14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Resources that can supply precise measurements are an crucial aspect of any trade occupation, from carpentry to plumbing to stonemasonry. Far more than that, though, measuring tools supply a surefire way to notice and record the world close to us, so we can better move on classes to the following technology of learners and experts. To assist you familiarize oneself with this part of the operating world, we’ve put jointly a listing of fourteen crucial measuring tools, total with illustrations of their genuine-planet utilizes.

Analog Measuring Tools

1. Angle Locator

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Also acknowledged as an angle finder, every single of these resources attributes a magnetic base that allows it to connect to metal measuring squares. From time to time, you’ll also discover models that consist of self-threading screws for use with nonmetallic measuring squares.

Enabling for effortless measurements at a look of angles from 0° to 90°, some angle locators also appear with conversion guides that make them beneficial for pinpointing roof pitches, stair slopes, or drainage angles. While there are lots of digital alternatives for measuring angles, often the assurance of an low-cost all-weather tool wins out above pricier and far more fickle technologies.

2. Bubble Inclinometer

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Developed exclusively for measuring range of motion at a joint, the bubble inclinometer can also be utilized to evaluate the steepness of a grade. To discover the selection of movement of a joint to be measured, just place the inclinometer straight following to it, change the dial right up until the scale reads , get the joint through its variety, and then go through the range traveled immediately from the inclinometer.

The bubble inclinometer is usually employed by sports therapists to take a look at for a healthier selection of movement at the body’s critical junctures. More than the program of remedy, this tool allows them to keep an aim report of the restoration approach in instances of joint injuries.

3. Calipers

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Accessible in analog or electronic measuring variations, calipers are an indispensable device for measuring the length in between two opposite sides of an object. By adjusting the suggestions of the calipers to in shape across the object to be measured, then taking away the calipers, the total distance can be calculated through an built-in ruler.

Utilized in a vast range of fields, calipers can be identified in the workplaces of mechanical engineers, researchers, and medical professionals, as properly as in the field with metalworkers, woodworkers, and forestry researchers.

4. Compass

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

1 of history’s most revered innovations, the compass was integral in kicking off the age of exploration in seafaring vacation. Used for the two navigation and setting up orientation, it relies on the all-natural magnetic pull of the Earth to create a relative path for the consumer.

Identified as a single of the “Four Wonderful Inventions” of China (together with gunpowder, papermaking, and printing), the compass was originally utilized as a tool for divination. Nowadays, it’s nevertheless commonly employed by outdoor activity enthusiasts, military operations, and sailors.

5. Level

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Utilised to create “true horizontal”, a degree is an optical instrument that makes use of air bubbles in a liquid medium to show its final results. Especially beneficial on construction positions, it is also a regular inclusion in woodworking and metalworking outlets.

6. Pressure Gauge

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

An extremely various discipline of measurement resources, stress gauges are employed to quantify every little thing from altitude to air stress to depth to blood pressure. Hydrostatic and aneroid gauges are the most widespread designs of an analog strain gauge the previous has a delayed reaction but is wonderful for sustained pressure, although the latter responds quickly but is less accurate total.

7. Protractor

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

A transparent plastic or glass fifty percent-circle, the protractor measures angles and is normally marked with levels. At times, you’ll locate a lot more mathematically oriented protractors that measure in radians, alternatively. They are a staple of the mechanical engineering occupation but are also typically identified utilized in high faculty geometry lessons.

8. Ruler

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Occasionally known as a rule, line gauge, or straightedge, rulers are employed to measure distances and/or draw straight strains. Skillfully, they are largely found in engineering and development jobs, in which they are utilised to make sure exact measurements on flat surfaces. A common resource to have all around the residence, rulers are perhaps the most typical measuring device in use today.

9. Measuring Squares

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Also generally referred to as a carpenter’s square, at their most standard these instruments resemble two rulers joined at a correct angle. Accessible in a range of specialised kinds, you may also locate:

  • Combination squares, rulers with interchangeable angled heads that are used in woodworking and stonemasonry to mark out angled cuts.
  • Drywall squares, extra-large versions of the standard measuring square that are designed to allow long, accurate markings for drywall cuts.
  • Framing squares, also known as steel squares. Widely used in carpentry to set up perfect right angles, the shorter side is known as the tongue while the longer side is known as the blade.
  • Speed squares improve on the classic carpenter’s square by combining the functions of a combination square and framing square into one tool. They are used for marking measurements on lumber, as well as being employed as a saw guide for short 45° or 90°

10. Tape Measure

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Also known as a measuring tape, these flexible rulers can be utilised to take measurements of measurement or length. At their easiest, they consist of tiny more than a ribbon of fabric or plastic, marked with measurements in inches, centimeters, and/or millimeters. You’ll generally locate these minimalist tape measures used in tailoring and dressmaking.

Alternatively, the self-retracting metal tape measure utilizes a spring-loaded housing that can be clipped on to a belt. A ubiquitous resource of the development trades, these tape steps are specially helpful for taking measurements over lengthy distances – sometimes up to 100 feet!

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Digital Measuring Tools

1. Angle Gauge

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

More rapidly, less difficult to use, and much more correct than an analog angle gauge, the digital angle gauge enables you to instantly uncover the angle of any area you attach it to. Equipped with a powerful magnetic base and automatic calibration controls, these measuring instruments are especially useful in determining exact bevel and miter angles on driven saws.

2. Laser Level

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

A self-leveling instrument that emits a colored laser beam, the laser amount permits for straightforward visual confirmation of the two horizontal and vertical leveling. Some of the fancier designs also include the capability of measuring the length from the unit to the finish of the laser beam, producing them a fast and exact remedy for task website distance measurements.

3. Micrometer

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Crucial for use in high-precision machining, the micrometer resembles a caliper that screws down relatively than sliding. Digital micrometers generate an instantaneous readout on the distance among their two caliper heads, sometimes making it possible for for measurements precise up to 3 or four decimal places.

4. Thermometer

14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

1 of the most widely recognized measuring equipment, thermometers provide a reading for temperatures, with digital thermometers offering more rapidly and more trustworthy outcomes. They are a staple of contemporary medication but also find their way into the culinary arts and environmental reports quite often.


No matter whether you’re operating in 1 of the bodily professions or simply adore receiving associated with Diy tasks at home, measuring equipment will permit you the precision and accuracy essential to accomplish great final results on everything you set your mind to. So, the up coming time you are aiming to boost on a physical ability, discover a way to measure it – that way, over time you will be ready to establish how considerably progress you are making!