12 Plumbing Myths and Misconceptions To Stop Believing Now

There are a good deal of myths, misconceptions, and outright fake info unfold about plumbing. While some myths are harmless, other individuals can cost you hundreds if not 1000's of pounds above your life time.

In this post, we are heading to understand about 12 plumbing myths and misconceptions. You may possibly even be shocked by a fantasy or two. So, scroll down to find out more!

The 12 Plumbing Myths and Misconceptions

1. You can clean garbage disposal with lemons.

Truth: Lemons can damage garbage disposals
What to do Instead: Clean with water, soap, and a gentle brush

Many men and women believe that throwing a lemon down the rubbish disposal will assist to remove any stink and in a natural way clean off the blades. Even however the lemon will likely eliminate some stink in the short time period, lemons are not a good way to clear out your garbage disposal.

Lemons do not have the capability to really thoroughly clean the disposal totally, and they will uninteresting and crack your blades over time. Since of the damage that can be done from a lemon, you ought to by no means place lemons down a garbage disposal.

Instead, the best way to cleanse out your rubbish disposal is to disconnect the energy resource. Then, use heat drinking water, mild dish cleaning soap, and a brush to scrub all the scum absent gently.

2. Anything can go down garbage disposals.

Truth: Many items can break the blades
What to do Instead: Only put soft food down a garbage disposal

One of the most frequent misconceptions about rubbish disposals is that they are difficult enough to handle something. This is merely not the circumstance. Due to the fact the blades are not created from titanium, they will get dulled and broken if exposed to hard objects, even if the h2o is working.

You only want to set gentle foods down the garbage disposal. Stay away from harder foods, like bones, eggshells, and even grease. The greatest way to care for the rubbish disposal is to toss most of the foods in the trash can and only use the rubbish disposal when the extra bits caught to the plate are eliminated.

3. Ice cubes will sharpen garbage disposal blades.

Truth: Ice cubes will dull the blades
What to do Instead: Don’t try to sharpen garbage disposal blades

As of late, there have been a good deal of social media videos claiming ice cubes can sharpen rubbish disposal blades. This is not the situation. Ice cubes will not sharpen any of the blades, mostly due to the fact the blades in the rubbish disposal function as impellers, not slicers.

Because the blades impel the foods, the ice is not truly likely to sharpen the blades. Not to point out, the ice alone can dull the blades since ice is hard. Just really do not sharpen garbage disposal blades since they really do not require it.

4. It’s normal for a faucet to leak.

Truth: Leaks mean there is a problem
What to do Instead: Fix the leak and save money

Specifically in old homes, homeowners frequently feel that leaks are entirely typical from their faucet. Despite the fact that it is real that it is normal for a faucet to leak in excess of time, it is important to rectify the leak instantly.

If you do not get the time to repair a leaky faucet, you could conclude up paying a lot of further money or enabling a even bigger dilemma to go unnoticed. A leaky faucet might mean that there’s a problem with your drinking water strain.

As before long as you recognize a faucet is leaking, look at it to determine why. It may be as easy as correcting the seal, but there could be much more severe problems that need to have to be settled.

5. Turning handles tightly should stop faucets from leaking.

Truth: Turning the handle too tightly can damage it
What to do Instead: Fix the leak properly

Obviously, failing to switch off a take care of will lead to the drinking water to continue flowing. Since of this truth, a lot of homeowners consider that shutting a handle tightly will result in the faucet to quit leaking. If the faucet is leaking, this will not fix the problem, and it will usually direct to other difficulties.

If you constantly close faucet handles also tightly, you can split the faucet or the pipes. Only shut the deal with until the water stops flowing. If it carries on to leak, you need to have to fix the leak accordingly.

6. It’s normal for water pressure to fluctuate.

Truth: Water pressure should be relatively stable
What to do Instead: Hire a plumber if there are problems with water pressure

Water pressure is supposed to be secure. In the situation that your water stress fluctuates, there is most likely a issue with the pipes. Due to the fact pipes can be difficult to examine, you will usually want to retain the services of a specialist to do this job for you.

7. You need harsh chemicals to clear clogs.

Truth: Harsh chemicals can damage pipes
What to do Instead: Unclog the pipe yourself or call a plumber

Occasionally, it can be tempting to grab the harshest chemical if you have a challenging clog you cannot get rid of. Even though the chemical may get rid of the clog, it is very likely to damage your pipes in the approach. Specially if you have previous pipes, harsh chemical substances can result in them to be corroded, which will trigger a great deal of damage down the line.

If you have a clog that wants to be removed, it is much better to do it manually. If you have knowledge unclogging a pipe, you can do it oneself, or you can employ a professional plumber to do it for you.

8. You can unclog a sink using a plunger.

Truth: This can work in some cases but not all
What to do Instead: Unclog sinks manually

Technically speaking, it is possible to unclog a sink utilizing a plunger, but it won’t operate in every circumstance. A lot more so, it is critical not to use this technique if you have place any sort of chemical down the drain considering that the plunger can cause you to burn yourself if the chemical will come out.

If you have a clog that wants to be eliminated, manually do it by yourself. You can unclog a drain on your very own, or you can get in touch with a plumbing specialist.

9. Toilets flush the opposite direction in Australia.

Truth: Direction is determined by jets
What to do Instead: Nothing

In mother nature, there is something known as the Coriolis Effect. This result describes that the cyclone’s rotation is determined by the hemisphere. Cyclones in the northern hemisphere rotate in the reverse course of cyclones from the southern hemisphere.

Numerous people apply this impact to toilet bowls as nicely, assuming that bathrooms flush in the opposite course in Australia than it does in The usa.

As awesome as this may audio, the Coriolis Influence does not impact toilet route. As an alternative, a rest room will drain in the course that its jets are pointing. Even if the jets were not dependable for the route, there is simply not sufficient h2o in the toilet bowl for the Coriolis Effect to consider place.

10. It’s okay to flush anything that claims to be flushable.

Truth: Many “flushable” items are harmful to your pipe system
What to do Instead: Only flush toilet paper

There are tons of items on the market that declare to be flushable. Sanitary wipes, feminine items, and paper towels, for case in point, are usually advertised as being flushable, but they can do a great deal of hurt to your pipe and sewage technique.

No make a difference what the bundle says, only flush bathroom paper and your human waste. Anything else can and will clog your pipes, even if it requires years for the clog to accumulate.

11. A noisy water heater needs to be replaced.

Truth: The noise may just mean the heater needs to be cleaned
What to do Instead: Hire a plumber

H2o heaters are not intended to be excessively noisy but really do not automatically stress if your drinking water heater is obtaining a little bit loud. Often, very hot drinking water heaters get noisy each time there is a sediment construct-up inside. Cleansing out the sediment will correct the difficulty.

What occurs is that tough water leads to minerals to build up at the base of the tank. Anytime the heater turns on, the sediment expands and final results in air bubbles, which are creating the racket from your sizzling drinking water heater.

You can technically clean the sediment out of a h2o heater your self, but it is usually best to get this task carried out by a specialist. This will preserve you a good deal of money because it will prolong the lifespan of your hot drinking water heater without having necessitating you to purchase a new one particular outright.

12. Any plumber will do.

12 Plumbing Myths and Misconceptions To Stop Believing Now
Image Credit: Pxhere
Truth: Not all plumbers are created equally
What to do Instead: Do your research to get the best plumber in your area

If you are not knowledgeable in plumbing or other handbook industries, it may be challenging to know no matter whether or not a plumber is seasoned. Even even though that might be the situation, it is essential to comprehend that not all plumbers are produced similarly.

On the opposite, some plumbers do subpar or shoddy work, while others use leading-notch technologies and tactics to properly fix and boost your house.

When you want to get in make contact with with a plumber, do your investigation to make sure that they are reputable and properly knowledgeable. Read through testimonials or get referrals from close friends and family associates immediately.

When Should I Call a Plumber?

At any time you are possessing difficulties with your sinks, drains, and plumbing, there is likely a problem at hand. If you have encounter with plumbing your self, you can do a rapid evaluation to decide what the issue is. Relying on what you find, you may well require to contact a plumber.

In the circumstance that you have no experience with plumbing, get in touch with the plumber proper away. Even if the problem is minor, calling a plumber can save you a whole lot of cash by rectifying the situation prior to it escalates.


As you can see, there are a good deal of misconceptions and myths about plumbing. If you are ever perplexed or doubtful of the plumbing situation in your house, it’s always greatest to contact a specialist. A professional will set the report straight so that you can have the most secure and most value-efficient property possible.

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