13 Home Heating Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!

Nothing at all feels greater in the winter than cozying up on your couch, ingesting very hot tea or espresso, and experiencing a motion picture in a warm residence. We need to thank our heating techniques for that, of training course. Most homes in the US depend on a central furnace to offer warmth. Nevertheless, each and every one residence or apartment has its personal sets of controls that let “fine-tuning” the technique to their liking. Regrettably, there are tons of myths bordering property heating.

Some specialists assert furnace routine maintenance is a squander of cash. Other folks think the even bigger the furnace, the far better it will be at retaining the home heat. The quantity of well-liked misconceptions about the HVAC system is very large. So, nowadays, we’ll verify out the most common myths and expose the fact powering them. Completely ready to have your eyes opened? Then adhere close to!

The Top 13 Home Heating Myths and Misconceptions

The Furnace

1. Shutting the Furnace Off While You’re Away Is the Right Call

You have almost certainly listened to specialists on Television set or the Net encouraging people to switch the HVAC off when they’re away. So, should you stick to their advice? No, you actually shouldn’t. Real, in the limited operate, that will, without a doubt, decrease the utility monthly bill. However, shutting the furnace ON or OFF all the time places a lot of pressure on the system. In the long run, that means much more funds expended on repairs.

Discovering The Correct Balance

The ideal thing to do here is to lower the temperature by 3–4 levels when you are not house. That way, you will still cut the bill a bit, but no extra strain will be set on the furnace. If the thermostat is programmable, established it to go back again to best temps an hour or two prior to you get again.

13 Home Heating Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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2. Heating System Maintenance Is a Waste of Money

Why fix it if it is not damaged, right? While there is logic in this, it does not apply to the heating method. It is 1 of the most sophisticated mechanisms in the house and tends to crack. Make a behavior of having an HVAC expert in excess of at least when in six months. In the US, furnace tune-up isn’t at all expensive. In addition to, if there’s a difficulty with it, the faster you fix it, the much better.

Scheduled maintenance can also support boost the total performance of the heating system. A fast notice: most HVAC firms and services offer you heaps of incentives and discounts on lengthy-phrase ideas. If you’re one hundred% pleased with the function they do, consider investing in a two-yr strategy.

3. As Long as The Furnace Is Working, I Don’t Have to Replace It

Commence preserving for a new furnace Ahead of it breaks down! This is the most critical rule to comply with. True, you can hold the old system operating to the bitter end, but you require to have “rainy day money” to acquire a new furnace when the inventory one presents up on you. When it’s cold outside and you have no indicates of heating the property, that can guide to all sorts of undesired repercussions.

And if you’re nervous about this being a pricey expenditure, really don't be. A model-new furnace will pay out for itself in two or 3 several years. As talked about, a substantial-efficiency technique lowers the natural fuel bill considerably. On common, it is suggested to exchange the furnace every single 10–12 years.

Does the Brand Issue?

What about the producer, however? Need to you only invest in a furnace from a renowned brand name? The solution is no, do not pay out that significantly attention to the firm. Although it does make a difference, you must target a lot more on the installation portion. That is proper: a effectively-installed heating method is a lot more crucial than a extravagant a single that is poorly mounted and connected.

4. Bigger Furnace Equals Better Heating

The size of the furnace requirements to only be dictated by the measurement of your residence. If it is not notably huge, there is minor reason to set up a greater-than-common furnace. In addition, an oversized HVAC system will have a shorter lifespan when compared to a scaled-down furnace. The reason: a technique that was to begin with made to deal with larger locations will have to continuously shut itself off, and that can damage overall performance and longevity.

Consequently, when putting in a new furnace, heat pump, or any other HVAC part, it is the contractor’s occupation to match/match the dimension of the technique to that of your house. Normally, it will cost you more, and you’ll continuously have to offer with reduced performance, untimely breakdown, and leaks. Humidity can also be an issue.

The Thermostat and Portable Heaters

5. The Thermostat Doesn’t Affect the Utility Bill

In a lot of ways, the thermostat is the most crucial component of any heating technique. With it, you can switch the temperature in the home up and down. Now, to keep over-common temps, the furnace has to perform tougher. That means a larger invoice at the finish of the thirty day period. So, of course, the thermostat does extremely considerably influence the bill, which is why you must usually maintain your eye on it.

The recommended temperature is in the 60–65°F variety, even though most People in america favor it to be about 70ºF. If you preserve the temps a bit lower and place on a sweater, you are going to get to conserve a great deal of money in excess of the wintertime months. If you’re on a restricted price range, set the thermostat to fifty five degrees when you depart for perform. That is the most affordable location that retains the pipes running.

13 Home Heating Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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6. Cranking the Thermostat Will Heat the House Faster

Another typical misconception—the higher the temperature settings on the thermostat, the more quickly it will heat the residence. That’s not real, although. No matter how higher (or low) the programmed temperature is, the thermostat will not operate any more rapidly or slower. Indeed, it will just take more time to attain, say, 70°F than 60°F, but the heating price will usually be the same.

7. Thermostat Location Doesn’t Matter

Of system, it does! Just like any other temp controlling program, a thermostat functions by measuring the temperature close to it. Therefore, if you have got it set up in the kitchen area, around an oven, or appropriate subsequent to a notebook’s fan, that will, most certainly, have an effect on how the thermostat gauges the place. Putting it on the floor or around an open up window/door will also “trick” it into employing the incorrect options.

But, this shouldn’t be an concern simply because HVAC experts know just where to put in the thermostat. So, unless you set up it oneself or moved it close to, it ought to be operating flawlessly.

13 Home Heating Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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8. Space Heaters Are the Perfect Solution for Cold Spots

Transportable slash area heaters can be a lifesaver in specific situations, we will not argue towards that. If they have tip-in excess of defense and an computerized shutoff purpose, you can preserve them close to and use them for emergencies. Nevertheless, they simply cannot change a total-fledged HVAC technique. If you truly feel like one particular of the rooms is colder than the relaxation, that signifies there’s one thing improper with the furnace.

Apart from, dependent on how powerful the portable heater is, it might be placing substantial pressure on your shops and electrical wires. In any case, if the issue with uneven heating does not go absent, have a professional more than. They’ll verify the program, tune it up, and—hopefully—fix it.

Floors, Windows, Vents, And Pumps

9. Closing Vents in Empty Rooms Saves Money

If you invest most of your time in the kitchen area and the dwelling area, you can just close the vents in unused rooms and lower the heating invoice, correct? Effectively, not very: contemporary-day heating programs are exclusively made and engineered to match the actual measurement of your residence/apartment, not just parts of it. Hence, if you go forward and near some of the vents, that will set the technique at unnecessary threat by constructing up force in the furnace.

At initial, you will not discover any aspect results. But, if this goes on for a while, it could lead to leaks within the HVAC technique. As a result, you are going to drop some of that valuable energy/heat and even now shell out for it. Closing vents in distinct rooms will only make sense if you have what is known as a “zoned” residence. Most household properties are NOT zoned, though.

13 Home Heating Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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10. Cold Feet Is a Normal Thing for Winters

No, it’s totally not typical for the ground to be freezing and for your feet to be chilly all working day lengthy. The resolution listed here is relatively straightforward: you require to guarantee proper insulation simply because very poor winterization is the #one cause of chilly floors. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap answer, get a thick carpet or area rug and place it exactly where you devote most of your time at residence.

Or, if you’re all set to get the longer (and much more productive) route, get rid of the hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, insert an additional layer of thermal insulation, and put every thing back again on. Oh, and do not forget to examine on the ground registers. Possibilities are, they’re blocked by furnishings, and that’s what’s creating the drop in warmth.

11. Windows Are More Important Than the Furnace

Of course, the windows do make a difference. If they are of very poor quality—letting warm air out and cold air in—it will be considerably more difficult for the HVAC to maintain the temperature up. Even so, the windows are not much more crucial than the heating technique. With that said, verify on the windows once in a although and inspect them for indicators of leaks. In most circumstances, lower-high quality/peeling weather conditions-stripping is what’s leading to the temps to fall.

Are you the proud owner of manufacturer-new, limited-seal home windows? Then it is possibly the roof to blame. In the common American residence, /-45% of heating/cooling decline will come from ceilings and roofs. Even though you are at it, check the doorways as nicely. It may possibly be that they are sagging and letting air in and out.

12. Heat Pumps Don’t Work in the Winter

Positioned on the outdoors, warmth pumps are equally wonderful at heating and cooling a property. And, even though their efficiency might drop a bit when it’s very chilly, they won’t stop doing work. Warmth pumps are made with underneath-average temperatures in mind and aren’t “afraid” of the winter. Aside from, because they’re a element of the HVAC program, they get some heat from the furnace.

13. Heating the Basement Will Keep the Whole House Warm

It is no key that warm air tends to rise. But, that does not suggest that if you only heat the basement/reduce floor, the relaxation of the rooms will also get warm. The thing about air—it does not unfold out evenly. There are always “pockets” of heat and cold air in any enclosed place. The great information is HVAC programs are designed in a way that every one room gets its reasonable share of heat.

How Can I Reduce Home Heating Costs? Tried-And-True Tips

If you reside somewhere in Florida or Arizona, this will most likely be a overseas concept to you. Nonetheless, folks up north know extremely well what inflated heating expenses appear like in the wintertime. So, below are some rapid and easy measures you can consider to hold that utility invoice from taking pictures by way of the sky:


Heating charges are at an all-time high, which is why it is really critical to know your way about the furnace. These days, we debunked the biggest myths about heating methods. Standard upkeep, proper insulation, and a greater comprehending of what the thermostat does can help you not only lower the heating charges but also hold the residence warmer and safer.

Large-time brands do not essentially indicate a greater offer, just like closing vents in vacant rooms does not equal a far more efficient furnace. Maintain this guide as your “cheat sheet” and use it each and every time you determine to alter anything in the heating system. Master the artwork of home heating, continue to be heat, and really don't feel any myths you listen to!

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