11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022

The kitchen area backsplash typically referred to a little rectangular part above the stovetop and reaching to the stove hood, even though far more just lately it has referred to the complete section of wall between the countertop and the wall models. It is an location that receives a whole lot of abuse. It will get moist from steam and condensation, soaked from h2o splashes, and dust and grime can collect below even if you’re a cautious cook dinner.

Fairly than leaving wallpaper or other wall covering to offer with this abuse, a backsplash is fitted in excess of or on the wall and is intended to be simple to clear while guarding the wall and wall masking from the h2o, grease, and foods that collects.

Although it is practical, it can also be a distinguished part of your kitchen area style and, if you want a kitchen area that seems to be great and satisfies current trends, you will want to avoid the 11 backsplash designs underneath, although it is also crucial to remember that there are always exceptions. It is possible to make a stainless metal, or an all-white backsplash search excellent and, if that’s what you truly want, really do not enable yearly trends dictate your fashion.

The 11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends to Avoid

1. All White

11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022
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The white kitchen is likely to be with us for numerous several years to come, but the development for having definitely everything adorned in white is diminishing. Possessing white counters, white units, and a white backsplash, with white appliances, can seem really utilitarian and uninviting. This might occur as unhappy information to those of us with all-white kitchens, but worry not. Swap out your white backsplash for something a lot more vibrant and it will brighten up the space, go away an satisfactory quantity of white in the space, and it negates the need to have a complete kitchen refit.

2. Granite

11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022
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Granite has rather significantly had its working day in the kitchen, and you ought to steer clear of utilizing it for counter tops and for splashbacks. It tends to have a truly active design: to the extent that you can start off to get rid of the essential items in your kitchen, like the stove. Marble is the favored end of a similar design, and its marbled effect is preferable to that of the mottled granite search.

3. Ornate Design

11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022
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Some ornate patterns can appear stunning, and they deliver character to a space. But, way too much and it gets to be as well active and cluttered, successfully creating the kitchen seem a great deal smaller and much more confined than it truly is. If you have quite a basic area, introducing an ornate backsplash can liven it up, but if you have ornate counter tops, models, and backsplash, it will be a battle to make it perform. This is especially problematic for people that have gradually up to date the kitchen area a little bit at a time and included new and progressively ornate features through. Believe statement pieces, instead than total-on ornate patterns.

4. Short Backsplashes

The days of the conventional backsplash are disappearing, with the small square above the stove getting overtaken by a backsplash that spreads proper about the kitchen area above the counter tops. An additional development that was well-known was that of the short backsplash. This did stretch about the place but was only a single tile higher. It doesn’t really defend the partitions and it can search like you just didn’t end putting in the tiles, if not accomplished effectively or properly.

5. Painted Walls

There is nothing inherently wrong with painting a backsplash or using a painted wall as a backsplash. The main issue is that paint fades even in ideal locations, and the damp and grimy area on the kitchen walls is far from being an ideal location. If you are going to paint, ensure that you use a very good quality waterproof, grease proof paint, that is fit for the purpose, or you will find yourself painting the kitchen walls regularly.

6. Rustic Wood

Rustic wooden looks normal and beautiful, certain, but it also ages and, if it is not dealt with correctly, it will bow, warp, and or else grow to be disfigured in the moist and sizzling environment of the kitchen area. What’s a lot more, rustic wood goes out of style so what looks wonderful now may possibly appear drained and broken in just a number of a long time. That is not to say that you can’t use wood at all, just make confident it is properly treated and that you pick the design and style very carefully.

7. The Basic Subway Tile Layout

11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022
Image Credit: EDDIE_LEE_KR, Pixabay

Subway tiles have lengthy been a favourite in kitchens. The ceramic tiles are effortless to thoroughly clean, and they retain their good seems to be. Nonetheless, the conventional white tiles, in standard measurements, and with the conventional fifty% overlay are commencing to shed their acceptance. If you do nevertheless want this fashion, take into account a various overlay, include some character with occasional colour tiles, or even go for a diagonal tile layout.

8. The Blank Backsplash

While there is absolutely nothing improper with neutral colours or the use of a single shade to develop a putting backsplash, basically opting for a blank design will not minimize it. It appears like you’re nonetheless waiting to embellish the kitchen area and is something of a throwback to the 1980s. Easy tiles or one more simple backsplash will search better than the blank wall.

9. Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are supposed to give a all-natural seem to a kitchen area, though it is not fully normal to have rocks in your cooking spot. Pebble tiles, specifically when utilised as a backsplash, attract the consideration and if you already have a granite worktop and other hectic styles, it genuinely can be as well considerably for the eye to take care of.

10. Brick

11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022
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Exposed brick has a look of New York loft apartment fashion about it, which is not a bad issue. Nevertheless, backsplashes are utilised to shield from moist and dirt, the two of which can very easily get inside the porous surface area of brick and trigger real problems. Bricks are also rough and difficult to cleanse, and as soon as they begin to slide apart, it is quite difficult to keep them jointly so you will stop up with bits of brick dust on your countertops. Brick impact could be fantastic, but uncovered and untreated brick is ideal still left for other rooms.

11. Stainless Steel

Metallic backsplashes are well-liked in 2022, but we caution from the use of stainless metal for a number of causes. To start with, it will make your kitchen appear like a professional restaurant kitchen area, which is significantly from inviting. It is also extremely challenging to hold thoroughly clean and ensure that it isn’t smeared or otherwise seeking filthy. Mix the two, and you have a soiled seeking but still starkly utilitarian kitchen. There are other metals out there that can make great seeking and simply taken care of kitchen area surfaces.

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Is The Backsplash Going Out Of Style?

The backsplash is not heading out of fashion, but relatively than masking a tiny spot above the stove or a single tile higher around the complete kitchen area, the present day backsplash stretches from counter to unit all around the complete room.

11 Kitchen Backsplash Trends To Avoid In 2022
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What Is A Timeless Kitchen Backsplash?

If you’re looking to steer clear of the developments previously mentioned, contemplate a easy square tile or a mosaic type result. Hexagonal tiles look excellent and, as nicely as getting eye-catching, they have a uniformity that operates nicely in kitchen style.


The kitchen area backsplash is a functional product in the kitchen, but that does not mean it has to be hideous or uninteresting. Above, we have lined eleven backsplash tendencies that you need to keep away from but don't forget that policies can (occasionally) be broken and even a stainless metal backsplash can be produced to search extraordinary.

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