12 Most Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

12 Most Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas TreeMany of us choose the look and scent of true Xmas trees throughout the holiday season but aren’t really sure what to do with them after it is more than. Just before you set it out to the curb, let us examine some other fantastic ideas that are more environmentally welcoming.

Before You Begin

12 Most Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree
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Once it’s time to get the tree down, it’s important to get rid of all decorations. The ornaments, tinsel, lights, star, and almost everything else must go. There are other methods to dispose of individuals items and leaving them on when they go to a recycling plant will cause them to go into the mistaken bin, and your tree will not get the correct remedy.

Disposing of your Christmas Tree

1. Check with your local waste management company

Numerous men and women could not realize that most cities and towns have a system to eradicate Christmas trees. Generally, the trees picked up in between specified dates are effectively recycled, so this is the best method for most people. However, if you get rid of your tree early or maintain it lengthier than most folks, your tree may possibly conclude up in the landfill, which is what we don’t want.  Most landfills cover the rubbish, stopping air from obtaining to it, which indicates it will not compost correctly.

Many municipalities like to burn the trees, which is poor for the atmosphere since it releases unsafe carbon dioxide (CO2), so you will require to check yours and make alternate plans if they melt away the trees. The a single exception to tree burning is if you have your tree transported in from an additional area. Some trees can harbor very small bugs even right after a prolonged Xmas season, and if you mulch or compost the tree, the bugs can turn into an invasive species that harm the regional habitat.

2.  Check for local mulching events

12 Most Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree
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Several neighborhood components merchants, lumber yards, and mulch firms keep events every single year and let men and women deliver their tree to be mulched, often totally free of demand. Mulching is a excellent way to recycle your tree and keep the dangerous CO2 locked absent inside, extending your tree’s usefulness.

3. Compost it

If you have a compost pile, you can insert your tree to it. If you do not have a compost pile, constructing one particular is not challenging, and it will assist you appropriately dispose of a lot of things apart from your tree. Compost offers you with rich soil for a gorgeous spring yard.

4. Mulch it

If you can’t uncover any general public mulching web sites or any close friends that personal a woodchipper, numerous of the bigger components shops will allow you to hire one for a couple of several hours. Renting is ideal if you have several other massive pieces of wood on your property that you can mulch.

As we pointed out previously, mulching keeps the carbon dioxide locked in the wood. The trees on Xmas tree farms shop a lot more than eighty,000 tons of carbon dioxide each and every 12 months, equal to the emissions produced by 17,000 vehicles. Burning will release this CO2 into the ambiance.

5. Put it in the woods

As prolonged as you have permission, dragging your tree into the woods is 1 of the best issues you can do with it. It will decay in a natural way and offer shelter to local wildlife for a lot of several years. You will need to drag it out of sight, but they are not way too heavy, specially right after it is been drying for a couple of weeks.

6. Throw it in a lake

12 Most Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree
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One more environmentally welcoming way to dispose of your tree is to set it into a lake. Like a few other techniques, you will want to get authorization 1st, and you will want a boat, but tying a rock to the base of a tree and fall it into a lake will give a great dwelling setting for the neighborhood fish.

7. Take it to the zoo

Zoos are on the decline, but if you have one particular in your location, it could be prepared to settle for your tree as a treat for many of their animals. Large cats like lions and tigers respond to pine trees like housecats reply to catnip.

8. Replant it

When purchasing your Xmas tree, it’s a wonderful idea to get a single with a root ball. This root ball allows you to replant the tree soon after the holidays have passed. Most trees will arrive back and proceed growing, even following many weeks.

9. Create a birdfeeder

Yet another great concept is to embellish your tree outdoors with foodstuff for birds. You can attach modest suet cakes, fruits, peanuts with no shells, bags of blended seed, and much more to the branches and safe the tree in the ground. The tree will give outstanding habitat for the birds and will offer them with lots of food. You can refill it several moments, and the tree will remain great in the cold weather. As soon as the needles fall off, you will require to use one particular of the other approaches on this list to dispose of the tree permanently.

10. Garden supports

12 Most Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree
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You can take away the branches and needles and the stripped twigs as supports for the taller crops in your yard. From a single tree, you will get much more supports that you are very likely to need to have, and they will usually final numerous years.

11. Plant Protection

If you remove the branches and leave the needles on, you can use them to protect your dormant vegetation to shield them from freezing. The branches will hold the ground at a continual temperature and will support protect the vegetation from wind.

12. Make Bee Houses

If you decide on to strip off the branches to defend your vegetation or for yard supports. You can reduce the trunk into one-foot lengths. In every stop, drill many 4 – five-inch-deep holes, which will act as bee homes in the spring. You only need to place them all around your yard, and the bees will find them.

13. Buy an Artificial Tree

An artificial tree might seem to be like it is not environmentally pleasant. However, synthetic trees can last a life time, and you can even go them down or donate it to Goodwill. If you acquire it from Goodwill, you will previously be contributing to bettering the environment.


We advocate going with the artificial tree simply because it’s the greatest way to make sure none of your trees get burned, thus releasing carbon dioxide into the air or in a landfill in which they will change into methane. If you get a genuine tree, we suggest creating the outside bird feeder until finally spring and then making use of one of the remaining strategies to dispose of the tree.

We hope that you have enjoyed looking through and have found the perfect thing to do with your tree. If we have presented you some new suggestions, make sure you share this guide to the 12 most environmentally friendly approaches to dispose of your Christmas tree on Facebook and Twitter.

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