11 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions 

You would not think how common these myths are – you may be guilty of one particular or two! Air conditioning units are pricey to run, so it pays to uncover out what you are performing correct, and what you could be doing greater. Let us start with a cold tough fact:

Air conditioning accounts for twelve% of the common American’s house vitality monthly billone, and these myths might engage in a element in that. Find out the dos and don’ts under.

The 11 Biggest Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions

1. Setting the thermostat all the way down will cool the room faster

Cranking the thermostat of the AC all the way down doesn’t make it operate any more quickly. The unit nonetheless runs at the identical pace except that it continues to run until finally the room is at the decrease temperature you’ve questioned it to obtain.

In simple fact, we are usually making use of AC models most usually in the summertime when it’s hot. This implies that the air conditioner finishes up working constantly, which is high-priced not to point out poor for the environment. The resolution is to set it as shut as is comfortable to the temperature outside the house. It will not consider as long to get the property a lot more relaxed and will shut off.

11 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions 
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2. The air conditioner won’t have to run as hard if a fan is on

It’s some thing most of us have completed on a scorching day—turning on the ceiling enthusiast or just a standard oscillating admirer to help the initiatives of the air conditioner. If the air conditioner is not a enough dimensions to awesome the space, this won’t aid.

While enthusiasts do assist circulate the air about a area, they really do not in fact amazing it. You’re better off creating certain your AC device is the correct measurement for your space and help save on the electric power bill.

3. Larger air conditioners cool the home faster

Even though it is critical to ensure that your AC device is huge ample, there is absolutely no benefit to getting an outsized device. As bigger units are developed to amazing larger areas, they are also made to maintain the temperature of a big constructing.

In other terms, it will take for a longer time for a more substantial constructing to warmth up or awesome down, so the equipment is designed to run for a long time and then get a extended crack. When you spot this device in a smaller space that heats quickly, it cycles faster. This leads to the compressors to burn off out significantly faster, which is not excellent.

11 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions 
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4. You should close your vents in rooms you aren’t using

One more fantasy that comes naturally is that you should close the vents in rooms that you are not using and reroute the chilly air to the rest of the home. Sadly, this is untrue. There is no benefit to closing the vents in unused rooms.

On the opposite, it is harder on the equipment due to the fact you are toying with the location it was supposed to cool—its distribution. The other difficulty is increasing the air force in the ducting can make your air conditioning operate more challenging than necessary.

5. Turning the air conditioner off when you’re out will save money

It is fairly affordable to believe that turning off your AC device even though you’re out or at work would save you money. It appears like a waste of income and strength. The fact is, incredibly, that it will take much more vitality to awesome your residence continuously each day than to leave the unit on. It’s far considerably less vitality to keep the residence cool than to awesome it above and above once again.

6. It doesn’t matter where you put the thermostat

This is absolutely untrue and the lack of logic powering it tends to make 1 wonder where this fantasy came from. If you put a thermostat immediately near a heating or cooling supply that it controls, it will shut off as well rapidly.

It is ideal follow to put in the thermostat in a central location away from the resource of cooling, in our case. This enables the thermostat to consider an precise reading through of what is heading on in the area —not just what is occurring correct following to the air conditioning.

11 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions 
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7. Air conditioning can give you a cold

This is one more fantasy that is just basic foolish! An air conditioner can not lead to you to catch a virus! Even so, investigation indicates that air conditioning can set off a collection of triggers that enhance your exposure to airborne pathogens.

8. As long as your air conditioner is efficient, it will save you money

We’ve touched on this ahead of, but this is yet another persistent fantasy. If the AC device is too small, it won’t perform. Much more performance only applies to the AC device if it is getting used on the dimensions of room that it was created to amazing. It does not mean that it can amazing a greater space any greater than a unit of the identical measurement and less performance.

9. Air conditioners are only for the summer

This may possibly have been accurate at one particular position, but contemporary AC models are coming out with all varieties of new options that make them useful for all seasons. You are going to find house air conditioning models that are created for cooler seasons as well as the hot summer season.

11 Air Conditioning Myths and Misconceptions 
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10. You only need to clean the air filter once a year

This is a widespread misconception that can make air conditioning more high-priced than it needs to be. The air filter needs to be cleaned when a yr at an complete bare least! If you want your AC unit to run efficiently, nevertheless, it needs to be cleaned every two months.

11. Preventative maintenance is just optional; I’ll get it fixed if something breaks

This is a way of thinking that is all as well common, and not just with air conditioning devices! Preventative servicing can be the difference among possessing operating AC in the center of summer season and currently being out hundreds or hundreds on a new equipment. Air conditioners are great machines, but they were made to be managed, just like a vehicle or home.

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Air conditioners are a single of the minimum understood appliances that we rely on to keep us relaxed. Nobody likes possessing to buy a new device or spend a huge electrical bill. Using the time to understand how they in fact operate and how to consider care of them effectively will aid you to help save cash and prolong the daily life of your unit. Take care of your AC device and it will hold you comfy for seasons to appear!

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