13 Different Types of Wood Drill Bits (With Pictures)

If you are a woodworker, you will need to make lots of holes in your initiatives, so the bits that you use are incredibly essential. With so many distinct bits available, though, it can be hard to know which is ideal. If you are a rookie woodworker, you almost certainly want to know which kinds you ought to obtain first. Keep reading as we appear at many different kinds of bits and make clear what you can use them for, so you will have a better concept of what you need to have for your workshop.

The 13 Different Types of Wood Drill Bits

1. Multipoint Drill Bit

  • Uses: Most projects

The multi-level drill little bit is the most frequent sort of bit that you are going to see in the two the woodshop and steel shop. The bit’s suggestion has a V form, and the several factors aid it minimize into the area and remove material more rapidly. It’s low-cost, adaptable, and easy to uncover.

2. Pilot Point Drill Bit

  • Uses: Straight clean holes

A pilot position drill little bit looks similar to a multi-position drill bit, but it has a pointy tip that allows you to develop a straight and clean gap that doesn’t wander off the mark.

3. Lip and Spur Bit

  • Uses: Clean straight holes

A lip and spur bit is related to a pilot point drill bit in that it also has a pointy idea that assists avoid the bit from wandering as you drill into the wood, enabling you to generate a straight hole far more consistently. The spur is a pointy element that starts off carving out the hole’s perimeter before the relaxation of the little bit tends to make get in touch with.

4. Auger Drill Bit

  • Uses: Deep uniform holes

The auger drill bit is a good decision if you need to dig deep, uniform holes in a large piece of lumber. The little bit can be very huge and has a unique layout that will help stop clogs as it gets rid of materials.

5. Installer Drill Bit

  • Uses: Installing wiring

Installer bits are a special kind of little bit used to install challenging wiring. It has a small hole in the suggestion to insert the wiring that you are trying to move by way of the content, and the bits can be up to 18 inches lengthy.

6. Countersink Drill Bit

  • Uses: Installing countersunk screws

A countersink drill little bit usually has a pointy idea to help drill a more accurate gap that a screw can use as a starter, but soon after a quick length, the little bit widens out to carve the wood so you can put in a screw flush with the floor for a far better physical appearance.

7. Step Drill Bits

  • Uses: Widening existing holes

Step drill bits have a wide assortment of uses and are extremely versatile. They are excellent for chopping into sheet metallic, pottery, and ceramics. In the woodshop, there is no far better choice for enlarging existing holes.

8. Forstner Drill Bits

  • Uses: Creating large holes in thin wood

Forstner drill bits are the perfect instrument to drill massive round holes into a flat board. It works really successfully but does not remove substance like a standard little bit, so it’s not as properly suited to deep holes. It can also generate a wonderful deal of friction and heat at high speeds, so you need a drill you can use at a sluggish velocity.

9. Hole Saw

  • Uses: Creating large holes in thin wood and metal

The gap noticed is a variety of drill little bit that is related to the Forstner bit. Nonetheless, you can use it with larger torque for deeper holes, and you can even use it to minimize steel and other harder resources that would create as well much heat for the Forstner. The draw back is that the holes are not as clean.

10. Hinge Sinkers

  • Uses: Creating circular hinges for furniture

As the title implies, these bits generate round hinges in furniture manufacturing assignments. It provides a clean and neat hinge and is related to a hole saw but is completely for furniture.

11. Adjustable Drill Bits

13 Different Types of Wood Drill Bits (With Pictures)
Adjustable drill bit closeup (Image Credit: Bushytails, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported
  • Uses: Different diameter holes

Adjustable drill bits permit you to lower different hole dimensions with a solitary little bit. There is no flute, so you can not drill too deep, but it is exceptionally functional and belongs in any woodshop.

12. Pocket Hole Bits

  • Uses: Helps join boards edge to edge

Pocket gap bits generate the pocket gap along with the guidebook hole for inserting the screws, which is an vital component of home furniture constructing. It can help you construct larger surfaces by joining boards edge to edge.

13. Spade Drill Bits

  • Uses: Wide diameter holes

Spade drill bits are wonderful bits for generating cleanse and precise holes in slender boards. It’s also a well-known bit to use with routers because of to its longevity and capability to take away content speedily.

What Type of Wood Drill Bit Should I Get?

The variety of little bit that you want for your workshop depends on the variety of initiatives that you intend to deal with. Most men and women will need to have a very good little bit for creating regular holes for screws. Multi-point bits are incredibly common, but you will probably make straighter holes that you’re happier with if you use a pilot point or a lip and spur little bit. A broad diameter little bit is also essential, so we advocate the gap observed or the Forstner bits.


There are numerous bits to choose from, but you can get to function with a good small diameter little bit, like the lip and spur little bit, and a vast diameter little bit, like the Forstner bit. You can purchase other individuals as you need to have them to assist maintain fees down and get initiatives underway.

Highlighted Impression Credit score: blickpixel, Pixabay