12 Wren Bird House Plans You Can Build Today

12 Wren Bird House Plans You Can Build Today

A fowl house venture is a entertaining and easy way to get into woodworking at any age. It’s also a great way to encourage music birds, like wrens, to populate your backyard.

A wren fowl house only needs a specific dimension entrance hole, a door to clear out an aged nest, a roof to discourage snow buildup, and a modest draining region. Other than these elements, your hen property for wrens can get on any form, measurement or coloration, so lengthy as the nest and chicken can match inside.

Now that you have made a decision you are studying how to building a wren bird property, enable us support you determine out which 1 you want to build. We’ve searched all around for the standard, more tough, and upcycled variations of wren fowl houses you can get started out on today.

All of these fowl residence plans clarify what supplies and resources you will need to have prior to you start off.

12 Wren Bird House Plans

1. Classic Diamond

The diamond-formed wren bird residence is a classic design. You can depart it basic or paint it to match your other landscaping decor. The prepare permits for diverse specs depending on which variety of wren you are wanting to dwell there. Include a hinge for effortless cleanout, or else you will have to unscrew a portion of the roof every time you clear.

2. Sloped Roof Next Box

Next up is a bird residence in a box sort. You only need one board to construct it! It phone calls for “pivot nails” to be set up on one particular aspect in buy to allow it to swing open up for cleaning. A few fascinating video clips accompany this program that are really worth checking out, like footage of a hen within a house.

3. Lincoln Log Style

This is a quite amazing (and free of charge) log property plan for a wren bird home. This could be ideal to go following to a cabin or your personal log residence. Any hen would love to cozy up in this fowl property. The program comes complete with photos and a video tutorial.

4. Clay Pot

Not a admirer of woodworking? That’s okay, you can nevertheless create your possess fowl residence out of other resources, like this very small clay pot. It will go completely up coming to your possess potted flowers. You will need to have a piece of plywood in addition to the clay pot, and some paint if you want to paint it.

5. Gazebo

For somebody seeking for a more difficult woodworking venture, here’s yet another exclusive shape created into a bird residence. This one particular has an octagon base with 8 sides and a cone-shaped roof, giving it a gazebo-appear. Measuring all the areas and generating excellent cuts will be a feat for somebody with far more innovative noticed expertise.

6. License Plate

Here’s the very first of several chicken properties created with recycled components. Give your hen home some hometown aptitude with an old license plate. There are many variations of this license plate style about the internet. This one particular in specific adds some wood lower outs close to the entrance hole and underneath the license plate roof, creating it stand out from the rest.

7. Coffee Can

If you just can’t discover yet another use for your leftover coffee cans, attempt fashioning it into a wren bird home! Repair a board on to the base to give it some excess weight, minimize out a small gap for the birds and an additional for draining, cling it up and that’s it.

8. Triangle Shape

A unique just take on the mounted box-form hen property, this triangle one particular is wonderful for birds seeking to nest in or following to a tree. You could mount it on a pole or fence as properly. An included hinge on the leading plank makes cleaning out the nest a cinch.

9. Octagon Shape

Contemplate building this exquisite residence for your nearby wrens. The roof is sophisticated but nice on the eyes. This is yet another bird house that will allow you to flex your observed prowess with it is challenging cuts.

10. Tall House

This bird residence was influenced by a guy making an attempt to use up his scrap items from constructing a fence. He was in a position to design a bird house that was taller in order to use up much more of his leftovers. A cost-free PDF and video are provided to aid you together action-by-action.

11. PVC Pipe

Are you seeking a far more modern day look to your property? Just take a gander at this PVC-produced chicken home. No wooden planks essential right here, just a PVC pipe and some wooden rounds to match inside. This could be a fantastic way to use up leftover PVC pipe from a Diy plumbing venture.

12. Wren Bird House “Resort”

Want to try out attracting a lot of wren family members to your yard? Replace the square holes with circles and you have got your self a wren resort, total with all-inclusive foods and water (properly, so lengthy as you supply these things).

Wren Bird House Specifications

Wrens like to nest in little spaces, so they are sure to enjoy your area you’ve created for them. Do the pursuing items to help encourage a welcoming spot for your community wrens to nest.

Paint the outside only

If you prepare to paint your hen house, do not go by way of the trouble of painting the inside. The birds really don't treatment how it appears, plus, the paint could leech toxicity into the eggs and render them unable to consider in oxygen to increase like they must.


A gap that is 1¼ inch in diameter or greater will perhaps allow undesirable sparrows into your hen house. Hold the hole diameter at 1⅛ inch for property wrens, winter season wrens and Bewick’s wrens.

The floor of the chicken property requirements to be about four sq. inches.

You will want to drill the hole at the very least three inches, but no far more than 6 inches over the flooring of the chicken home.


A perch is not necessary for a wren bird house. They will be ready to go in and out freely with no one. The reason you do not want a perch is to hinder other birds, like starlings, potential to peek their heads in and steal the wren eggs. Disregard any perch in a bird property design if you are constructing or making one particular for wrens.

Discourage rotting

The fowl property you develop will need to have some type of small hole in the base to help in draining surplus drinking water out of the home, must it encounter a large snow or rainfall. Also, select a material that discourages rotting. If you are utilizing wood, adhere with redwood or cedar. Other non-porous resources may possibly be good also like PVC, plastic, or metallic.

Hanging or mounted?

You can determine no matter whether you want your hen residence hanging or mounted. It doesn’t concern wrens both way they can get in and out very easily in a mounted or hanging fowl house. You will want to make confident the fowl house is obvious from any path of predators that will want the wren eggs.

No high-traffic areas

A single issue that will most likely deter wrens from nesting in your chicken residence is if you put it in a place exactly where lots of folks or pets are passing by. Adhere the home in the corner of your lawn to avert the wrens from being afraid away.


Once you find out how to build a wren birdhouse and hang it up, you will be proud to see it every single working day and await the following wren family to commence inside of it. You will want to thoroughly clean out the fowl property every calendar year or two times a yr. Faucet the outdoors to scare away anyone residing inside, shine a flashlight inside of to make positive there are no eggs, then commence to get the nest out to make space for the subsequent a single.

Highlighted Picture Credit score: ronin2435, Pixabay