10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada (2022 Update)

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Nevada is residence to some world-renowned places this kind of as Las Vegas, Reno, and the Hoover Dam. It has just lately captivated people transferring from California and has seen great progress in its city regions in the previous decade. However, Nevada is also one particular of the the very least secure states in America in terms of crime, especially violent criminal offense.

The statistics utilised in this article are largely taken from the FBI Criminal Justice Data Companies Division. This knowledge is collected and produced public every three years. The most recent batch of information for 2022 is not yet accessible, so the statistics we are presenting right here arrive from 2019, which should give us a pretty accurate thought of the scenario in this point out.

Listed here are the ten most harmful towns in Nevada, according to public criminal offense data.

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada: A Quick Look

1. Reno, NV

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada (2022 Update)
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Population: 254,349
Median household income: $58,790
Violent crimes in 2019: 1,419
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 27.75

Reno is positioned in the northern component of the point out, not way too significantly from Lake Tahoe. Even with possessing much much less individuals than Las Vegas, Reno has its very own popularity for crime. Reno endured one,419 incidents of violent crime in 2019, which is a increased price than Las Vegas. Accounting for inhabitants, Reno is creating 1.05 documented violent crimes in contrast to Las Vegas. That is not insignificant.

Reno’s crime charge is also much earlier mentioned the countrywide common, and it has a violent criminal offense rate of 5.sixty six, which is higher than that of Las Vegas. For these motives, Reno lands at the top of this listing even with some rigid competition.

2. Las Vegas, NV

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada (2022 Update)
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Population:  1,666,803
Median household income: $56,354
Violent crimes in 2019: 8,854
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 28.21

Las Vegas is identified as Sin Metropolis, so it is no shock that it is rife with criminal offense. Las Vegas has the greatest quantity of described crimes in all of Nevada. It tops the record for every category of violent criminal offense, like murder, rape, assault, and motor automobile theft. This is thanks in part to the truth that Las Vegas is by considerably the biggest metropolis in Nevada, but the crime costs are also increased than regular. It has a violent crime rate of five.36 which signifies you have a one in a hundred ninety likelihood of getting the victim of violent criminal offense although in the city.

Not only does Las Vegas have a large concentration of people, but it also has a substantial concentration of criminal offense-inducing companies, like bars, nightclubs, and casinos. All these facets enjoy into Vegas’s high criminal offense rates and enjoy into the theme of getting Sin Town.

3. North Las Vegas, NV

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Falkenpost, Pixabay
Population: 249,854
Median household income: $59,835
Violent crimes in 2019: 2,158
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 21.19

Las Vegas’s closest neighbor, North Las Vegas, is also rife with violent crime. It experienced over two thousand documented incidents of violent criminal offense logged in the FBI database, including 118 rapes and 1,565 reviews of aggravated assault. The violent crime charge in North Las Vegas is 2 times that of the national typical. The criminal offense prices are marginally decrease than that of Las Vegas correct, but they are nevertheless way above average.

The great news is areas like North Las Vegas have truly observed drops in criminal offense in excess of time. Commencing in 2018, criminal offense has started out to slowly and gradually arrive down in these places, which was a welcome advancement for regulation enforcement and people alike.

4. Elko, NV

Population: 20,601
Median household income: $81,232
Violent crimes in 2019: 69
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 34.48

Elko is a modest town located on Interstate 80, linking Reno to Salt Lake Town. This freeway city helps make the record for a disturbingly high crime price. For a city with much less than twenty five,000 folks, Elko suffers from a good deal of violent criminal offense. They have violent crime rates 25% larger than the countrywide average and charges that are virtually on par with Las Vegas. These quantities are getting boosted by high quantities of rape (eighteen) and motor car theft (73) which are far increased than predicted for a town of this dimension. These incidents are reflected in the crime price, 34.forty eight, which is greater than the two Las Vegas and Reno.

5. Sparks, NV

Population: 106,010
Median household income: $64,645
Violent crimes in 2019: 450
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 23.94

Sparks, Nevada, is a suburb of Reno lying just east of the #1 metropolis on this checklist. Sparks is just 4 miles east of Reno, and as a consequence, it suffers from a lot of the same crime problems as its closest neighbor does. Sparks is the fifth largest metropolis in Nevada and therefore has a best-five criminal offense load. The violent criminal offense prices are equivalent to that of nearby Reno.

Regardless of the substantial quantities of violent crimes, Sparks suffers from very handful of murders. In 2019, Sparks had only one particular described incident of murder or manslaughter, which is extremely lower. In truth, that variety places it lower than Elko, a metropolis with a quarter of the populace of Sparks. It also features a larger family cash flow than close by Reno, so it is not all negative for Sparks.

6. Henderson, NV

Population: 317,732
Median household income: $74,147
Violent crimes in 2019: 543
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 17.13

Henderson is the second-greatest town in Nevada and is 1 of the fastest-growing regions in the nation. Henderson has posted expansion charges earlier mentioned 30% for consecutive many years. Despite the development, the proximity to Las Vegas, and the general populace, Henderson is in fact relatively safe. That is why it arrives in the record at sixth. Nonetheless, Henderson nevertheless has a violent criminal offense rate of 10.seven for every single 1,000 citizens, which is larger than other towns in Nevada. It also even now posted over five hundred annual incidents of violent crime in 2019. It ranks fourth for raw figures of noted violent crime, which is two places decrease than its population implies. It is even now in the top 5 for most incidents of violent criminal offense in the state of Nevada.

7. Winnemucca, NV

Population: 7,800
Median household income: $66,857
Violent crimes in 2019: 204
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 28.23

Winnemucca is a mining city that is close by to gold mining operations and the famous Nevada sand dunes. Winnemucca’s criminal offense charges match the rugged surroundings of the location. The city has an unusually substantial criminal offense fee for a place this small. While violent criminal offense is really way down in Winnemucca, property crime is up. Winnemucca experienced 1 of the maximum charges of house crime in the state. It has higher crime charges than Sparks and Henderson, thanks in huge part to the spike in house crime more than the current many years.

For reference, it is hard to get a gauge on Winnemucca’s criminal offense in comparison to the surrounding regions because it is the only included town in Humboldt County. That means the relaxation of the county does not report their crimes in the exact same way.

8. Carlin, NV

Population: 2,259
Median household income: $78,929
Violent crimes in 2019: 15
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 39.08

Carlin’s official slogan is “Where the Teach Stops And the Gold Hurry Begins.” It is a little city along Interstate eighty among Elko and Winnemucca with less than two,500 individuals. This little populace can make the incidents of violent criminal offense in the city show up very poor. The crime price is 39.08, and the violent crime charge is double that of the national typical. That is all in spite of obtaining just fifteen documented incidents of violent criminal offense in 2019. There have been no murders. Nevertheless, there ended up fourteen aggravated assaults and five motor motor vehicle thefts. These quantities are a whole lot for a town with such a little inhabitants.

9. Lovelock, NV

Population: 1,806
Median household income: $41,896
Violent crimes in 2019: 6
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 63.45

Lovelock is a tiny city positioned together with Interstate eighty. It is, for absence of a much better phrase, in the middle of nowhere. It is an hour and a half northeast of Reno. Regardless of its small stature, the town has an outsized level of violent criminal offense. The criminal offense rate is one of the optimum in the condition. That is because of in portion to its very small populace, and one criminal offense can leap the fee by fairly a good deal. But numerous cities with less than two,000 people endure from small to no criminal offense, but that is not the situation below. Portion of the difficulty is that Lovelock has the cheapest household earnings out of any city on this checklist, and it is not even close.

However, Lovelock’s criminal offense price is truly gradually declining above time, so there is hope that this tiny town may possibly return to much more suitable stages in the close to future.

10. Mesquite, NV

Population: 19,612
Median household income: $55,542
Violent crimes in 2019: 20
Crime rate per 1,000 people people: 12.26

Mesquite, Nevada, is a little city found close to the borders of Arizona and Utah. Its area in close proximity to the border makes it a common location for folks hunting to gamble by just hopping over the border. The town characteristics four decently sized casinos which is quite a whole lot for a location with much less than twenty,000 inhabitants. Mesquite does not have the maximum crime costs in the point out, but its draw to non-people drives criminal offense. This out-of-area crime is mirrored in the disproportionately high fee of rape in the city. Nevada has extremely few included towns that report person crime stats, so it sneaks on to this list for these factors.

What Are The Overall Crime Trends In Nevada?

Crime in Nevada has actually been trending downwards. The relaxation of the country has been going through a spike in criminal offense because 2019, but Nevada’s crime has been steadily slipping considering that 2018. That lower in all round criminal offense has also applied to violent criminal offense as nicely. The quantity of noted incidents of violent criminal offense has been down by 5,000 given that 2018. The only violent crime that has elevated was murder, which rose from 184 in 2020 to 220 in 2021. But that number is nevertheless far decrease than a whole lot of other states.

Is Nevada A Safe State Overall?

Total, no. Nevada has not been considered a risk-free condition for the previous ten years. The previous rankings named Nevada as the 40th most secure condition. Not the most glowing endorsement. However, the criminal offense developments are pointing downward, which is an encouraging indicator for a point out which has a track record for being a minor rough about the edges. But when the largest draw to your point out is a location nicknamed Sin Town, it is challenging to shake the reputation of obtaining a great deal of criminal offense.

How Best To Avoid Becoming The Victim Of Crime in Nevada

Know the location, and know the trends. The vast vast majority of criminal offense is qualified or opportunistic. The ideal way to steer clear of turning out to be a target of any criminal offense is to avoid substantial criminal offense areas and be conscious of your environment. Do not make yourself a target for crimes of prospect. If you do locate yourself in a undesirable predicament, retreat and call regulation enforcement. Do not attempt to engage or confront possible criminals. Your possessions can be simply recovered or replaced. Your health and nicely-becoming are not able to be.


Nevada is an intriguing point out simply because it does not have really many integrated metropolitan areas when compared to other states. Significantly of the land is empty county land which can make monitoring crime data hard. Nevada has some locations of large, dense criminal offense like Las Vegas and Reno, together with modest towns that suffer from sporadic crimes that develop high crime costs. The very minimal amount of included towns in Nevada can make this record slim by requirement. The result is a patchwork that leaves Nevada as one of the most harmful states in the nation.



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