10 DIY Corner Desk Plans You Can Build Today

10 DIY Corner Desk Plans You Can Build Today

Corner desks can aid give you far more surface spot to function on although reducing clutter in the room. They also make wonderful woodworking projects simply because you can discover plans to match any skill level or instruments. A corner desk can be as simple as screwing legs into a piece of plywood or as complicated as a multicomponent leisure middle.

We have checked almost everywhere we can believe of to assemble a checklist of ideas that will teach you how to create a corner desk to for your skill degree and toolset. Make sure you carry on looking through even though we appear at numerous various corner desks you can Diy right now.

Here’s a list of the top 10 corner desk ideas that we ended up ready to find. We sorted them into simple, moderate, and advanced problems scores, but the ideas comply with no other order. Any straightforward program can be the least difficult or very best simple plan.

The 10 DIY Corner Desk Plans You Can Build Today

1. DIY Corner Desk from Anna White

The Anna White corner desk is component of a modular set up that contains shelving. This prepare only talks about the desktop, but there are hyperlinks offered to the shelving bases. Considering that this strategy is only concerned with slicing the desktop to size, we place it in the easy pile. If you previously have cabinets, speakers, or related home furniture, you may well not want to make the shelving base legs.

Talent Degree: Simple

Components:  Sheet of plywood, A number of 1×2 boards, three-inch screws, Wood glue, Sandpaper

Tools Essential: Hammer, Hand saw, Drill, Paintbrush

2. Desk from Handmade Haven

The Handmade Haven corner desk is an simple develop that is extremely appealing and will accent any residence or workplace. Handmade Haven supplies in depth recommendations, and there isn’t a great deal of instruments or fancy reducing essential. All methods have illustrations to minimize confusion.

Ability Level: Effortless

Components: Many 2×4’s and 2×6’s, Screws

Resources Needed:  Clamps, Hand saw, Drill

3. DIY Desk from How-To Specialist

The How-To Expert corner desk is a reasonably tricky corner desk program that includes the desktop as properly as the shelved legs that keep it up. There are not too numerous tough cuts, and a centered woodworker can complete the desk in a few hrs.

Ability Stage: Moderate

Components: Plywood, screws

Equipment Required: Screwdriver, Round observed, Drill

4. Corner Desk from Shanty 2 Chic

The Shanty 2 Chick corner desk is an desirable deck which is easy to build. It has two again legs and two legs with shelving and doors. Even although the create is straightforward, there are a great deal of boards to minimize and assemble, so we have positioned it in a moderately tough class.

Skill Amount: Reasonable

Materials: Plywood, hinges, screws

Instruments Required: Screwdriver, Drill, Handsaw

5. Desk from KalindsLife

The KalindsLife corner desk is comparatively straightforward to construct and only demands chopping several boards and screwing them jointly. If you have a round saw, you can comprehensive this desk in a single working day. Simply because there are so a lot of boards to reduce, we referred to as it a moderate problems, but every step is defined plainly in the video.

Ability Stage: Average

Resources: Lumber, Screws

Resources Needed: Round observed, Drill, Screwdriver

6. DIY Woodshop Diaries

The Woodshop Diaries corner desk is one more moderately desktop that you can generate. This one uses a table noticed in the instructions, but most of the cuts are achievable with any observed. The directions are properly introduced and characteristic pictures to aid clarify any concerns you have.

Ability Degree: Moderate

Resources: Plywood, Lumber, Screws, Wooden glue

Equipment Essential: Screwdriver, Desk saw, Drill, Lamps

7. Robin Lewis Makes

The Robin Lewis Makes corner desk is a little far more advanced due to the fact of the equipment employed, but if you adhere to the instructional online video closely, you can create this desk with hand equipment as effectively as buy a lot of the wood prefabricated.

Talent Stage: Superior

Resources: Lumber, Wooden glue

Tools Needed: Wood planer, Desk saw, Router, Clamps, Drill push

8. DIY Land to House

The Land to House corner desk is an sophisticated project shipped more than two YouTube films to offer the very best rationalization. This task calls for some superior equipment like the desk noticed as nicely as experience with many other resources as nicely.

Skill Level: Advanced

Resources: Plywood, Lumber, Screws, Wood glue

Resources Needed: Hammer, Table noticed, Drill, Clamps

9. Corner Desk from Little Home Happiness

The Minor Property Pleasure corner desk is an advanced problems task that will provide you with a heavy and resilient desk that will last you several several years. There are a whole lot of angled cuts and boards to screw with each other that make this undertaking hard, but you can create most of it with handheld instruments.

Skill Level: Sophisticated

Materials:  Lumber, Wooden screws, Wood glue, Stain

Instruments Essential: Hammer, Hand saw, Drill

10. Dreamlands Design

The Dreamlands Design corner desk is quite innovative and attributes intricate angles as properly as cabinets over and beneath the desk. We advise only experienced woodworkers try out this task. All directions are effectively created, but there are numerous cuts to make that can be fairly demanding to a passion builder.

Ability Amount: Superior

Supplies:  Plywood, Drawer pull, Screws, Hinges

Resources Necessary: Screwdriver, Hand observed, Drill, Sander


Finding out how to construct a corner desk will depend on your skill level and the tools you have offered or are ready to purchase. The room you require to fill may possibly also influence your decision. Some of these ideas generate massive desks, although other individuals are minor far more than plywood with legs.

We hope that this checklist has been useful, and you have selected a undertaking to construct. If you have appreciated reading through, make sure you share these corner desk strategies you can Do it yourself right now on Fb and Twitter.

Showcased image credit rating: Apple personal computer by StockSnap, Pixabay