10 DIY Garden Cart Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

If you have a big, lovely garden with tons of crops and bouquets, it can be a little bit tiresome to take care of without a cart. Now, there are many makes out there that focus in yard carts. But what if we said you could create 1 by yourself? That’d be great, right? One particular step ahead of you! The subsequent checklist consists of ten user-welcoming yard cart plans that you can make correct now!

Although some of these are a little bit more challenging than other people, if you have a noticed, drill, measuring tape, and some screws, you are going to be able to deal with all these ideas problem-totally free. Stick to the guides carefully, and you’ll be accomplished in no time!

The 10 DIY Garden Cart Plans You Can Make Today

1. Six-Wheeled Cart with a Pull Handle

Materials: 2 x 4 lumber, a set of average-sized wheels (6 in total), wood screws, washers, lock nuts, bolts, hinges
Tools: Safety gloves, screwdriver, miter saw, electric drill + bits, framing square
Difficulty Level: Easy

Most yard carts only have 4 wheels, but if this is your first ever Do-it-yourself plan, a 6-wheeled cart with a pull manage will be a excellent area to start off. Very first, it is not at all tough to build. 2nd, the added established of wheels signifies more manage more than the cart. The take care of, in switch, makes it less difficult to carry even the heaviest weights. Which is proper: this is a heavy-responsibility cart that can be used for hauling gravel, rocks, soil, and compost. And it is only 24-inches extensive, which tends to make it just correct for restricted yard pathways.

This cart will not cost you considerably, and you should be ready to comprehensive the task in 3–4 hours. A screwdriver, drill and saw—that’s it for the necessary tools.

2. Universal Garden Cart with a Bungee Cord


Materials: 5 wood planks, 4 wheels, screws, stove bolts, lag bolts, bungee cord/regular rope, spring links, tote (optional)
Tools: Gloves, Phillips screwdriver, drill, measuring tape, combination square
Difficulty Level: Easy

Do you have scrap wood lying all around? What about a established of aged wheels from a lawnmower? If the response is indeed to the two questions, this common yard cart with a bungee wire will be a ideal match. Like the previous plan, it is amazingly cheap and takes small energy to make. But this time all around, as an alternative of attaching a pull manage, we’ll use a bungee cord.

It is a go-to option for most gardeners that go large, cumbersome, and weighty things all the time and require a reliable cord to strap their luggage of soil, concrete, or gravel. If you want, insert a plastic tote or picket box on leading of the cart.

3. Large, Old-School Cart

Materials: 2 large wheels, axles, 3/4 inch treated plywood, screws, aluminum trim, washers, lock nuts
Tools: Measuring tape, pencil/marker, miter saw, gloves + goggles, construction adhesive, electric drill + bits, grinder
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A huge yard may well significantly advantage from a huge, aged-school cart. Creating it will consider a working day or two (4–8 hours in whole), but the result will be properly worth it. As prolonged as you’ve got a established of big enough wheels (like from a bicycle, probably) and some dealt with plywood (or any other sturdy and temperature-resistant wood), you’re excellent. To make the cart last for a longer time, take into account including aluminum trim about the edges.

For mounting it, use hefty-duty adhesive and screws. This backyard garden cart is comparatively lightweight but really strong and weather conditions resistant. And many thanks to the sidewalls, you will not have to worry about your stuff bouncing off.

4. Garden Cart from Pallets

Materials: Wood pallets, regular wheels from the store, hinges, screws, bolts, nuts, lock washers
Tools: Screwdriver, wrench, cordless drill and bits, safety gloves, measuring tape, adhesive
Difficulty Level: Easy

As the identify implies, for this Do it yourself plan, you are going to only want some wood pallets, a established of wheels (practically nothing fancy, just your common kit that costs $50–$60), and some hinges and screws to hold it all collectively. Now, you may possibly not be capable to haul hundreds of lbs . of weights on this backyard cart from pallets, but for gravel, sand, soil, and instruments, it will do just good.

The important thing below is to make certain the pallets are robust (and broad) ample to hold the wheels. So, don’t go for the greatest wheels you see alternatively, choose one thing scaled-down.

5. Classic Wooden Cart

Materials: Wood planks (Douglas fir, ash, or white oak), bicycle wheels, hinges, screws, bolts
Tools: Miter, circular, hand, and jigsaw, drill with bits, measuring tape, clamps, combination square, protective gloves + goggles, screwdriver, wrench, sander, glue
Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

Hunting for a nicely-balanced, consumer-helpful, and excellent-searching “workhorse” for your backyard? Then this traditional picket cart deserves your focus. Do maintain in thoughts, although, that you are going to have to spend the total weekend developing it. On the vivid facet, the program is fairly uncomplicated and intuitive. This is a two-shop cart, which means it can have not only mulch, sand, and debris but also flowers, trowels, pruners, and every thing in amongst.

Crafted from sturdy, extended-lasting wooden, it will provide you for numerous a long time, if not a long time. The cart can take care of a large load without placing way too much pressure on your arms. The big wheels, in turn, are excellent for bumpy streets.

6. Portable Potting Bench/Garden Cart

Materials: Pressure-treated pine, 2 8-inch wheels, axle, corrosion-resistant screws, five-gallon bucket
Tools: Miter saw, jigsaw, sander, screwdriver, heavy-duty adhesive, wrench, framing/combination square
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Also identified as a gardening table, a potting bench is fantastic for storing tools, pots, soil, and transplanting seedlings. As for a portable potting bench/garden cart, it arrives with a established of little wheels. So, if you dwell in an area in which it rains all the time, this Do it yourself prepare could very nicely be your greatest guess. It has more than sufficient storage for an average-dimensions backyard and is effortlessly modified for the task at hand. For instance, a bucket mounted to the cart will shop fertilizer, soil, or mulch.

7. Painted/Stained Cart with Shelves

Materials: Wood frame pieces, wooden dowel, paint or stain, hooks, brackets, screws, clamps, bolts, nuts, casters, a bucket
Tools: Measure tape, marker, framing square, drill + bits, miter, circular and hole saw, Phillips screwdriver
Difficulty Level: High

This appropriate here is 1 of the ideal-looking carts that you can create with your own palms. On typical, it takes 3–5 several hours to complete. However, it’s a bit a lot more demanding in contrast to your average carts. It is equally useful, reputable, and elegant, though. In addition to, most of the work will be accomplished on the jar holders, and if you have a hole observed, that will not consider a lot hard work or finesse.

When choosing amongst a variety of wooden varieties, select the one that can face up to organic components (white oak, cedar, or Douglas fir). Adhere to the directions intently, and you’ll develop a beautiful painted/stained cart with shelves in no time!

8. Three-Level Garden Cart

Materials: 1 4 x 4 hardwood plywood sheet, 3 2 x 4 planks, 6 1 x 3 planks, self-tapping screws, wood screws, nails, wood glue, caster wheels, stain (optional)
Tools: Circular saw (or table saw), drill, nail gun, hammer, pencil, speed square, tape measure, safety glass + gloves
Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

With the painted cart, we experienced two amounts and two shelves. This time about, we’ll focus on creating a three-level backyard cart. It’s much larger and can carry hefty yard things like baggage of fertilizer, soil, drinking water, stones, and vegetation/flowers. It can also provide as a rolling storage cart. The universal design and style and strong wheels make it hugely flexible and adaptable. Precision is the identify of the recreation listed here. Don’t rush your self, and make positive you get all the cuts correct.

It is very suggested to rip the wooden (reducing together the grain). And to stop the wood from splitting, pre-drill holes using a cordless drill. As for the shelves, stick them with wooden glue ahead of employing the nail gun.

9. Utility Cart with a Door

Materials: 4 pneumatic tires, 2 axle rods (+ plastic caps and locking shaft collars), locking pillow blocks, spacing washers, pressure-treated plywood, wood planks, hinges, screws, bolts, end caps, hitch
Tools: Miter saw, circular saw, chisel, drill with Forstner bits, protection for the eyes, ears, and hands, measuring tape, square
Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

Subsequent up, we have obtained a utility cart with a doorway that will come in handy in any gardener’s everyday program. If you are constantly worried that your flower/plant pots, rakes, and luggage will tumble off the wagon, that will not be a dilemma with this cart. It looks like a child crib and can be utilized as a trailer for a lawnmower. All you’ll have to do is use a hitch to attach the cart to it.

 10. Hose Holder + Plastic Tub Garden Cart

Materials: Wood board, hose holder, screws, bolts, washers, tub, wheels
Tools: Safety gloves + goggles, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

Are you all about practicality and versatility and do not thoughts a “rough” layout? Then think about creating a hose holder plastic tub garden cart. It is a single of people rigid, hard, and prolonged-long lasting Do-it-yourself ideas that you can develop for low-cost. A water hose holder (preferably crafted from steel), a normal wooden board, a established of wheels, and a plastic tub—that’s all you are going to need to pull this venture off. Don’t neglect to remove the steel spool!

What Is a Garden Cart?

As the gardeners like to say, there is usually some thing to haul, be it compost, equipment, particles, weeds, baggage of soil, or vegetation. And that’s specifically why backyard carts are in massive need. Without a single, you are going to break your back striving to have all the heavy stuff. Mostly crafted from wood (plastic is too weak, even though steel tends to be weighty and cumbersome), the regular garden cart has 4 wheels for mobility and (preferably) a pull handle with ample vertical swing.

The rule of thumb here is—the less difficult the style, the much better. First, it will be considerably less difficult to create this sort of a cart. 2nd, when one thing breaks, you won’t have to vacant your bank account to have it set. That does not imply you shouldn’t decide for the three-layer cart or the basic picket wagon, of system. Nonetheless, do preserve this in head.

Garden Carts vs. Wheelbarrows: What’s the Difference?

Whilst these conditions are typically utilised interchangeably, they are not the very same point. A wheelbarrow generally has one one wheel (or, it could be a pair, but constantly positioned on the front), although carts have a bare minimum of two (largely four or even 6). What does that mean in practice? Thanks to the additional amount of wheels, it takes virtually no energy to “drive” a cart. In contrast, wheelbarrows call for far more skills and sleight of arms, particularly if you are moving hefty things around.

Next, carts have a minimal mattress, which helps make it simpler to get things in and out. They are mostly dragged, even though, although with a wheelbarrow, you are often in the entrance. Yet another massive downside of carts is the deficiency of maneuverability. If the paths in your yard are wonderful and extensive, that will make it simpler to use it. Even so, a cart can never ever be as nimble as a wheelbarrow.

So, what’s the proper option right here? If you’re the proud proprietor of a big garden with reasonably large pathways, a cart will be the best pick. It will be able to handle larger masses, also (like cement, stones, or wooden). Last but not least, carts can be far more sophisticated in phrases of layout and include slots for your instruments, pots, and much more. But if you’re working with constrained space and want as significantly versatility and maneuverability as you can get, go with a wheelbarrow.


A Do-it-yourself yard cart may well not appear notably fancy, but when constructed according to the prepare and making use of the correct instruments, it will get the job done. In addition, you are going to get to preserve a lot of cash if you make the cart yourself instead of purchasing it. And let’s not overlook about the thrill and excitement of building something with your personal palms. If this is your first Diy venture, select a lower-issues prepare from the checklist.

Or, if you are all set to just take on a sophisticated however fulfilling task, we have obtained loads of individuals as well. Do not rush your self make confident you have the right resources for the task, and only then get to perform!

Showcased Picture Credit rating: Marina19560, Pixabay