this is to spot the mattress gently on gentle soil and faucet it into the floor with a sledgehammer.

That will anchor the bed and make it even more resilient. If you only have tough/rocky ground in your garden, just skip the spikes. In any scenario, do not overlook to put on protection for your arms and ears.

3. Six-Sided Cedar Garden Bed

  • Materials Needed: 2 1’ x 6’ x 8’ untreated cedar boards, 3” exterior wood screws, recycled cardboard
  • Tools Needed: Safety equipment, drill + bits, tape, miter saw
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you’re likely for a inventive vibe in the backyard garden, a six-sided cedar garden bed might be right up your alley. It is very basic in design and is, in numerous approaches, comparable to the one-layer mattress we checked before. Even so, instead of creating a square, with this Diy plan, you can go with possibly 5 or 6 sides. Indeed, that does just take a little bit a lot more perform and precision chopping, but this should not be a dilemma. A miter noticed, a drill with bits, and a tape—that’s it for the essential equipment.

This can be accomplished in an hour or two at a moderate pace, and we suggest building two more compact beds rather of a single massive bed for effortless maintenance and maintenance.

4. U-Shape Raised Cedar Bed

  • Materials Needed: 12’ x 16’, 2’ x 4’, and 4’ x 4’ planks, a set of screws
  • Tools Needed: Circular saw, marker, protection for the hands, eyes, and ears, drill, hammer
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

Here, we have another abnormal layout for a yard mattress. With a U-condition elevated cedar mattress, it is considerably less difficult to give every single plant the interest it justifies. It enables you to transfer close to freely and takes less time and work to attain the furthest components of the yard. Compared to a large rectangular mattress, it is, without a doubt, a good deal less difficult to function with and nevertheless offers a lot of room for planting. Aside from, U-formed beds seem excellent and give your backyard a quite fashionable touch.

A lot more importantly, they’re fairly simple to build. The listing of needed resources contains a drill, circular observed, and hammer. As for the cedar, use 12’ x 16’, 4’ x 4’, and 2’ x 4’ boards or planks.

5. Fence Picket Cedar Garden Bed

  • Materials Needed: 6 fence pickets, 1’ x 2’ cedar boards for corners, 2” screws, wood glue, garden stakes
  • Tools Needed: Circular saw, table saw, drill, protective gloves + goggles, speed square, pencil, tape measure
  • Difficulty Level: Low

The largest pro of this Diy strategy is the reduced price. It’s 1 of the minimum pricey possibilities for a backyard garden bed. That’s due to the fact, for it, you will only require a set of cedar fence pickets. Pickets are considerably less costly than boards. Stakes are optional but will arrive in helpful. This Fence Picket Cedar Yard Mattress has a really neat, cozy seem and will protect your plants from insects, humidity, and temperature fluctuations.

The project will consider an hour to total, by the way, offered you have all the necessary resources (especially a desk saw and a drill).

6. Cedar Garden Bed With a Metal Fence

  • Materials Needed: 12 1’ x 6’ x 8’ cedar boards, corner brackets/clamps, exterior screws, metal fencing, deer netting, stakes
  • Tools Needed: Miter, circular, or jigsaw, power drill + bits, stapler (heavy-duty), tape measure, level, hammer
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

Next up, we have a very successful and beneficial Diy plan. But why would you want to go with a cedar backyard garden bed with a metallic fence as an alternative of the regular issue? The reply is basic, in fact: cats and canines. If you have received some stray animals in the neighborhood, they’ll make limited operate of your fragile crops and plants. This Do it yourself bed normally takes a lot more work to full, of training course, compared to a simpler strategy.

You can commence by creating a typical cedar mattress and adding the metal fence later on. Just wrap the fencing all around the stakes (that you tap into the soil employing a hammer), and which is it.

7. Raised Cedar Bed with Hinges

  • Materials Needed: Cedar planks, brackets, plastic fencing, screws, hinges, clamps
  • Tools Needed: Tape, wood glue, drill, pocket hole tool, miter saw, staple gun
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

If you are ready to take the metal fence idea a single action additional, take into account going with a raised cedar bed with hinges alternatively. It has a far more modern appear and does a greater work of safeguarding from animals, including mice, rats, and bunnies. Do keep in mind that you will need to have to spend three–four several hours on this Do-it-yourself strategy, and, yet again, it demands much more knowledge than the common bed. The identify of the game right here is precision. Be accurate with your cuts and follow the directions closely.

On the bright aspect, plastic fencing is comparatively simple to function with, especially if you have a staple gun to secure it.

8. Garden Bed with a Removable Cover

  • Materials Needed: Greenhouse plastic, cedar boards, deck screws, snap clamp, hinges, handle, PVC pipes and caps, Furring strips
  • Tools Needed: Circular saw, drill + bits, measuring tape, marker/pencil
  • Difficulty Level: High

At a glimpse, it may seem to be that the Backyard Bed with a Detachable Include is the same as the lifted cedar bed with hinges, but they are very distinct. In some methods, yes, the idea is equivalent. Nevertheless, with the removable protect, you will be able to protect the plants (and the soil) from rain, hail, or snow. This Do-it-yourself project requires not only doing work with wooden, but pipes, strips, and clamps as effectively.

If you’re up for it and don’t stay in an location with very strong wind, the detachable include lifted bed will be an outstanding selection.

9. Raised Garden Bed with a Trellis

  • Materials Needed: Rough-sawn cedar boards, 22 lag screws, 4 deck screws, finishing nails, cable clips, hog fencing panel
  • Tools Needed: Circular saw, tape measure, level, drill, speed square, bolt cutters, nail gun/hammer
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

Are you a admirer of vertical gardening? Then shell out further focus to this great lifted backyard bed with a trellis. You are going to require tons of substance for this, which includes a dozen cedar boards, nails, screws, and a hog fencing panel. As for the resources, bolt cutters, a nail gun, observed, and drill must get you started if you currently have a square, amount, and tape evaluate. Begin with the mattress frame and only then transfer on to the trellis body.

The fence frames and the hog panels are very time-consuming but simple to construct/assemble. With a trellis mattress, your vegetation will be capable to dwell up to their correct potential.

 10. Raised Cedar Bed with a Bench

  • Materials Needed: Cedar deck boards (20), fence pickets pressure-treated lumber, lag screws, deck screws, nails
  • Tools Needed: Drill, chisel, scratch awl, Circular, table, track, and chop saws, jigsaw, square tool, ear protection, eye goggles, marker, measure, nail gun
  • Difficulty Level: High

Ending up with the listing, we’ve obtained a fairly extravagant, two-in-one undertaking: a set of elevated cedar beds with a bench. These are getting in recognition and will be a fantastic suit if you commit lengthy hours in the backyard. No want to carry a chair about! The preparations, resources, and instruments for the beds are the very same. As for the bench, it does not necessarily have to be sophisticated in design. You will need lots of different saws for this Diy bed—keep that in head.

Are Raised Beds Worth it?

The quick answer—yes, they’re certainly value it. As we discovered today, it doesn’t consider a lot time (or investments) to develop one particular. They differ in dimension, of training course, but lifted beds are normally 6–8 ft long, 3–6 ft extensive, and 6–8 inches large. One of the largest execs is foot targeted traffic safety. This is specially crucial if you’ve acquired tiny kids or pets: cedar ensures the soil continues to be “intact”. On best of that, lifted cedar beds assure a lengthy expanding year for your plants.

They drain significantly more quickly and heat up more quickly. If you live in the South or somewhere with severe weather situations, lifted beds will be one hundred% well worth your time, funds, and work. Very last, but not the very least, beds and planters (we’ll speak about the variances in a moment) let easy entry to vegetation for older people or people with disabilities.

Raised Bed vs. Planter: Which One To Pick?

Sometimes, these phrases are utilised interchangeably, and to a naked eye, elevated beds and planters may seem like the exact same point. They each make your plants challenging to get to for pests and give the backyard a great, tidy seem. Additionally, when designed correctly, beds and planters remove the weeds. Nevertheless, even though they are, without a doubt, extremely comparable, there is a single huge distinction among the two. With lifted beds, you only have four wooden planks enclosing the soil—the base is not coated.

Open to the floor, they allow the roots to freely “dive” into the ground and feed on organic nutrition. Planters, on the other hand, are full-fledged containers. They sit earlier mentioned floor and go over the bottom. What’s the level powering this? Initial, the roots don’t have everywhere to go but into the abundant, composted soil. 2nd, considering that planters are elevated, the base keeps the soil inside of of the “box”. Lifted beds are less costly, even though, and less complicated to construct.


Lifted backyard beds are ideal for managing the soil, enriching it, and making sure near-best circumstances for your crops to grow. If you have acquired a massive, lovely yard with plenty of vegetation, we suggest using cedar beds. As pointed out, it is 1 of the most tough, trustworthy, and long-lasting wood resources out there. Cedar isn’t afraid of rain, snow, wind, filth, or intense temperatures.

Correct, it is costly, but it will be a excellent expense for your yard. We just checked out 10 outstanding cedar bed ideas that you can use proper now. They really don't demand pro-grade capabilities or months to comprehensive. As extended as you are excellent with your arms and have typical instruments in the garage (or have a neighbor you can borrow from), you will be carried out in no time!

Featured Impression Credit score: Kristen Prahi, Shutterstock