10 Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions

Renewable energy is a fantastic way to reduce your charges and assist the earth. Given that this is a somewhat controversial matter, there are a bunch of myths and misconceptions about it. In this article, we’ll talk about ten renewable energy myths and misconceptions. So, proceed looking through if you’re fascinated in discovering out more about myths and misconceptions about renewable power.

The 10 Biggest Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions

1. Renewable energy is expensive

People frequently have a false impression that renewable strength is much more costly than the vitality created by fossil fuels. That is totally false, and if you appear at reviews from the final couple of several years you can see that renewable power was among the cheapest energy resources in the planet. Renewable power costs are slipping, whereas fossil gas charges are consistently rising. Now is the perfect time for folks to change to renewable energy owing to its affordability.

10 Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions
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2. Renewable energy takes up a lot of land and space

One more typical false impression is that renewable power requires up a great deal of land and space. You do without a doubt need land to established up renewable technological innovation, but when you compare that with fossil fuels, you will see that it normally takes considerably significantly less room than location up fossil gas power.

Fossil fuel strength demands a location to extract resources, make electrical energy, dispose of waste, and so on., which normally takes up more space than just environment up renewable vitality on a single spot. Renewable vitality doesn’t need to have area for extracting resources. Photo voltaic panels can just be put on roofs, for case in point, resulting in significantly less room usage than fossil gasoline-dependent energy.

3. Renewable energy cannot function when it’s dark or not windy

It is correct that photo voltaic panels need the solar to perform and that wind turbines need wind, but that doesn’t suggest renewable strength cannot function when it is dark or not windy. Technologies is constantly strengthening and renewable power has a lot more storage options than ever, so t the strength made for the duration of sunny or windy durations can be utilized even when it is dark or not windy.

10 Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions
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4. Renewable energy can power 100% of the world

Renewable energy cannot currently power one hundred% of the world, however. But, given that the push for renewable energy has just begun and systems are strengthening every day, this will definitely be achievable in the foreseeable future. So while the procedure will get time there’s no cause why renewable power cannot source all strength demands in the entire world, 1 day. By some predictions, it will just take thirty years for renewable power to build adequate to offer energy to the entire planet.

5. Renewable energy takes too much time and effort

It is a typical myth that switching to renewable power can be time and vitality-consuming, specially to men and women unfamiliar with it. Nonetheless, alternatively of heading photo voltaic all the way or turning your whole residence off-grid, you can start with smaller steps.

Something from getting an automatic thermostat to having a h2o filter can aid conserve vitality. So, there is no require to truly feel overwhelmed all around renewable vitality, rather, attempt utilizing incremental methods that can help you switch to complete renewable vitality afterwards on.

10 Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions
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6. Solar panels are expensive for an average household

Photo voltaic panels are indeed high-priced, but they spend for on their own in the extended operate. Even if you have an common income, it is worthwhile to make investments in photo voltaic panels instead than pay regular electricity bills. Depending on your demands, photo voltaic panels typically expense around $fifteen,000 to established up on regular.

If your electricity bill is close to $a hundred and fifteen for each month—which is the US average—it provides up to roughly $1380 yearly. So, you could pay off your solar panels in 10 years or significantly less and get free of charge strength for existence. Does not that audio excellent? Solar panels are an expensive investment decision initially, but in the finish, it’s nicely well worth the price tag.

7. Wind turbines use more energy to create than generate

This is yet another common false impression, as the items utilised to create wind turbines need power produced by hydrocarbons. On common, even though, a wind turbine which is properly found will make all the vitality that it took to build it in 3 a long time. They are created employing easy technological innovation, so there are nearly no routine maintenance costs. That is why their ensuing vitality output will be significantly a lot more significant than the vitality it took to make them in the very first area.

10 Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions
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8. The energy transition is expensive

When we speak about misconceptions about renewable vitality, we have to mention that many men and women feel the energy transition from fossil fuels will be costly. Numerous detractors feel that society and government can't bear all the charges of switching to renewable strength.

Investing in and transitioning to renewable strength can certainly be dear. Even now, renewable strength is the least expensive and the most productive strength source in the planet, and the positive aspects occur with time and will unquestionably pay off.

9. Hydropower is bad for people and the environment

Certainly, hydropower could perhaps be poor for individuals and the setting. Nevertheless, this sort of problems can be minimized or fully settled by getting sustainable types with proper target and set up.

With that stated, when preparing a hydropower design and style, you ought to just take factors such as water quality, reservoir generation, and other elements into consideration. If properly put in and developed, hydropower will offer you with minimal-cost electrical energy which is free of charge from carbon and great for the environment. Also, it can be advantageous for flood control and refreshing water supply.

10 Renewable Energy Myths and Misconceptions
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10. Renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels in transportation

Most people believe that renewable vitality is only significant for electric power and not valuable for transportation. That’s just not true, and renewable vitality can also exchange fossil fuels in transportation, but of course, it will take time and energy. For that to occur, we need to have a lot more electrical vehicles instead than getting gasoline automobiles. Considering that renewable vitality is building each working day and much more men and women are deciding on to switch to electric powered automobiles, it will certainly substitute fossil fuels in transportation in the foreseeable future.

What are the pros and cons of renewable energy?

Renewable power, like any other vitality type, has its pros and disadvantages. The chart under will aid you familiarize by yourself with the benefits and down sides of renewable power.

  • Renewable energy cannot run out
  • Renewable energy is low-maintenance
  • Renewable energy will save you money in the long run
  • Renewable energy leads to cleaner air and water
  • Setups for renewable energy can be expensive
  • Renewable energy relies on outside factors
  • Renewable energy storage capabilities are limited
  • Renewable energy is not always completely carbon-free


Renewable energy is a fantastic choice for everybody who loves to have their charges diminished whilst saving the environment. So, renewable power will not only make your expenses expense less, but it will also be more effective. You can start tiny and really do not have to change instantaneously, but infant measures will get you to a more sustainable house and better life top quality.



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