11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)

Shutters are an remarkable way to insert a contact of class to your home, whilst at the identical time boosting your safety. The key issue would be the best wooden to use on these exterior shutters.

Nearly, you want lengthy-long lasting and higher-efficiency shutters, which will supply greatest worth more than the coming years. The right type of wooden coupled with expert set up will yield lengthy-long lasting and stunning shutters for your house.

In this article, we will seem at some of the best kinds of wooden for exterior shutters together with information on the suitability of each.

The 11 Types of Wood Ideal for Exterior Shutters

1. Cedar

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Because of to its outstanding toughness on the confront of rot and climate resistance, cedar is regarded as 1 of the greatest wood for shutters. The wooden is gorgeous to seem at, with a range of species to pick from.

It is a straight wooden with a great complete that is relevant for numerous other outdoor home initiatives which includes decks, railings and patio.

The wood does not shrink and at the very same time it’s warp-resistant. And if properly laid down, it will final for many years prior to you believe of a alternative.

It arrives with a wide selection of hues and is minimal servicing indicating you will not keep having to get in touch with a repairman.

2. Basswood

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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If you have gone out window shopping for some wood exterior shutters, you most very likely have occur across Basswood shutters. It is 1 of the most well-liked sorts of materials for wood shutters. It is conveniently accessible and can be found all throughout the U.S.

The wood arrives with a gorgeous exterior, indistinct grain and uniform texture. It is light-weight, making it less complicated to perform with, and at the exact same time sturdy adequate to withstand decay and tough weather conditions circumstances. The wood is also swift drying and poses no danger of warping.

3. Redwood

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Redwood is also very well-liked for exterior shutters. It is reddish in shade with a lovely finish. The wood is also resistant to bugs and decay, creating it tough. What’s more is its light-weight bodyweight, which can make it very easily workable.

It has only lately appear back again to the industry after cautious cultivation and preparing it was previously categorized as an endangered species. But it is 1 of the more pricey types of wood offered that it normally takes a prolonged time to develop.

4. Poplar

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Poplar wood is readily accessible, inexpensive, and straightforward to paint and customise, producing it perfect for shutters. Becoming weather resistant, you can rest assured that you have the appropriate materials for your exterior shutters.

On the other hand, the wood substance is also on the heavier aspect, with mineral streaks that make it unsuitable for staining.

5. Cypress

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Cypress was much more common in the southern states, as it was commonly accessible. Currently, you can buy it all throughout the U.S. It shares some of its qualities with Cedar but is a little bit tougher in comparison. It is also resistant to insects, decay and dampness, creating it durable and extended-lasting.

Being a single of the more difficult resources on the checklist, it is also light-weight with beautiful designs and a excellent complete, generating it not only sturdy but also beautiful to search at.

6. Black Locust

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Black locust is an additional sort of powerful wood in the list, in contrast to the likes of hickory in conditions of strength. It is temperature-resistant, with a straight kind of grain that guarantees a gorgeous end.

The wood is demanding with a blunting impact on resources and blades owing to its large density and hardness. Nonetheless as soon as worked on properly, it will have an amazing gluing and finishing, generating it specifically good for exterior shutters.

7. Ipe

Ipe is native to North America but receives imported all across the U.S from each Central and South The united states.

The wooden is really dense and weighty to a position it can rarely float, making it a problem to operate with. The wood is nonetheless quite durable and easily obtainable creating it common for wood shutters.

8. Teak

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Teak is 1 of the most adaptable kinds on the record, and 1 of the most well-liked too. It is applicable for several apps equally within and outside the home.

The wooden is resistant to insects, humidity and severe rays from the sun, producing it remarkable for outdoors programs these kinds of as shutters. It also comes with an remarkable finish, with an aesthetically satisfying outcome that will add to the splendor of your home.

Though it is a lot more well-liked than most, it is also a bit expensive to obtain.

9. Douglas Fir

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
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Douglas Fir is a softwood, and at the exact same time one particular of the most difficult on the checklist in reality, it is ranked as the hardest of all North American softwoods. It is commonly available and straightforward to perform with creating it a favorite amongst a lot of.

In conditions of temperature and decay, the wooden is labeled as moderately resistant and will be resilient if proficiently constructed.

On the downside, the wooden is susceptible to insect assaults, and may call for some extra signifies of defense to make sure it keeps protected.

10. Acacia

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
Image Credit: MSphotos, Pixabay

Acacia is a single of the most sustainable wood resources on the listing as it comes with a quick progress price, which means there is no risk to the species. It is a good selection, specially if you want to be conscious of the surroundings.

The wood has high oil and humidity material, and is resistant to bugs and severe climate circumstances. This contributes to its toughness.

In terms of aesthetics, the wooden has a gorgeous finish, with its deep brown coloration, all-natural grain and a heat prosperous tone all around it. It is also naturally easy and will appear gorgeous whether or not varnished, polished or normal.

11. Oak

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
Image Credit: seagul, Pixabay

Oak is yet another great wood for shutters well-liked for its strength, which helps make it a lot more resilient. Even so, the wood is also famous for becoming very weighty which helps make its set up a bit more tough. Also, the cost selection for Oak is larger in comparison to other woods.

How to Choose Wood for Exterior Shutters

Regardless of whether you are a Diy enthusiast or just a person searching close to for exterior shutters, you must be at least have an concept about how to select the greatest wooden. Beneath are some of the wooden factors to think about.

Wood Availability

Of training course, there are a lot of woods to pick from. But are they readily obtainable? Notice that if the wooden is uncommon, it is heading to be costly, but if it is in a lot in your region, then that interprets to far more affordability.


How does the wooden look in terms of coloration, grain and complete? Do you want it painted, organic or stained? Appearance counts for a great deal, and the kind of wooden you pick should be aesthetically enjoyable, right after finishing creating the shutter.

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
Image Credit: PICADORPICTURES, Shutterstock


This may be much more of a desire situation, but most contractors will suggest for light-weight wood which is easy to operate with, and will not get a toll on the frames.


It is automated to decide on longevity as the shutter will supply more time provider with some recognized to keep up to and earlier mentioned 4 many years. Longevity will not only help save you cash but will guarantee maximum returns on your shutter expense.


You want your wooden to be minimal-upkeep, that means you have to do very small following set up. Combining low servicing and longevity will see you do quite tiny in excess of a prolonged time and still keep a properly excellent wood shutter.

FAQ: Wood For Exterior Shutters

What are board and batten shutters?

These refer to a particular sort of shutter manufactured with vertical boards put in opposition to each and every other with no place in in between. These are coupled with horizontal boards put on the width of the shutter for energy

Which is the best wood for painted shutters?

When selecting the best wooden for painting, go for a a lot more resilient type. Aesthetic appearance will not make a difference much as the paint will cover it anyway. If you decide on staining, go for wooden with a more desirable search.

11 Best Wood for Exterior Shutters in 2022 (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Niki Florin, Shutterstock

Should you pressure treat wood for shutters?

This is a raging discussion with 1 facet stating that stress-taken care of wooden is far better as it is cheaper and proficiently weather handled. On the other hand, the argument is that once you force handle the wood, it loses on sturdiness. Pressure-handled wooden would also want to dry up before portray it, and this will get a number of, months.

Is Wood the Only Option for Shutters?

If you cannot get wood for your shutters, you have other options like poly, vinyl and PVC. They are far more funds-friendly and with the right hands will also be lovely and lengthy-lasting.


Picket shutters if completed correct will be an incredible addition to your property and will give you that additional contact of class to glam up your home.

You have many distinct choices to select from if you determine to build a wood shutter. Nonetheless, these options will all count on how very good you recognize your predicament which includes the widespread climate problems.

Think of the end result you expect which includes how you want your shutters to perform and appear before likely out to acquire the wood or the shutter by itself.

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