10 HVAC Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!

If you are a new property owner, your HVAC programs may possibly be creating you sleepless evenings, as these systems tend to be costly and do not lend by themselves considerably to Do-it-yourself repairs. Or do they? There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about these models that can lead you down a darkish route of anxiety, stress, and confusion. If this seems like your scenario, hold reading through as we look at several popular recommendations to see if they are accurate.

The Top 10 HVAC Myths and Misconceptions

1. If It Isn’t Broken, Don’t Fix It

Practically all of us have listened to the expressing, “If it ain’t broke, don’t resolve it.” Whilst this may possibly be very good suggestions for a kid who likes to just take factors apart to see how they perform, it’s not suited for us home owners. This sort of idea can avert individuals from scheduling regimen routine maintenance since they are not listening to any noises or having any issues. However, executing typical maintenance on your furnaceone and other systems is the one ideal point that you can do to guarantee the longevity of these parts. A certified HVAC technician will examine your vents, strain, airflow, filters, and much more to guarantee that your program is functioning effectively.

10 HVAC Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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2. I Can Determine the Proper HVAC System for My Home

Many new homeowners mistakenly think that they can decide the proper HVAC method for their property by carrying out measurements and calculations and watching YouTube movies. While these techniques might get you in the ballpark so you can set up a price range and make educated conclusions about related elements, it’s best to go away the ultimate say about what type of HVAC technique must be mounted in your home to a accredited technician. Several other elements can impact the kind of system that you need to have, like the insulation and daylight exclusive to your scenario.

3. Closing Vents Improves Energy Efficiency

One particular of the most tough myths and misconceptions to describe to an individual is the perception that closing vents in unused rooms will enhance all round performance since you won’t want to heat or amazing these rooms. Nevertheless, an HVAC program has a well balanced style, and there’s a wonderful deal of power in the airways. Closing a vent can put strain on the seal all around it. It can also put additional stress on the other vents in your residence. Over time, the force can wear out the seals, causing air leaks and necessitating high-priced maintenance, creating your residence much less energy efficient. Most experts advise closing the vents no more than fifty% to 75% to maintain them working properly.

4. You Only Need to Change Your Filter Once Per Year

One particular widespread misunderstanding is that you’re good for the year when the HVAC technician modifications your filter on your yearly checkup. Filters that have a massive amount of debris set extra pressure on your HVAC technique, and they can degrade your air top quality. Several folks are shocked to understand that their system will be much more efficient if they modify the filters a lot more often, specifically if they reside in a city with surplus air pollution or a dusty environment. Most authorities advise visually inspecting your filters each thirty day period and changing them when they look dirty.

5. Larger HVAC Units Work Better

Numerous men and women will pick a larger system than needed in a false perception that it will operate better. Bigger HVAC units can move far more air, but they also call for much more electrical power to run and are more pricey, so choosing the proper dimensions is the ideal selection.

10 HVAC Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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6. The Location of Your Thermostat Doesn’t Matter

Numerous men and women do not comprehend that the thermostat contains a thermometer that operates the furnace and air conditioning models. For that reason, its spot in your home is key to creating the correct surroundings and maximizing performance. Putting the thermostat as well close to a radiator will lead to it to detect heat and shut down the furnace just before the relaxation of the residence is heat. Similarly, inserting it in a drafty spot could result in the furnace to run way too lengthy.

7. Closing Doors Will Save Energy

Although closing doors won’t hurt the seals about the vents, it can lead to your method to work more difficult, escalating your running charges. Leaving doors open will enable the technique to purpose appropriately to improve performance.

10 HVAC Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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8. An Air Handler Is a Furnace

1 misconception which is straightforward to realize is the belief that an air handler is a furnace. Each seem equivalent, and if you have one particular, you most likely do not have the other. In equally circumstances, it’s the ingredient responsible for heating your home. However, these two products work fairly otherwise. Air handlers can also cool your house, while the furnace cannot. A furnace includes an interior combustion chamber that burns gas to boil drinking water, heating radiators to heat the air in your residence.

9. You Should Cover the Air Conditioning Unit During the Winter

It may well appear sensible to include your air conditioning unit throughout the wintertime months to defend it from ice and snow. Nevertheless, doing so may not be a very good idea. Masking the air conditioning device can entice humidity inside of, which can trigger inner injury and rust. While humidity will get in an uncovered device, it will dissipate faster, leading to considerably less injury. One more dilemma with covering the air conditioning device is that it can appeal to rodents and other little lifeforms that may generate a nest inside of, creating injury to inner components.

10 HVAC Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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10. Turning the HVAC System Off Will Consume Less Energy

A single fantasy is that turning off the HVAC method will assist preserve energy. But an HVAC system maintains greatest performance by trying to keep the temperature steady. Shutting down the program and allowing the temperature deviate way too significantly from the norm will trigger the technique to use a lot more electrical power to return things to regular than it would have used to keep them the identical.

How Can I Save Money on My HVAC System?

Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading your windows can be a fantastic way to conserve fees on your HVAC technique. Sadly, several folks have previous windows that let as well much heat to escape. They can also be drafty, enabling air to flow into all around the window’s frame and enter your walls or leak straight into your living surroundings.

Upgrade Your Insulation

If their house feels cold or would seem to awesome down quickly as soon as the furnace shuts off, you can upgrade your insulation to help maintain the heat within your home more time. Set up is typically economical, and you can normally put in it your self if you like tackling Do it yourself tasks.

Thermal Curtains

If you have upgraded your windows but nevertheless really feel that as well a lot cold air is penetrating your house, you can use thermal curtains to assist supply an extra barrier and reduce your energy charges. One more benefit of thermal curtains is that they support block sunlight from coming into your home, which can assist make your air conditioning models more productive.


Sadly, there are several myths and misconceptions about HVAC methods, which can outcome in greater power costs and a increased strain on your system. If you want to preserve costs, hire a expert to assist you layout and install your technique. Then, discover how to use it properly so you do not accidentally close doors that you ought to go away open up or make other basic problems that can expense cash in excess of time. If you truly feel that your technique is not operating correctly, check out the installation and other possible troubles, like previous window frames, rather of changing the HVAC technique. Often contact a specialist before you make any alterations.

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