10 Most Popular Cars in France (With Pictures)

France is one particular of Europe’s biggest countries and one particular of the world’s largest makers of cars. But what varieties of automobiles do the French drive? Offered their size and prominence in Europe, you may not be stunned to learn that the French purchase and generate mainly French cars. Their market place is fully distinct from the North American automobile marketplaces.

Listed here are the most well-known autos in France as of this year.

The Data

The data employed comes from Very best Selling Cars which is a knowledge selection organization that specializes in worldwide vehicle product sales figures. The record was compiled from their database, which ranked new auto product sales dependent on models bought in France for 2021. 2021 is the most recent knowledge that has been compiled and confirmed.

If you want, you can also seem at the variety of general registrations in France by model. Searching at registrations by maker relatively than by person design yields marginally diverse benefits. Renault experienced the premier number of individual registrations, followed closely by Peugeot and Citroen. All 3 of France’s prime auto makers in phrases of cars registered are French.

These are the 10 best promoting autos in France in accordance to the available knowledge.

Top 10 Most Popular Cars in France

1. Peugeot 208 II

Peugeot 208 car
Image Credit: wydawca, Pixabay
Style: Hatchback
Size: Supermini

The Peugeot 208 is a supermini sedan that topped the French income charts in 2021. The auto is an interesting blend of affordable, trendy, and energy effective. The Peugeot 208 II commenced generation in 2013 and has been a customer favourite for years. This is the 2nd generation of the 208, which started rolling off assembly strains in 2019. There are multiple engine alternatives for the 208, including various quantities of horsepower, numerous gearbox configurations, and emissions ranges.

In 2021, Peugeot marketed an believed 88,000 new units of the 208 II, which landed it at the prime of the charts. Individuals 88,000 new autos represented around five% of the industry share, which means that one particular in twenty autos offered in France in 2021 was a Peugeot 208 II. Not a bad displaying for the French automaker.

2. Renault Clio V

Renault Clio V
Renault Clio V IMG | Image Credit: Alexander Migl, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International
Style: Hatchback
Size: Supermini

The Renault Clio V almost took the best spot on the 2021 product sales charts but fell just quick of the rival Peugeot 208 II. It is not astonishing that the Clio V came in next location because it is extremely related to the Peugeot 208 II. The similarity of the prime two automobiles demonstrates the French’s disposition in direction of economical supermini sedans. The Clio V is the fifth era of the Renault Clio, which started creation in 1990.

The current iteration has numerous trim deals, six motor options, such as a diesel product, and the decision of four diverse transmissions. The dimensions, affordability, and customization choices make the Clio V an incredibly well-known giving. Renault offered an approximated eighty five,000 new models in 2021.

3. Peugeot 2008 II

Peugeot 2008 electric car
Image Credit: mikenr1, Pixabay
Style: Crossover SUV
Size: Subcompact

The 2nd-era Peugeot 2008 (not to be confused with the 208) will come in 3rd. This is Peugeot’s most well-liked SUV and the most well-liked SUV in France today. This subcompact hatchback has numerous options that attractiveness to a broad viewers, which includes a petrol (gasoline) motor, a diesel variation, and even a new electric giving that went on sale in 2020.

It is a 5-door hatchback that proceeds to sit at the top of the sales chart in the European nation. The Peugeot 2008 captured four.five% of the market place share in France for 2021, providing Peugeot almost just below ten% of the overall market share for the nation.

4. Dacia Sandero 3

Dacia Sandero 3
Dacia Sandero II Arctica (Image Credit: Rozcestnik.sk, Wikimedia Commons CC0 3.0 Unported)
Style: Sedan
Size: Supermini

Dacia unveiled their third technology Sandero vehicle in 2020, and it right away turned a strike. Dacia capitalized on the public’s need for small and easy automobiles that do not incorporate a great deal to their regular monthly gas monthly bill or to the environmental problems facing Europe. Dacia simplified their Sandero three and only gives 3-cylinder petrol engines.

All of the new Sanderos appear with I3 configurations. However, you can get a various trim package deal that can enhance the horsepower from the baseline sixty HP up to virtually 100 HP. Dacia reeled in really healthier income figures in 2021 and bought over 72,000 Sandero 3s in France on your own.

5. Citroën C3 III

Citron C3
Citroën C3 BlueHDi 100 Shine (III) (Image Credit: M 93, Wikimedia Commons CC0 3.0 Unported)
Style: Hatchback
Size: Supermini

The Citroën C3 is the 3rd technology of the well-known C3 model. The 3rd generation was released in 2017 and received slight updates to its lights method in 2020. The initial C3s appeared in 2002, replacing the ailing Citroën Saxo. The Citroën C3 is a five-doorway hatchback that is made in Slovakia.

The C3 has two choices for petrol engines and two choices for diesel engines. In 2021, Citroën introduced it experienced offered in excess of 1,000,000 3rd technology C3s worldwide and in excess of 4.5 million C3s complete. The auto obtained a four-star safety rating from the European New Auto Evaluation Plan (NCAP), which was much better than its peers.

6. Renault Captur II

Renault Captur II
Renault Captur II (Image Credit: Guillaume Vachey, Wikimedia Commons CC0 3.0 Unported)
Style: Crossover SUV
Size: Subcompact

The Renault Captur II is an SUV based mostly on the Typical Module Loved ones B platform (CMF-B). The CMF-B body is the exact same base as the well-liked Clio V, which arrived in 2nd on this list. The CMF-B body was designed in partnership in between Renault and Nissan and is also the base for the Nissan Juke.

Renault experimented with to make the Captur II much more trendy and customizable. They introduced the car with 90 various coloration mixtures, such as 11 various exterior entire body colours and four independent roof colours, alongside with numerous trim deals. Renault sold just north of fifty,000 units of the Captur II in France in 2021. That implies Renault sold in excess of 137,000 units of their subcompact SUVs primarily based on the identical CMF-B frame.

7. Peugeot 3008 II

Peugeot 3008 car
Image Credit: wydawca, Pixabay
Style: SUV
Size: Compact

The Peugeot 3008 is the greatest automobile on this checklist so significantly. The compact SUV is the bigger version of the 2008 which landed third on this listing. The next era of the 3008 began transport in 2016, and since then, it has racked up an extraordinary record of accolades, like Europe’s Vehicle of the 12 months in 2017.

Considering that 2016, the Peugeot 3008 II has acquired a huge number of customization choices. You can get the 3008 SUV with multiple gasoline engines, diesel engines, or an electric powered engine. You can decide on from four individual transmission configurations, several colour and style choices, and trim deals. In 2021, Peugeot documented sales of one hundred forty,000 models in Europe for the 3008 II, and fifty,000 of individuals models were marketed in France.

8. Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris
Image Credit: ajgpfotografia, Pixabay
Style: Hatchback
Size: Supermini

The Toyota Yaris is the initial non-European auto to make this checklist. It captured eighth area in overall car revenue in France for 2021. The Yaris is one more supermini hatchback with a extended track document of excellence. Toyota is the sixth most significant vehicle brand name in France and the largest non-European manufacturer in the region.

The Yaris is on its fourth generation, which started promoting in 2020. The fourth generation Yaris was only unveiled in Europe and Japan. The fourth-generation product was not put up for sale in the United States. There are a number of trim packages accessible, like one created by Gazoo Racing, the GR Yaris. The most recent Yaris is only obtainable in the hatchback configuration in France, with the sedan product getting controlled to Asia by yourself.

9. Dacia Duster II

Dacia Duster II
Dacia Duster, GIMS 2019, Le Grand-Saconnex | Image Credit: Matti Blume, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International
Style: Crossover SUV
Size: Subcompact

The Dacia Duster is a subcompact SUV created in partnership with Renault. The Duster II was unveiled in 2016 and began marketing in 2017. It showcased the same body as the first-technology product but with upgrades during.

The newest generation delivers the Duster into the modern day age with a entire digicam technique, an motor start assist for hills, hill ascent and descent aid, a refreshing infotainment program, and keyless entry. Dacia bought over 30,000 Duster IIs in France throughout the fiscal year. The present day updates and the partnership with nearby Renault appear to be spending off for the Duster II.

10. Renault Twingo III

Renault Twingo III
Renault Twingo, Generation 3 | Image Credit: Lothar Spurzem, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic
Style: Hatchback
Size: City Car

The Renault Twingo III is a single of the smallest and oldest cars on this checklist. Twingo first introduced in 1992 and is at the moment on its 3rd technology. The first two generations of the Twingo showcased just two passenger doorways. The metropolis vehicle classification is the smallest measurement presented to passenger vehicles in France.

In spite of its very small stature, the Twingo carries on to market properly, specially in hectic urban places this sort of as Paris. When the 3rd generation Twingo was introduced in 2014, it gained Town Auto of the Calendar year in the Uk. The newest iteration also obtained a 4-star safety score from NCAP, which is exceptional for vehicles of this dimensions.


As opposed to the United States, France attributes zero pickup vans on its top 10 ideal-promoting automobiles record. In fact, pickup vehicles do not feature at all in the thirty ideal-promoting models in all of France for 2021. Most of the cars on the prime 10 listing are supermini hatchbacks. 4 of the top ten best offering automobiles in France ended up SUVs, while the other 6 had been small hatchbacks or sedans.

Supermini is the European designation for a subcompact.

In Europe, gasoline is referred to as petrol, and diesel is much more widespread for passenger autos than it is in the United States.

Nine of the prime ten greatest marketing cars in France ended up made by European organizations. Only Toyota beat the pattern in that regard. 7 of the best 10 bestselling designs have been made by French companies. Dacia is a Romanian brand that captured two of the best 10 spots, but they have been in partnership with Renault for some of their automobiles.

Peugeot showcased 3 automobiles in the leading 10, such as two of the best 3 bestselling versions in France. Renault also highlighted three designs in the best ten.

No American vehicles are featured in the prime 10. Tesla experienced the prime American design with the Product 3, which ranked 14th in France in phrases of product sales. The second American automobile to crack the best thirty was the Ford Puma which snuck in at twenty fifth.

General, the tendencies are fully different from individuals witnessed in the United States but are very indicative of a typical western European auto market.


The most common cars in France are all tiny hatchbacks and crossover SUVs. French drivers price French autos, and they appreciate supermini hatchbacks most of all. Renault and Peugeot dominate France in conditions of each revenue and overall car registrations. France carries on to be a entire world leader in auto producing and European auto income.


Showcased Graphic Credit score: ajgpforografia, Pixabay