12 DIY Live Edge Table Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Every property requirements a desk, so why not be creative and create a live edge Diy desk. There are many methods to create a dwell edge table that will seem stunning and be practical. They are straightforward to make and appear in numerous distinct versions.

In this post, we’ll look at 12 Do it yourself reside edge desk strategies you can develop today. Some programs are easy whilst some may be far more challenging. If you want to develop a reside edge desk but really don't know how to do it, you’ve occur to the correct area!

The Top 12 DIY Live Edge Table Plans

1. DIY Live Edge Coffee Table

  • Materials: Live edge wood slab, screws, hairpin legs, polyethylene
  • Tools: Measuring tape, electric sander, drill, paintbrush
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

This Do-it-yourself Reside Edge Espresso Desk is a excellent, uncomplicated prepare for making a beautiful live edge desk. You will need some crucial resources and not numerous materials. You can order the slab and the legs for the table on the internet to conserve time. This task is also budget-helpful as it should only price you about $three hundred, based on the cost of the slab. A project like this is a great sensible alternative for novice DIYers since it is very uncomplicated.

2. DIY Live Edge Desk With Metal Legs

  • Materials: Live edge slab, metal legs, epoxy, duct tape, polyethylene, screws
  • Tools: Sandpaper, orbital sander, paintbrush, drill
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Verify out this Do it yourself Stay Edge Desk With Steel Legs if you want to make an undemanding, stunning desk. It is yet another straightforward prepare that you can effortlessly accomplish by subsequent the directions presented. For this project, you will not require a great deal of equipment and you must finish it speedily. The concluded desk will search interesting and exclusive because of to the epoxy effect.

3. Live Edge Side Table DIY

  • Materials: Live edge slab, measure tape, painters tape, epoxy, metal tubes, paint spray, sealer, screws
  • Tools: Circular saw, portable clamp system, welder, orbital sander, sandpaper, drill,
  • Difficulty Level: Advanced

Are you an advanced DIYer and searching for a exciting desk project? If that is the circumstance, this Dwell Edge Aspect Table Diy prepare should be on your task listing. It is much more intricate than some of the other plans on the record, but the final item will search beautiful in your home.

4. DIY Epoxy River Live Edge Table

  • Materials: Epoxy, glow powder, oil, stir sticks, live edge slabs
  • Tools: A mini torch, sander, sandpaper, sanding pad, vacuum, track saw,
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Do it yourself Epoxy River Live Edge Table is a reasonably difficult undertaking, as it demands diverse tools and resources. The directions are distinct with video clip tutorials, so you shouldn’t have any concerns finishing this dwell edge table prepare. The completed item has a river illusion in the middle of the desk, which will make it a conversation piece for anybody who enters your house.

5. Small DIY Live Edge Table

  • Materials: Live edge slab, epoxy resin, plywood, painter’s tape, paintbrush, nails, wood
  • Tools: Table saw, orbital sander, hammer, drill, sandpaper
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

This Modest Do-it-yourself Reside Edge Desk has a beautiful design and style with epoxy, and it is not way too challenging to create. The process can be tough since you will be making use of epoxy resin. Even now, creators took the time to make clear the undertaking in this sort of depth that you ought to accomplish it quickly by pursuing the given instructions.

6. River Style Live Edge Table

  • Materials: Epoxy, live edge slab, hard wax oil, wood wax finish, acrylic latex silicone, metal table legs, glass, river rocks
  • Tools: Router surfacing bit, flush trim plunge template, trim router, sander, sandpaper, pencil, drill, track saw,
  • Difficulty Level: Advanced

The River Type Reside Edge Table is an innovative Do it yourself project with heaps of various specifics, and it needs different instruments and lots of resources. Given that there are a lot of actions to this task, it may possibly be difficult, but if you have the appropriate skills, this stay edge desk plan ought to be on your undertaking checklist.

7. DIY Live Edge Coffee Table With Hairpin Legs


  • Materials: Live edge slab, wood screws, hairpin table legs, polyurethane
  • Tools: Orbital sander, drill, sponge brush
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Below is yet another simple undertaking for rookie DIYers. You can very easily and swiftly make this Do-it-yourself Dwell Edge Coffee Table With Hairpin Legs. The only instruments you need are an orbital sander and a drill, and there are just a couple of measures you require to stick to. This project will be excellent planning for more sophisticated duties.

8. Cute DIY Live Edge Coffee Table

  • Materials: Live edge slab, wooden table legs, screws, wood glue, wood finish, oil, brush
  • Tools: Orbital sander, Kreg jig, miter saw, circular saw, drill, impact drill, Sawzall, angle grinder, sander wheel
  • Difficulty Level: Advanced

How would you feel if we advised you that you could make a Adorable Diy Reside Edge Coffee Table for significantly less than $one hundred fifty? Even though this is an sophisticated job, it’s quite cheap, so you must try out it out if you’re handy enough. There are numerous things you want to do to total the project that may well be time-consuming, but it’ll shell out off in the conclude!

9. Live Edge End Table DIY

  • Materials: Tree stump, polyacrylic, hairpin table legs, screws, wood glue, epoxy
  • Tools: Cut saw, drill, level, hand plane, router, router jig, orbital sander, chisel, hammer
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

This Stay Edge Finish Desk Do-it-yourself venture is average in difficulty, and the explanation for that is that you need to lower your personal tree stump as an alternative of getting one particular. When you finish that portion of the task, everything else is effortless. You are going to very easily tackle this desk prepare if you have strong woodworking capabilities.

10. DIY Budget-Friendly Live Edge Table

  • Materials: Live edge slab, table legs, epoxy, polyurethane, sealer, wood juice, plastic wood, bolts
  • Tools: Sandpaper, orbital sander, paintbrush, foam paintbrush, drill, socket wrench
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

The Diy Spending budget-Pleasant Reside Edge Desk is effortless to construct and inexpensive. There are no sophisticated areas in the plan, and you will need to have only simple components. Overall, this can be a exciting, fast venture that can aid newbies increase their capabilities. It need to expense you under $100, which is significantly more affordable than buying a manufacturer’s reside edge desk.

11. DIY Live Edge Dining Table

  • Materials: Boards, small backer boards, wood glue, wood screws, wood pre-stain solution, stain, polyurethane, brushes
  • Tools: Belt sander
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a fast Do-it-yourself Live Edge Dining Desk program that you can complete very easily. You will want to sand and stain the wood boards and utilize poly afterward. Right after ending, the only step still left is to connect the legs. Overall, this is a simple job that will support you to turn into greater at Do-it-yourself initiatives.

12. DIY Live Edge Slab Bar Table

  • Materials: Live edge slab, hairpin table legs, wood finish, epoxy, wood screws, mixing container, mixing sticks
  • Tools: Belt sander, paintbrush, drill
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Very last but not the very least, we have this prepare for a beautiful Do it yourself Live Edge Slab Bar Table. It’s basic, and the directions presented are self-explanatory. It will consider in excess of 24 several hours to end since you require to permit the epoxy to dry out. After that’s completed, you’ll have a lovely live-edge home furniture piece.

What kind of wood is used for live edge tables?

Honestly, you can use quite a lot any wooden to make a stay edge desk. If you want to create a tough dwell edge table, it is very best to use hardwoods like maple, walnut, oak, or cherry. They are wonderful for generating coffee tables, dining tables, and other household furniture pieces that get a great deal of dress in and tear. On the other hand, softwoods like pine, spruce, and cedar are also excellent, but they are far better for decorative home furniture.

When it arrives to producing dwell-edge tables, there are three main types of dwell edge lumber:

12 DIY Live Edge Table Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)
Image Credit: deean, Pixabay

Tree Slab

Tree slabs are long slices of a log minimize alongside the tree size. They are an exceptional choice for headboards or stay edge tables.

Tree Round

Tree rounds are slices of the trunk which are reduce horizontally. They have a relatively round condition, displaying the rings in the tree. Relying on the tree species, their figures can range.

Burl Round

Burl rounds are the rarest variety of tree slices. They are generally reduce from huge protrusions in the trunk of the tree. Burl Rounds have gorgeous irregular styles, which will make any reside edge household furniture wonderful.

12 DIY Live Edge Table Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Capture and Compose, Shutterstock

How long does it take to make a live edge table?

There is no exact response to this question given that there are diverse approaches to make a live edge desk. Some initiatives are undemanding and can be finished in a pair of hrs, even though some may possibly take more than 24h to comprehensive. Just before commencing your project, determine out how a lot time you can dedicate to the strategy, and then discover the one that suits into your timetable. That way, you will not have to hurry, and you can totally dedicate to the venture.


There is no need to devote abnormal quantities of income on a reside-edge table if you are properly capable of creating it oneself. There are different programs created for DIYers and woodworkers of all stages. Check out out the list once again, pick the venture that seems exciting to you, and commence developing. You can very easily make a outstanding and reasonably priced dwell-edge wood table that you’ll adore!

Showcased Picture Credit score: Pezibear, Pixabay