11 DIY Wood Garden Edging Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

A crisp edge between garden and yard adds sharpness and a comprehensive search to tidy landscaping. You’ll have many ways to include individual flair to your yard edge, from concrete pavers to repurposed glass ornaments, but wood is a single of the surest areas to start.

The natural and organic grain and earthy brown tones of wooden are normal enhances to landscape greenery, and its uncooked neutrality blends perfectly with floral displays of any shade. Get influenced for your yard generation by examining out these eleven Do-it-yourself wood yard edging plans you can make today.

The 11 DIY Wood Garden Edging Plans

1. Sleeper Garden Edge

Tools and Materials: Circular saw, Drill, Square, Level, Oak sleepers, Stainless steel screws, Oak dowels (optional)
Difficulty: Intermediate

Sleepers, or railroad ties, are some of the most common supplies for wood backyard garden edging. They’re long, durable, and the ideal thickness, so you’ll see them pop up in a variety of configurations.

In this tutorial, you get a created description and a detailed video of the steps to create a sleeper backyard edge. Sleepers lie on one particular yet another like bricks, mounted in location with large-obligation screws or rods. The most tough facet is the foundation create, which entails employing a concrete pour to anchor the sleepers. Hold it amount, and the result is a clear, skilled-seeking garden wall.

2. Simple Garden Bed Edging

Tools and Materials: Miter saw, Drill, 4×4 wood pieces, 2×4 wood pieces, Wood decking, Screws, Pea gravel
Difficulty: Intermediate

1 of the a lot more appealing wood edging programs is also one particular of the easiest to put in. With 4×4 wood pieces as a base, this basic garden mattress edging provides wood decking items to provide your garden with texture, symmetry, and course. You get a low-growing board-and-batten characteristic and an desirable overhang for a completed look.

3. Repurposed Pallet Edging

Tools and Materials: Pallet, Saw, Strimmer or metal garden wire, Stapler
Difficulty: Easy

There is practically nothing to it with this super effortless pallet edging plan. You only want to attract triangles at the ends of lower-down pallet slats to sort flat, picket stakes. Binding them jointly with wire, you create an even operate of tight posts producing a flat garden wall. You then pound them into the floor with a mallet, and that is all there is to it! It’s a free, imperfect approach to garden edging which is full of entertaining and character.

4. Angled Sleeper Garden Edge

Tools and Materials: Circular saw, Drill, Chisels, Square, Railroad sleepers, Screws, Concrete
Difficulty: Advanced

An overlapping joint in this sleeper backyard garden edge needs finesse, and as a result the issues will get bumped up a notch. The results, however, are properly really worth it, and the movie does a extensive walkthrough of how to get a suitable look. A bit of edgework and sanding finishes off the total cleanliness of the dynamic traces and weighty supplies.

5. Railroad Tie Garden Edging

Tools and Materials: Saw, Drill, Level, Sleepers, Landscaping screws, Concrete, Sandpaper
Difficulty: Intermediate

Sleepers present up yet again in this railroad tie garden edging prepare. The recommendations are a small vague, but there are some crucial guidelines in deciding on components. In addition, you get an added search at generating steps with your edging, which can make the difference when you want to enhance a walkway.

6. Log Garden Border

Tools and Materials: Saw, Drill, Thin logs (natural tree branches), Wood stakes, Screws, Metal wire, Eye screws, Pea gravel
Difficulty: Easy

The log garden border in this strategy is attractive and uncomplicated. The trick is locating appropriate wooden parts that are adequately lengthy, broad, and straight to make a uniform wall. If you have many trees at your disposal, it may possibly only consider a chainsaw, some wood stakes, and a drill to complete this stay yard edge.

7. Pallet Wood Garden Edging

Tools and Materials: Saw, Drill, Knife, Pallets, Soda bottles, Metal rods
Difficulty: Intermediate

The pallet wooden backyard garden edge in this prepare is an upcycling opportunity for an eco-helpful DIYer. Reclaimed pallets and reimagined plastic bottles create a quaint yet stout border to maintain your garden bed back. The materials are cheap, and it only requires a number of minutes and some imagination to place jointly this rural-experience function.

8. Branch Garden Edge

Tools and Materials: Saw, Drill, Branches, 2x4s, String
Difficulty: Intermediate

When windy fall climate provides you with downed limbs scattered across the property, make lemonade out of lemons by whipping up this branch-lined backyard garden edge. It’s simple to make any peak you want, and the massive, equidistant supporting posts insert neatness and magic to this whimsical layout.

9. Garden Edging from Timbers

Tools and Materials: Circular saw, Drill and drill bit, String level, Sledgehammer, Landscape timbers, String, Metal corner braces, Screws, Stakes
Difficulty: Easy

A tidy low backyard garden bed is what you get when you use these trendy timber edges. The ground planning is mild, and repairing the pieces collectively normally takes little a lot more than four effectively-positioned screws, many thanks to the basic brackets. If you want a basic rectangular border, you can set this together in much less than an hour.

10. Pallet Garden Fence

Tools and Materials: Saw, Pallets, Paint

Even if you’re unwell of reclaimed pallet ideas for yard edges, you have to accept the clever strategy in this repurposed pallet fence tutorial. Rather of ripping aside planks and cutting them down, these ideas consider advantage of the original pallet building to make the set up fast and effortless. Complete it off with a coat of paint, and you’ve received a prim, appropriate, and plumb border for your beds.

11. Log Roll Garden Edging

Tools and Materials: Drill, Wood screws, Level, Mallet, Log roll
Difficulty: Easy

The combination of simplicity and appeal tends to make a log roll border one particular of the best picket yard edge programs. Fitting it to special yard styles is straightforward owing to the adaptable prefab roll of completed fifty percent-logs. Pin it in location with some tamped-down stakes and screws to full practically any garden border in an hour or considerably less.


Final Thoughts

Each and every yard needs an edge, and wooden is one particular of the most hassle-free and fun components to use. You can truly feel very pleased of any generation, and when you implement your creativity to repurpose unused parts, it becomes all the a lot more satisfying to deliver your landscaping to lifestyle with an sophisticated border. Try out out any of these Diy wooden backyard garden edges to give your yard the defining attribute it is been lacking.

Featured Graphic Credit: Dean Clarke, Shutterstock