11 Different Types of Stairs (With Pictures)

Before you can even commence to think about riser height or tread design, you want to determine on the kind of stairs you want in your house. There is a surprisingly extensive range of variations to decide on from. Normally, the choice of which design of stairs to opt for will rely on the volume of place you have obtainable, but it will also depend on the search you’re going for, the place the stairs are positioned, how a lot light-weight you have, and even how the property will be employed.

Below are 11 common kinds of stairs that you can select with some data on how and when each and every is greatest utilised.

11 Diverse Varieties of Stairs

1. Straight

a flight of straight stairs indoors
Image Credit: Thanos Pal, Unsplash

Straight stairs are the most basic variety of staircase. They have no turns. They might have a 50 % landing and usually have 1 open aspect with the other aspect currently being a strong wall, but this is not necessarily true. As nicely as getting the easiest to put in, these are usually the cheapest, but they may not usually be an selection, dependent on the placement of the stairs.

2. Quarter-Switch Stairs

floating stairs in a bright room
Picture Credit: Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

Also recognized as L-formed stairs, quarter-flip stairs have a 90° change in a single path at some level. The flip can be around the foot or the best of the stairs, or even at a central midpoint. This variety of staircase can in shape into the corner of a place, which means that it takes up less place than a straight staircase, but they are more costly to develop since of the extra assist and supplies necessary in the construction.

3. 50 %-Flip Stairs

modern half turn staircase
Graphic Credit score: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

Half-change stairs, which may well be referred to as canine-leg stairs, make a entire 180° turn and in essence go again on themselves. They are area successful and are preferred over straight stairs for the fact that they can suit in corners of rooms. When set up, 50 percent-change stairs can make it difficult to carry huge furnishings up and down the stairs, and it can also be more tough to locate ideal railings.

four. Winder Stairs

top view of stairs with dark stair treads
Impression Credit history: Steven Ungermann, Unsplash

Whilst quarter-change stairs use a little landing, winder stairs use a few triangular-shaped methods to make a ninety-diploma turn. The use of 3 stairs fairly than a one landing means that winder stairs consider up even much less place than quarter-turn stairs. Even so, they can be far more difficult to navigate due to the fact of the triangular condition: one particular stop of the triangular stairs tapers away to absolutely nothing.

5. Spiral Staircase

a colorful spiral staircase
Picture Credit history: Slidebean, Unsplash

A spiral staircase has a single central pole, and the stairs wind up the pole in a spiral form. Viewed from previously mentioned, the stairs would type a complete circle. These can be useful when space is very limited or when the stairs require to be put away from a wall. Nevertheless, the treads have a tendency to be shallow which implies that they can be tough to ascend and descend. This type of staircase is most frequently employed outdoors but can be utilized inside of.

6. Curved

a wood curved stairs with metal railings
Impression Credit rating: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

Curved stairs do not form a complete circle, like a spiral staircase. They do not have a 50 % landing like the quarter-flip stairs, possibly. Rather, they have a light curve along the size of the staircase. This also implies that the stairs do not taper to everything at either finish. These are much more challenging to construct, which signifies that they usually price far more than a straight or quarter-turn staircase, but they appear appealing and are generally placed around entryways for this cause.

seven. Bifurcated

red and brown floral bifurcated staircase with carpet
Graphic Credit rating: Pixabay, Pexels

Also identified as split stairs, bifurcated stairs are normally discovered in grand stately residences and huge mansions. They normally have a single, broad staircase in the heart with two narrower staircases heading in opposite directions at the leading. These stairs do take up a whole lot of space, but their design and style makes it possible for accessibility to various wings of a big home, and their appearance indicates that they make a impressive focal point in any developing.

eight. Ladder Stairs

wooden stair ladder going up to the loft
Impression Credit history: Andrea Davis, Unsplash

At the other conclude of the measurement scale is the ladder. Ladders are not usually authorized to be the primary staircase in a house, according to building codes, but they can be employed to offer access to a loft or other modest place as a secondary staircase. They take up small place, but they are steep and have very shallow treads, which can make them challenging to ascend and descend.

9. Floating Stairs

ash lumber floating stairs with steel railing
Image Credit score: timltv, Shutterstock

Also acknowledged as cantilever stairs, floating stairs are fixed into a robust beam that is fixed into a structural wall. The treads look to be floating and there is no handrail on the reverse side and generally no risers among the measures. Floating stairs are a great way of making certain the passage of natural light-weight by way of a property, but they do demand a lot of operate, are inclined to be costly, and some will not like the absence of a handrail.

ten. Enclosed Stairs

illuminated wood staircase enclosed by dark walls
Impression Credit rating: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

Enclosed stairs are enclosed on the two sides by partitions. This design allows you to hide the staircase fully from see, normally does not have any handrails, but restrictions maneuvering space for big home furniture and blocks the room between floors off. Enclosed stairs are most often utilized to individual enclosed flats but can be utilized in other homes.

eleven. Open up Properly Staircase

top view of open well staircase
Image Credit history: Abandon, Pexels

An open properly staircase is similar to the half-change staircase besides there is a nicely, or opening, in between the flights. This is occasionally utilized to accommodate a lift and this type of staircase is noticed in apartment structures and in multi-degree purchasing centers. Open-properly staircases can just take up a whole lot of room and render a large area generally worthless, so it does call for a big open up room to work effectively.


Picking the right staircase signifies discovering a single that functions effectively with the amount and kind of place you have available. The staircase itself can become a focal position, as is the situation with the bifurcated stairs or the floating staircase. Alternatively, you can disguise the stairs entirely out of the way with an enclosed staircase. If place is limited, a quarter-change or half-change staircase may be a very good selection, even though a ladder staircase makes use of the the very least amount of room but is only suitable as a secondary staircase and for entry to areas like the loft.


Featured Impression Credit: Zac Gudakov, Unsplash