11 Types of Band Saws (with Pictures)

If you do heaps of woodworking or like to minimize steel or plastic, a band saw will be a fantastic investment. Thanks to the lengthy, sharp, and toothed blades, it is nicely-suited for slicing a extensive selection of resources. But wait—what’s the appropriate type of band saw for you? Need to you go with a steel or a meat observed? Are double-cut saws greater than head saws?

What is the distinction among vertical and horizontal types? We have all the solutions right here! The following record includes eleven band noticed kinds, divided into two classes: by goal and by form. Every single solitary device is designed for a distinct job. So, before you commit to any of these alternatives, check out our thorough evaluations!

The 11 Types of Band Saws (with Pictures)

By Purpose/Cutting Material

What are you arranging on reducing? Is it wood or steel? Or possibly you want to make some exact meat slicing? Just before you select a band observed, consider a minute to believe about exactly what you’re seeking to cut. Here’s a checklist of a variety of band saws according to their purpose.

1. Metal Saw

bandsaw cutting metal
Image Credit: Surasak_Photo, Shutterstock
Can be used for: Cutting metal, stone, and wood
Maintenance: Very low
Ease of use: Moderate
Extra features: Cooling, brush wheels

In numerous techniques, a metallic noticed is similar to a wooden observed. Nevertheless, it’s much more versatile and can minimize not only by way of metallic but also wooden and stone. It’s the blades that make all the variation. On the draw back, metal band saws function at a significantly slower pace. In addition, you will want to spend in large-TPI (tooth for each inch) blades, and they are not that low cost.

These devices can be both horizontal and vertical, by the way. The horizontal equipment are in increased desire, especially amongst contractors, but the vertical saws do a better occupation of managing intricate reducing duties. In any scenario, steel saws require quite little servicing and are relatively straightforward to operate. Aside from, you can always refer to the inbuilt directions.

2. Meat Saw

Can be used for: Slicing and cutting meat, cutting through the fat
Maintenance: Very
Ease of use: Very high
Extra features: Mincer and spout

As you have almost certainly guessed, this noticed is especially developed for a single function: to cut meat. Well-liked among butchers, it is similarly rapidly, effective, and simple to use. Plus, it does not cost a fortune. Now, simply because of the stainless-steel surface area, meat saws just take quite minor time and work to thoroughly clean, which is one more large pro. These saws are lower-maintenance and generate small waste, thanks to the special, clear-minimize blades.

Slicing steak and lamb, slicing excess fat and even bones—that’s what these devices can do for you. And if you’re a large admirer of making sausages, you can always opt for a spout and mincer (that will expense extra, of training course). This is critical: In no way use a meat noticed for reducing wood or steel until you want to wreck the blades!

3. Wood Saw

Wood band saw_Ono Kosuki_Pexels
Image Credit: Ono Kosuki, Pexels
Can be used for: Woodworking, lumbering
Maintenance: Very low
Ease of use: Moderate
Extra features: Available in different sizes

Did you know that the quite initial band saws had been constructed for slicing wooden? That’s correct, and there are lots of various versions out there. For a “garage workshop”, we advise acquiring a more compact wooden observed. And if you operate a enterprise, a greater machine will be more appropriate. Wood band saws are usually utilized in timber mills.

The purpose: the slender-kerf blades leave nearly no sawdust guiding. Sure, just like meat saws, wooden saws are extremely effortless to keep. Now, there are a few varieties of wooden band saws out there, such as double-lower, resaw, and head saws. Not sure which one particular to commit in? Let us see what each and every design has to provide!

4. Double-Cut Saw

Can be used for: Cutting plastic, metal, and wood
Maintenance: Highlow
Ease of use: Moderate
Extra features: Multipurpose design

These can be massive and cumbersome (for industrial operate), portable or tabletop pleasant. And they’re completely ready to cut not only wooden but also plastic and even steel. The most significant standout feature of double-reduce saws—the blades have teeth on each sides. The double-sided blade layout makes it possible for the equipment to reduce through rather significantly something without having obtaining trapped or ruining the content.

Double-cut band saws are mostly used in the business sector. They are inclined to be quite pricey and not very easy to sustain. So, only contemplate acquiring these kinds of a saw if you’re the operator of a facility that specializes in slicing thick lumber, metallic sheets, or plastic tubes.

5. Resaw Band Saw

Can be used for: Cutting large stock into thinner stock
Maintenance: Very low
Ease of use: Very high
Extra features: Minimal wastage

Resaw equipment are fairly heavy. They are mainly utilised for reducing large timber into slender stock, slicing towards the grain. Now, in distinction to how large resaw band saws are, their blades are really skinny. Why is that, even though? First, a slim blade equals precision. Next, many thanks to how exact it is, the blade leaves minimal wastage for you to clear.

6. Head Saw

Can be used for: Trimming hardwood
Maintenance: Average
Ease of use: Low/moderate
Extra features: Teeth made of silver

Do you perform with cherry, oak, maple, and other top quality-top quality hardwood? Then a head saw will be an excellent obtain. Sure, head band saws are exclusively crafted to excel at slicing hardwood. The blades on these kinds of a machine have broad-unfold teeth. The length is, indeed, really long (2–3 inches), and that allows the blades to minimize rather deep and never ever get stuck in the timber or harm it.

Oh, and 1 much more thing: the tooth are made of silver, which makes head saws even a lot more efficient at dealing with various types of hardwood.

wood dividerBy Shape/Direction

Band saws occur in various sizes and shapes. Some are vertical, although other people only work when positioned horizontally. And then you have portable, flooring-standing, and benchtop band saws. So, which equipment should you go with? Take a close search to make a decision!seven.

7. Floor-Standing Saw

Can be used for: Commercial-grade cutting
Maintenance: High
Ease of use: Low/moderate
Extra features: Powerful; large workspace

Most industrial-quality band saws are ground-standing as these equipment are incredibly strong and can control large volumes of lumber, steel, or whatever you’re reducing. Contractors converse highly of these saws due to the fact they cut with precision and work like clockwork. Flooring-standing saws do just take plenty of place, meaning they most likely won’t match in your garage.

Again, for industrial use, this is fantastic news, as it indicates earlier mentioned-regular desk size and prolonged slicing abilities. But these saws are not at all cost-effective. For a Do it yourself workshop owner or a individual that just needs to lower some wooden now and then, ground-standing band saws will be a squander of cash.

8. Benchtop Saw

Can be used for: Quick, precise DIY cutting
Maintenance: Very low
Ease of use: High
Extra features: Low footprint, versatile design

These saws have a good deal in typical with the ground-standing devices, but they’re lighter, smaller, and, much more importantly, cell. The observed is quite straightforward to have close to and it can be mounted on to any flat surface area that will provide as a table. This adaptable design and style tends to make benchtop saws a extremely popular selection amongst Do-it-yourself woodworkers seeking for a moveable, inexpensive choice. The minimal footprint is a massive advantage as well.

In some methods, benchtop saws are the “love child” of flooring-standing saws and jigsaws. And if you have quite minimal area, there are some very small versions obtainable that even now pack a punch.

9. Portable/Handheld Saw

Can be used for: Curved, edged, intricate cuts
Maintenance: Average
Ease of use: Very high
Extra features: Mobile, lightweight

Speaking of mobility and light-weight designs, let us speak about handheld saws. As the name indicates, these tools can be operated manually. So, instead of bringing the wooden, metallic, or plastic to the workshop where you have the saw installed, you can instead just take the equipment with you where ever you go. Flexibility will also be a part of the offer.

Curved, intricate, irregular, and edge cuts are all obtainable with moveable saws. Even if you largely operate with big timber, a substantial-high quality transportable observed will be capable to minimize it, together with reasonably slender metallic and plastic.

10. Horizontal Saw

Can be used for: Accurate cuts, slicing large timber, steel
Maintenance: Average/high
Ease of use: Very high
Extra features: Quiet performance; quick speed changes

If you are just making your first actions into the entire world of bandsaws, contemplate going with a horizontal device. It’s extremely effortless to use and is recognized for providing correct cuts even on the thickest lumber. Cutting curves are not its sturdy suit, though—keep that in mind. What the execs like about this noticed is that it does not make any loud noises when operating at its limit.

In addition to, it requires extremely little time to alter in between speeds, which simply cannot be said about most saws. The created-in electrical motor is what can make this possible. Most horizontal band saws you’ll see at commercial amenities will be ground mounted. They are broadly utilised for reducing tubing and metal for industrial demands.

11. Vertical Saw

Can be used for: High-precision, sophisticated cuts, polishing
Maintenance: Average
Ease of use: Low/moderate
Extra features: Flexible; handles various tasks

Previous, but not the very least, we’ve obtained the vertical saws. In contrast to the horizontal types, vertical band saws are best for polishing and producing intricate, innovative cuts on a extensive range of materials. Here’s how this mechanism operates: it characteristics two wheels, the driver, and the loafer. When the wheels rotate, so does the blade.

This tends to make thoroughly clean, perfect cuts attainable. Alternatively of moving the blade from the substance, you thrust the substance against it, a lot like a tailor does with the cloth and the needle. Which is precisely why contractors are calling vertical saws the most adaptable and advanced selection on the marketplace.

wood dividerMaintenance: Taking Proper Care of Your Band Saw

Band saws are not just low-cost. So, if you want your machine to serve for several years, or even a long time, make regular maintenance a portion of your regimen. And we’re not only chatting about shifting the blades once in 1–2 years or trying to keep the office cleanse. Here’s how you can enhance the lifespan of a band observed:

  • Get rid of sawdust. You’ll be amazed by how much dust, dirt, and debris find their way into the machine. The best tools for removing it are air compressors and blowers. But before you use them, don’t forget to turn the band saw off and then unplug it to eliminate the chance of an electric charge ruining the machine or hurting you. Now just point the blower/compressor at the saw and turn it on.
  • What about the blades? They take a bit more time to clean, but if you have a rust remover solution and a wire brush or steel wool, this will only take 5–10 minutes. Put on a set of protective gloves, remove the blade from the machine, and only then clean it. Or, if you’re doing lots of woodworking, and the blades are “gummed up”, use an industrial wood and resin remover slash tool cleaner instead.
  • The wheels and the pitch. When the blade is properly cleaned, don’t forget to clean the pulleys and the pitch as well. Again, a resin remover will do an excellent job here. If the gunk is too stubborn, you might have to use the wire brush once or twice.
  • Keep the table clean. The carbon dust, rust, and dirt on the table should be handled with the same brush/steel wool and rust remover combo. Dip the wool into the formula and scrub to get rid of the residue. Next, grab a clean towel, cloth, or sponge and finish the job.

Band Saw vs Scroll Saw: What’s the Difference?

The two the scroll and the band noticed are praised for their capacity to make exact, correct, curved cuts. That’s why they’re getting in comparison so usually. Even so, there are much more than ample distinctions between these instruments, including the way the blades minimize. With a band noticed, you get a set of wheels (the driver and the idler) rolling the blade in a loop. This way, the blade is constantly cutting downwards, which raises its electrical power.

As for scroll blades, they go up and down alternatively. That enables the scroll observed to be somewhat a lot more precise, specially close to curves. You’ll get a smoother floor, as well. Band saws are a lot more adaptable and adaptable, though, and very easily lower by way of more challenging and heavier supplies. They can cut curves, pipes, plastic, metallic, and, of system, lumber, dealing with resawing, ripping, and milling duties.

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Functional, precise, and with an prolonged lifespan, band saws are perfect for resawing and cutting irregular designs and curves. Timber, metal, tubes—they manage it all. Primarily automated, band saws take a working day or two to grasp. Right now, we reviewed 11 various types of band saws, including wood, steel, meat, flooring-standing, and transportable models.

Whilst they’re not particularly inexpensive, band saws are value every penny, specially if you’re operating a industrial enterprise. This is only correct if the noticed is a perfect match, of course, but we’re far more than confident that you are going to be ready to uncover the proper instrument for your workshop on the record. So, get your time, go in excess of the saws once more, and pay added consideration to the metrics!

Featured Picture Credit score: Benedek Alpar, Shutterstock