10 Korean Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

In the states, Korean design is not terribly common. However, as minimalism evolves and grows, much more and more people are turning to Korean interior design and style to make their houses feel unique and an extension of their personality.

There are tons of distinct Korean design ideas that you can add to your home’s present design. Of program, you can also go all-in with this fashion, even though that is more difficult to do if you are previously dwelling in your residence.

Possibly way, here are our favorite layout guidelines from the Korean planet.

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The Top 10 Korean Interior Design Ideas

1. Retro Objects

Although you do not typically feel of retro objects as Korean design, it is not odd to see older parts in a Korean-developed residence. For occasion, older radios with turning knobs and vinyl file players all function properly in this regard. You want to draw a connection to the earlier.

Of system, the best parts are these that are retro and useful. Therefore, we really don't recommend just grabbing whatever old, broken merchandise you can locate. Instead, decide on anything that you’ll use that also works well with the room.

If you have antiques that had been passed down to you, these function properly. Nevertheless, you can also buy new pieces. It is no lengthier all that hard to find numerous antique pieces.

2. Plants

There are a lot of design designs that use plants, which includes Korean. To be sincere, it does not actually make a difference what plants you decide on. Just use them to incorporate tons of eco-friendly to your house. Use the plants as highlight pieces or to protect up parts of your home that you just really do not like.

If you are leasing, crops are an simple way to decorate your property with no creating any significant adjustments.

If you are new to home vegetation, select larger succulents that don’t call for a lot care. You might also want to download a plant app that helps you bear in mind to drinking water and care for your plants.

Be certain to layer plants, as nicely. You can use a handful of tall vegetation and a number of more compact vegetation to make the space come to feel alive and lived in. This is a variation of maximalism, which performs great if you tend to have a cluttered area (as what usually happens in tiny residences or houses with children).

3. Floor Tables

Asian-design home furniture tends to be really shut to the flooring, in contrast to most Western-design household furniture. 1 frequent piece of Korean home furniture you could want to think about is flooring tables. These little tables are designed to be utilized while sitting on your ground. They work properly when paired with a ground chair.

We especially like these tables for more compact regions. They really do not consider as considerably area as greater tables, producing them a great option for flats. Furthermore, they are likely to be less costly than entire-sized tables, as effectively.

4. Exposed Lightbulbs

Uncovered lightbulbs provide a homey truly feel that the Korean design is trying to generate. When paired with the other concepts we have pointed out, they can make your space truly feel gentle and easy. There are also tons of choices in this fashion, as it is getting to be much more common.

Basic, exposed bulbs are often quite cheap when compared to other lights choices. They also generate much more temper lighting, as they don’t have a go over to help disperse the mild. Decide on warm-gentle bulbs for this function.

You can use blubs to develop an interesting, industrial vibe, as well. You can hang lights from the ceiling earlier mentioned eye amount for added décor. Use string lights in residences for added lighting.

5. Odd Mirrors

Moreover, you can also use odd-formed mirrors to include some fascination to the space whilst also remaining minimalist. Mirrors function extremely well in tiny areas, as the mirrored mild can make the room seem bigger. Think of wavy mirrors, pentagons, and other wacky styles.

Use these mirrors very carefully across your home to incorporate another dimension to your design.

6. Origami

Origami can be used to decorate your area and give it a Korean vibe. Origami lamps and wall hangings are the most common. Nevertheless, you can uncover a enormous variety of possibilities out there. Whilst you don’t always want to go way too wacky or enormous, tiny Origami decorations here and there can add some character to the Korean style, which can get a bit sterile if you are not mindful.

7. Faux Fireplaces

For one reason or an additional, fake fireplaces are really common in Korean styles. You really don't even have to fake like it is a real fire. Several folks in Korea stack publications and photos inside these phony fireplaces, making them show up obviously not genuine.

This is a extremely unique piece of Korean décor that you are going to almost certainly want to use if you are heading all-in with this style. Even so, you can also use the concept to insert some added fashion to just about any property.

8. Camping

Strangely sufficient, several Korean-style rooms feature a good deal of camping décor. You will find camping-like chairs, picnic baskets, and equivalent camping décor within a lot of Korean homes. During the COVID pandemic, this turned even far more common, as outside pursuits turned discouraged. Consequently, home camping established-ups are really common.

Whilst you probably don’t want to set up a complete tent inside your property, you might want to include an exciting picnic basket or some camping-fashion chairs. Nicer camping household furniture operates properly, way too, specially considering that it is often easier to clean and consider care of.

9. Wicker Furniture

While indoor wicker household furniture is not all that common in the western entire world, it is very widespread in Korea. Most residences have at minimum 1 piece of wicker home furniture or lights fixture. The good news is, these home furniture designs are turning out to be far more well-known in the states, so you can now discover tons of diverse options to select from.

Additionally, rattan furnishings is incredibly durable and easier to take treatment of. It also operates effectively with several of the other design attributes we have mentioned therefore significantly. The earthly brown coloration frequently complements the white décor style that many Korean residences have.

10. Neutral and Pastel Colors

Generally, Korean-type properties use neutral colour palettes. You don’t uncover a good deal of colour in these homes. When you do, it is usually pastel and very boring, as they aren’t identified for getting quite colourful types. Typically, the only big quantities of hues come from crops, which is why we notably recommend investing in a couple of solid crops.

This neutral color concept works effectively with numerous of the other style elements we have mentioned, which is why we advocate it for these going all-in with Korean décor.

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Korean-style décor isn’t terribly well-known in the United States. However, this straightforward design works excellent in scaled-down areas and for those in apartments. It also generates a very laidback place that is less complicated to just take treatment of than other décor variations.

In addition, this type is a blend in between minimalism and maximalism, which suits most people’s sensibilities. It usually characteristics extremely handful of style components and clutter. However, many Korean houses use lots of plants. Consequently, you can simply adapt the fashion to fit your requirements.


Showcased Image Credit history: Stephanie Hau, Unsplash