12 Different Types of Rosemary Plants

Rosemary is a single of the most well-known herbs due to the fact you can use it in many perfumes, candles, meals, and much more. It is a well-known herb for amateur gardeners especially since it can be developed in zones 7 via ten and indoor conditions. Furthermore, rosemary has a stunning visual appeal that appears excellent in any yard.

A lot of people really do not recognize that there are distinct sorts of rosemary plants. You need to pick the proper rosemary plant based mostly on your very own house and ability degree to ensure that it is the appropriate strategy for you.

To learn about the most well-known types of rosemary plants, hold reading. This post gives a quick overview of the distinct types of rosemary vegetation offered.

The 12 Different Types of Rosemary Plants

There are dozens of rosemary varieties close to the globe. Beneath, you will discover the 12 most common varieties of rosemary vegetation. These plants are a great spot to start if you want to commence growing rosemary in your residence or garden.

1. Arp Rosemary

Arp Rosemary is a quite chilly-local weather hardy selection. It has an upright growth pattern with amazingly aromatic needles. It has a delightful flavor and odor for culinary use, but its huge size helps make it fantastic for gardens, as well.

12 Different Types of Rosemary Plants
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2. Benenden Blue Rosemary

Benenden blue rosemary has needle-like leaves that have beautiful golden flecks. This rosemary variety grows upright and can attain two toes tall, but it has an equal width. In the spring, it boasts gorgeous pale blue bouquets.

12 Different Types of Rosemary Plants
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3. Barbeque Rosemary

Barbeque rosemary is typically used for cooking functions. It has a scrumptious flavor and aroma, but its stems make it excellent for cooking. It has straight stems that in shape properly of skewers for barbequing, hence its name.

4. Blue Boy Rosemary

Blue boy rosemary is perfect for compact spaces. It only grows a few of inches tall, creating it a excellent selection for little floor include or container expansion. It is excellent for hardiness zones eight through 10, and the soil pH level should be between six.five and eight.five. This range does not require considerably h2o either.

5. Common Rosemary

As you would determine, frequent rosemary is one of the most widespread sorts of rosemary. It grows to be among 2–4 toes tall. It demands dry soil with good drainage and immediate daylight publicity. Typical rosemary is greatest for cooking reasons.

12 Different Types of Rosemary Plants
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6. Majorca Pink Rosemary

Majorca pink rosemary is one particular of the most unique kinds of rosemary. Whilst most blooms on rosemary crops are gentle blue, these blooms are a pinkish or lavender color. They bloom in equally spring and summertime.

7. Prostrate Rosemary

Prostrate rosemary is a favored amongst indoor growers due to the fact it grows flawlessly in hanging baskets. This creeping selection can also increase on the floor. It will typically expand to be 3 ft tall but have a spread in between 4–8 toes. The prostrate rosemary requirements a bit more warmth than other kinds.

8. Roman Beauty Rosemary

Roman splendor rosemary is a Mediterranean selection with arching stems. It is a favorite amongst gardeners because its wild stems can overflow more than walls, rocks, and containers. Each time they flower in the spring, the flowers are also a stunning lavender-blue colour.

9. Salem Rosemary

Salem rosemary grows upright, permitting it to function as both a hedge and an ornament. It typically grows 1–3 feet tall with a 1–3 toes spread. This assortment demands immediate daylight exposure and average humidity amounts.

10. Spice Island Rosemary

Spice island rosemary is a fantastic topiary selection. It grows to be among 2–3 toes tall. What can make spice island rosemary so excellent is that it is straightforward to trim to suit the condition of your specific topiary yard. This rosemary kind has a quite powerful taste, so only use it sparingly in meals.

11. Taurentius Rosemary

Taurentius rosemary is usually utilised for cooking functions because it has a large heat and salt tolerance. This can make it tasty to pair with refreshing foods and treats.

12. Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Palms down, the best rosemary assortment for topiaries is the Tuscan blue. It has deep foliage that can be sheared into any condition. It is also highly fragrant and can even be used for cooking reasons.

What Is the Most Popular Rosemary Plant?

The most common kind of rosemary plant relies upon on the meant use of the plant. Right after all, rosemary crops utilised for cooking are diverse from these used for topiaries.

Still, most men and women increase rosemary for cooking functions. The most popular rosemary sorts for cooking are upright since they have a greater oil content material, ensuing in a lot more flavors and aroma. Beneden blue, Tuscan blue, and common rosemary are most well-known for cooking.

In comparison, rosemary used for gardening or aesthetic needs is horizontally shaped. Despite the fact that these varieties of expansion can be utilised for cooking, they are favored for gardening reasons considering that they can include a lot more space and do not make as much oil. Tuscan blue and spice island rosemary are wonderful for gardening and topiaries.

Observe that Tuscan blue rosemary is great for the two needs. If you simply cannot make a decision on a rosemary selection, Tuscan Blue may possibly be a wonderful area to start as a outcome.


Even though we protected very a few rosemary versions, these are much from being the only rosemary versions out there. Even now, these twelve rosemary kinds are a great spot to begin since they are the most widespread for cooking and gardening reasons.

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