10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

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We have compiled this list to compare per capita statistics in ten towns in Montana. We will compare murder, violent criminal offense, and property criminal offense to the national averages of 5. (FBI), 205.8, and 178.6 (Metropolis Information), respectively. Hold in brain that all round point out and region numbers are generally up-to-date inside of one year, whilst the vast majority of city-to-city statistics are typically numerous many years powering. The numbers reflected are employed from the most modern FBI and City Data figures from 2019 unless normally observed.

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana: A Quick Look

1. Wolf Point, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 2,730
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 470.8
Property Crimes (per capita): 150.3

In accordance to 2019 statistics, the crime fee in Wolf Point went up 39% compared to the prior calendar year. And in excess of the previous five a long time, violent crime has been steadily climbing in this tiny town of significantly less than 3000. With the violent criminal offense fee sitting at 470.8, that puts Wolf Point’s criminal offense effectively in excess of double the nationwide average. On the additionally facet, even although it is larger than the previous 12 months, its property crime is marginally beneath the nationwide common. An additional positive is that there hasn’t been a murder recorded in Wolf Point since 2008.

2. Ronan, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 2,116
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 473.3
Property Crimes (per capita): 163.3

Ronan is yet another small town in this listing that exhibits scaled-down is not usually safer. However, the 5-12 months pattern demonstrates a drop in both violent and property crimes. This has introduced home crime beneath the countrywide average compared to the yr prior to, but violent criminal offense is still a lot more than double the average. The stats between Ronan and Wolf level are related across most classes, but a single spot that Ronan stands out is in vehicle theft—which was a five to a single difference. The number does not seem high, but in relation to its population, this is significantly higher than the countrywide average statistically.

3. Missoula, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 75,516
Murders (per capita): 4.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 261.2
Property Crimes (per capita): 295.5

Missoula is our initial more substantial town on the checklist and the 1st one with any homicides. Nevertheless, at four homicides for every capita, it is nonetheless one below the nationwide average. In 2019, the crime charge fell by eight% in comparison to the earlier year, and violent and residence crimes have also been on a downward trend over the last five a long time. This has introduced violent crime practically down to the national average, but house crime has a extended way to go. 1 class that is exceptionally higher in Missoula is theft.

4. Cut Bank, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 3,061
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 658.3
Property Crimes (per capita): 258.4

For this sort of a little town, it was fairly shocking to see the criminal offense charge jump 26% in 2019. Even worse, violent and residence criminal offense costs have been climbing steadily in excess of the very last 5 many years. Home crimes these kinds of as theft and theft lead to the earlier mentioned-common residence criminal offense. The most scary statistic is that the violent criminal offense rate is much more than 3 instances the countrywide common, and assault is the most considerable contributing factor to this statistic. In comparison to the modest inhabitants, these figures place Reduce Lender in the prime 5 percentile of the most hazardous cities in the United States.

5. Helena, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 33,124
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 376.5
Property Crimes (per capita): 293.1

Despite the fact that Helena is dangerous, a constructive to note is the respectable crime charge lower of fifteen% in 2019 in contrast to the prior 12 months. The 5-yr pattern also exhibits a decrease in violent crime, and home crime is also starting to display a decrease. Though there ended up no murders according to these most current stats, there was a good deal of bodily and sexual assault. There was also a great deal of theft. So, there are fairly a few contributing aspects to the effectively-above-typical crime costs.

6. Polson, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 5,060
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 275.9
Property Crimes (per capita): 275.9

Whilst the violent crime price is nevertheless well above the countrywide common in Polson, when when compared to the charge of 517.five in 2018, that shows a significant advancement. A fairly large number of crimes in most groups keeps the two violent and property criminal offense rates from hitting the national typical mark. Nonetheless, if this little town can hold making leaps as it did in 2019, then with any luck ,, within a few many years, it will be a much safer area to stay and go to.

7. Great Falls, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 58,434
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 290.4
Property Crimes (per capita): 416.2

Really often, it’s the smallest cities that have the optimum crime rates since of the way the figures are calculated by inhabitants. However, in the scenario of Wonderful Falls, they really do not have a small inhabitants to blame for the large stats. Each violent and house crime rates have been growing over the previous 5 several years. Violent criminal offense charges are not much a lot more extreme than the other cities on this checklist, but the house crime price is a lot more than double the national regular. In addition to burglary, automobile and residence theft are all driving up the house crime charge quantities and have been carrying out so for numerous years now.

8. Havre, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 9,791
Murders (per capita): 0.0
Violent Crimes (per capita): 254.6
Property Crimes (per capita): 291.6

Havre suffers the exact same high criminal offense costs as the rest of the metropolitan areas on this checklist. However, they seem to be to be much more steady in the feeling that they only rose somewhat in 2019. That getting explained, when the recent violent criminal offense fee of 254.six is when compared to the ten-year substantial of 570.seven in 2017, the significant drop have to be observed as a positive. For its dimensions, Havre struggles most with theft. It is the primary contributing aspect to the large house criminal offense fee.

9. Billings, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 109,577
Murders (per capita): 7.2
Violent Crimes (per capita): 306.2
Property Crimes (per capita): 343.6

Billings is a single of two cities on this list with a increased murder fee than the countrywide common. It is also the greatest metropolis. So, when you just take a population of above 100k individuals, a seven.2 for every capita fee is only eight genuine murders. Any amount of murders is awful, but this is a significantly significantly less surprising statistic in light of the inhabitants. Overall, residence and violent criminal offense are nonetheless high—both are effectively over the countrywide regular. Theft and assault are the two principal contributing factors to the two of these stats.

10. Hamilton, MT

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana

Population: 4,898
Murders (per capita): 20.5
Violent Crimes (per capita): 306.2
Property Crimes (per capita): 343.6

Our ultimate metropolis and the second city with a murder charge increased than the national common is Hamilton. At 1st glance, twenty.5 appears to be shocking. Even so, when the populace is regarded, this rate operates out to only a single real murder. Prior to this murder in 2019, the last murder in Hamilton was in 2014. So, this is not a rampant difficulty. Another positive notice for this modest city is that its violent and house crime costs have revealed a downward pattern above the final 5 many years.

How Has the Pandemic Affected These Numbers?

Total, the point out of Montana has observed a realistic spike in crime during the pandemic. For illustration, in accordance to Montana’s board of crime handle, in 2020, there was an boost of nearly 14% in violent crime throughout the state. Moreover, this data shows that the two main contributing aspects to this soar in 2020 from 2019 have been homicide and theft. (Montana Gov)

How to Stay Safe in Montana

Keeping secure in any of the unsafe metropolitan areas in Montana could appear distinct dependent on regardless of whether you are living in the metropolis or traveling by means of.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Montana
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Staying Safe While Traveling

Nationwide introduced a totally free source detailing 7 methods that you can get to staying secure in a harmful metropolis whilst touring (Nationwide)

  • Research the area you will be in—consult with locals and read reviews on the city.
  • Keep a low profile. Don’t wear expensive-looking clothes or jewelry and try not to appear lost.
  • Keep copies of critical documents just in case something happens, and you are robbed.
  • Make sure someone knows you are traveling and keep them updated in case something were to happen.
  • Don’t do any sensitive business or computer use over public wi-fi as hackers may be able to get your information.
  • Follow some best practices to keep your hotel room secure. Keep the door locked and windows shut. Always make it seem like the room is occupied even when you’re out and don’t let anyone you don’t know in.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t have too much to drink and if you find yourself in a shady area, make sure your cellphone is readily available.

Staying Safe in a New City

Several of the very same factors produced about being protected although touring in harmful towns apply to dwelling in a unsafe metropolis as nicely. In addition, investing in a protection program for your new house is recommended by most basic safety authorities. Also, meeting your neighbors and creating people relationships is helpful. If everybody is viewing out for every person, it tends to make for a much safer community.

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Montana is a beautiful point out with several extraordinary items to see and a extensive backcountry to check out. There are also some great cities to live in and travel through, but like everywhere else in the planet, there are places you will want to stay away from if achievable or at least be a lot more cautious in. We hope this checklist has presented some of the data you need to journey and live properly in Montana.

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