13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

When most people consider of a wrench, a normal open up-stop or box-conclude wrench is probably what arrives to mind. But these wrenches offer you just a single size for every wrench. If you are really fortunate, every finish may be a different size, which is nonetheless just two dimensions. To full a work, you may well want a total assortment of wrenches to offer with the various sized bolts, nuts, and far more that you may face.

But adjustable wrenches offer a much more adaptable answer. These wrenches can be altered to a vast selection of various sizes, making it possible for a single wrench to perform the work of many, and lowering the amount of tools you have to carry all around.

Many folks have utilized an adjustable crescent just before, and most have at least read of a monkey wrench. On this checklist, you will discover people, plus 11 much more that you may not know about. We’ll even talk about the available dimensions for each wrench so that you know exactly what the possibilities are.

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

How Adjustable Wrenches Are Measured

Ahead of we commence speaking about diverse sorts of adjustable wrenches, let us speak about how they’re calculated.

Standard wrenches are calculated by the measurement of the merchandise they’ll in shape on. For instance, a ⅝-inch wrench performs on nuts and bolts that are ⅝ of an inch big. Basic.

Adjustable wrenches are a little bit a lot more sophisticated however. Considering that they’ll perform on products of different sizes, a single measurement will not correctly express the wrench’s abilities. Rather, most adjustable wrenches are calculated by the length of the take care of. So, an eight-inch adjustable wrench has a manage that’s 8 inches prolonged, and a 12-inch adjustable wrench has a manage that’s 12 inches extended.

While that does give you some helpful information about the wrench’s size, it doesn’t notify you significantly about what you can do with the wrench. So, companies will generally list the least and greatest measurements of the jaws as effectively, although, for some types of wrenches, they’ll only listing the max jaw opening measurement. For case in point, a 10-inch crescent wrench could have a max capacity of 1⅜ inches.

Types and Sizes of Adjustable Wrenches

1. Crescent Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Adjustable crescent wrenches are like the do-it-all resource of the wrench globe. These are best for doing work with just about any sort of nuts and bolts. 1 side of the jaw is stationary, even though the other can be adjusted by basically turning a dial that’s appropriate beneath the head of the wrench. This allows you to open up or near the jaw to uncover the excellent fit.

Crescent wrenches are the most frequent type of adjustable wrench. They are also one of the most functional, as you can use them for house operate, automotive, and significantly much more. They feature angled jaws for an less difficult match, better grip on the nut or bolt, and improved leverage.

These wrenches come in a vast range of measurements beginning at about 4 inches up to four feet! Most end users won’t want a single which is larger than about twelve inches though.

2. Plumber’s Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

A plumber’s adjustable wrench is at times known as an adjustable slip-nut wrench. In some methods, it is very comparable to a crescent wrench. One particular aspect of the jaw is stationary even though the other facet can be altered to suit a selection of diverse measurements. But a crescent wrench has angled jaws although the jaws on a plumber’s wrench are straight.

In addition, plumber’s wrenches have a tendency to have much far more adjustability and shorter handles. They also have a locking nut that permits you to lock the jaw into a particular place, as opposed to adjustable crescent wrenches. These wrenches are perfect for tightening and loosening spud nuts, basket strainer nuts, slip nuts, and locknuts.

Plumber’s wrenches really do not occur in as several sizes as crescent wrenches because these wrenches are all used for the identical function — plumbing. They generally have jaws that span from 1-3 inches, which is best for most under-cabinet sink function.

3. Pipe Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

If you operate with pipes, you will know what a pipe wrench is. These are massive adjustable wrenches with marginally angled jaws that supply a strong grip on any pipe. They are best for tightening and loosening pipes. When you put the jaws around the pipe, the angle and the enamel will grab keep, and you can get masses of leverage to turn the pipe.

Pipe wrenches appear in every single dimensions from modest to gigantic. For instance, forty eight-inch pipe wrenches can offer with pipes as large as five inches in diameter. Of training course, the typical individual would in no way require these kinds of an industrial-sized wrench. For most, a smaller wrench between eight and 24 inches should suffice. An 8-inch pipe wrench can offer with pipes ranging from ¼-¾ inches and a 24-inch pipe wrench can work with pipes from 1½ to 2½  inches.

4. Multi-Angle Pipe Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

As the name indicates, a multi-angle pipe wrench is a pipe wrench with an adjustable head angle. This tends to make it considerably simpler to maneuver into restricted areas, which plumbers find them selves in often. Apart from the angled head, this wrench is the very same as a standard pipe wrench.

Multi-angle pipe wrenches come in several sizes, though you won’t discover them as massive as regular pipe wrenches. These are far more meant for operating in little spaces, so most multi-angle pipe wrenches are amongst 8-12 inches prolonged.

5. Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

To use a typical adjustable pipe wrench, you will have to flip the dial, altering the measurement of the jaws right up until they’re the specific correct suit for the pipe you are doing work with. This normally implies putting the wrench on the pipe, examining the size, taking away it, altering, and repeating all these methods till it is right. It takes two palms and can be really sluggish. But a self-altering pipe wrench is spring-loaded, so you can very easily and quickly get it to the right dimension with a single hand, conserving you time and stress.

Similar to multi-angle pipe wrenches, self-changing pipe wrenches only arrive in a couple of sizes on the smaller stop of the spectrum, ranging from about eight-fifteen inches. For point of view, a 12-inch self-adjusting pipe wrench will typically have a jaw ability of ⅝-1½ inches.

6. Swedish Pipe Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

A Swedish pipe wrench looks pretty equivalent to a pair of vice grip pliers. They adjust speedily by just sliding the bottom portion of the manage up until finally the jaws are restricted, then locking them into place. They provide superb grip and efficient workflow, however their bigger dimension can make them harder to fit into limited regions.

These are often utilised for automotive operate, this kind of as getting rid of tie rod finishes. They can also be employed on pipes like a typical pipe wrench, though they only span a couple of sizes. Most Swedish pipe wrenches are ten-sixteen inches in length and will work with pipes that are significantly less than 2 inches in diameter.

7. Monkey Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

A lot of people have heard of a monkey wrench ahead of, but not every person is aware of what they are. They look quite related to pipe wrenches, even though there are some noteworthy variances. First, a monkey wrench is much more streamlined, so it will suit in tighter areas. It’s also acquired straight jaws, while a pipe wrench’s jaws are angled.

Monkey wrenches are frequently referred to as sliding automotive wrenches. Nonetheless, the title has fairly previous origins. In the 1800s, sailors referred to tiny resources with certain uses as “monkeys,” which is where the monkey wrench’s name originates.

The jaws of a monkey wrench are created of hardened metallic that will simply injury pipes, so you will not want to use it as a pipe wrench. They are very best for doing work with nuts and bolts, and they offer you long handles for achieving into devices and vehicles. Most monkey wrenches are about 8-eighteen inches in duration, though there are some industrial-sized variations that can be up to 4 ft long.

8. Basin Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Basin wrenches are employed by plumbers to perform on faucet nuts, drains, and provide traces. They provide prolonged lengths, so the person doesn’t have to crawl into a cupboard to achieve what they are operating on. Furthermore, the head is really tiny, making it possible for it to very easily match into tight areas.

Most basin wrenches are about twelve inches extended, even though some lengthier kinds are up to 17 inches. Some even supply telescoping handles that permit you change the duration to suit the occupation.

9. Strap Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Strap wrenches can be utilized to loosen or tighten just about something spherical. They are normally calculated by the size of the strap, and the strap can be as short as 6 inches or as long as three toes. The strap is typically made of rubber or fabric, which won’t damage the area you are gripping. They can be utilised on pipes, oil filters, and numerous other objects.

10. Chain Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Chain wrenches are extremely similar to strap wrenches. They characteristic a extended chain that you wrap close to the item you want to tighten or loosen. The chain locks again into the device for a organization grip. Then, you can press the handle to flip the item your chain is wrapped all around.

The chain is produced of metallic, so you won’t want to use a chain wrench on a sensitive surface area as it will damage it. Like strap wrenches, chain wrenches are calculated by the size of the chain. Typically, the chain is among 12 and 24 inches in duration, however there are some greater dimensions available.

11. Lock-Nut Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Most of the wrenches we have lined so much have several makes use of. But lock-nut wrenches are exclusively intended for putting in or getting rid of the lock nuts on strainer baskets on the underside of sinks. They have spring-loaded jaws that will immediately change to the appropriate measurement for most nuts. The standard dimensions for a lock-nut wrench is twelve inches.

12. Adjustable Spanner Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Spanner wrenches have a very certain use. They’re for tightening and loosening aspect slot nuts. You will uncover these on bearings, lock nuts, and collars. They have a pin that slides into the slot, and the wrench then tightens around the nut. These wrenches are measured by the size the jaws will span. Most commonly, they’ll attribute a distribute of about one-three inches.

13. Hex Wrench

13 Adjustable Wrench Types and Sizes Explained

Hex wrenches are extremely comparable to pipe wrenches in how they perform. But the head of the wrench is hex formed and angled, generating it perfect for doing work on drain nuts on tubs and sinks. Most are in between eight and twelve inches, though you can uncover longer kinds. A regular 10-inch hex wrench will have a jaw opening that spans from about 1 inch to 2½ inches.


No matter what you’re working with, pipes, nuts, bolts, tie rods, oil filters, or anything else, there is positive to be an adjustable wrench to fit your wants. These resources can simplify and streamline your resource bag with a one wrench replacing an whole set of standard wrenches. Additionally, they can perform on huge things that might be tough to uncover a normal wrench to suit.

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