16 DIY Fairy Garden Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Fairy gardens are irresistible! They are enjoyable for both kids and grown ups alike. So, if you’re hunting for an enriching action that the entire family can appreciate, Do-it-yourself fairy gardens may just be what you’re searching for!

There is some thing particular about creating miniature fairy gardens. They’ll transportation you instantly to a fantasy-like entire world of your personal producing. Whether or not it is a little flower pot stuffed with beautiful stones or bigger planters, the creativity runs wild with suggestions when trying to generate your fairy garden.

And what is even a lot more wonderful is that these assignments are simple enough for virtually anybody to do. It signifies it could be a wonderful finding out undertaking for faculty-aged youngsters as well! So, no matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, there’s often anything new and inspiring to attempt.

Below are 16 Do-it-yourself fairy yard plans you can make right now to support you get started out.

The 16 DIY Fairy Garden Plans

1. Tiny Teardrop Camper

Materials: Watercolor paints, wood, and paper
Tools: Adhesive or glue for wood or paper, paintbrushes, craft knife, pencil or lead pencils, ruler or straight edge, and scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

This very small Teardrop Camper Fairy Backyard garden is the cutest point! It is obtained a tiny hearth pit, some bouquets, and a tiny desk. And, of program, it’s acquired a very small teardrop trailer that you can make from scratch. It is an excellent task for children to do as effectively!

The detailed Do-it-yourself prepare features a whimsical tiny home on wheels total with photo voltaic panels, an outside location rug, metal chairs, and even a screened doorway that opens and closes.

The teardrop camper seems just like a genuine one, only more compact. The instructions are straightforward to stick to, and there are great photos of each and every action. You can make this a single your self in just a single afternoon.

2. Fairy-Sized Tractor

Materials: Small stones and pebbles, coarse sand such as play sand, and a small piece of wood for the base
Tools: Drill with a 1/8th inch drill bit and sandpaper
Difficulty Level: Moderate

You are just in time for spring! This flowerbed tractor is an outstanding way to include some shade to your fairy garden. It is produced of polymer clay and attributes an great paint task.

The Fairy-Sized Tractor fairy yard strategy is for you if you appreciate generating miniature collectible figurines. A selfmade tractor is the focal position of this Do it yourself plan. But there are a lot of other components that will keep you hectic, such as a birdhouse and stepping stones.

For a whimsical fairy yard plan, use this tractor notion. You can use an old toy for the construction or purchase a miniature from Amazon. Then, insert the plants and magic!

3. Barn and Silo

Materials: Small rocks, sand, and gravels
Tools: A small trowel or spade, scissors, a small watering can, and a spoon or knife (optional)
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Do it yourself fairy yard program is fun because it consists of a tiny barn and silo for your gnomes to enjoy in. It also has some fantastic mushroom mountings that suit completely with the woodland concept.

This is 1 of the far more complex fairy gardens on this checklist, but it should not just take you also extended to create if you have the materials at hand.

You can make this using wood. You can even help save cash by making use of reclaimed wooden for the base or constructing it all out of cardboard. If you have constrained place in your lawn, this is an outstanding option simply because it matches appropriate onto your porch or balcony.

4. Babbling River

Materials: Aquatic plants, aquarium rocks, moss, and glue sticks
Tools: Small flat-head screwdriver, wire snips/cutters, needle-nose pliers (optional), scissors, and hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Babbling River fairy yard is perfect for the novice. It consists of a property, bridge, and vegetation.  It’s an exceptional way to recycle an aged birdbath. It has a river operating via the heart. The river is made from clear marbles. But you can also use sea glass for a more normal search.

There are many rocks and some wonderful tiny trees that you can make. It is this sort of a exciting backyard garden to build, and the whole household will enjoy helping with the undertaking. You can make this babbling river fairy yard in a huge planter or even a large bowl.

5. Farmer’s Market

Materials: Large flower pot, potting soil, plants and flowers, miniature fruits and vegetables, miniature farmer’s market sign, and small table and chairs
Tools: Shovel, pruners, and a trowel
Difficulty Level: Easy

Absolutely everyone requirements to try to eat, and even fairies require to go to the farmer’s market for anything new! This fairy gardening concept is perfect if you have some play food about the property. You can use a broad range of fruit and veggies for this. But apples, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers are the best alternatives. They look excellent and will final a prolonged time.

This farmer’s marketplace fairy backyard has all that your fairy loves to do! There’s a market stand for her to promote her goods and tables for her to loosen up. Also, there is a water pump for the days when it receives hot outside the house.

6. Fairy Garden Chicken Coop

Materials: A chicken coop, a wide range of small plants, potting soil, moss, pebbles, rocks or wood chips, and small figurines
Tools: Drill, a pair of scissors, watering can, and a wire cutter
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This whimsical miniature chicken coop is much more like a mini house than a conventional chicken coop, but it is the perfect area for your fairies to nest.

If you adore the thought of a fairy backyard garden but don’t think you have enough room, this adorable minor chicken coop program is just what you require.

This is not a actual rooster coop and is also tiny for an true chicken. But it is the perfect dimensions for a fairy yard.

7. Teacup Fairy Garden

Materials: A small teacup, planting media such as potting soil or cactus mix, small plants such as succulents or herbs, fairy garden accessories such as a birdhouse, fountain, or fairy figurines, and moss
Tools: Spoon, butter knife
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Just before you permit your teacup and saucer collect too a lot dust in the cupboard, rework them into a charming fairy yard! Get a vacation back again in time with this super lovable teacup fairy backyard garden.

This undertaking is fast to assemble and effortless to preserve. The teacup gives a quaint area for the minor fairies to dwell. The moss and vegetation make it search like it is been there for a long time.

This would be an excellent addition to your front property as a discussion starter or perhaps as a centerpiece on your kitchen desk.

8. Fairy Garden Pedestal

Materials: A pot with a hole in the bottom, a shallow bowl, rocks, broken pottery, or gravel, potting soil, plants, and decorations for your fairy garden
Tools: Pencil, drill bit, tape measure, nails, hammer, screws, and a screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Moderate

A fairy garden pedestal is a delightful way to display your favorite fairy garden. It is a dialogue piece. It will include curiosity to even the smallest of areas. This venture is straightforward, entertaining, and economical!

This beautiful pedestal fairy garden is developed upon a elevated stone foundation. It has a tiny pond, bridge, and yard route that direct to a miniature cottage surrounded by lush vegetation and greenery.

Also, you can make it in a terracotta pot, but it’s not the normal kind of pot you see. Alternatively, it is a tall pedestal planter. It’s excellent if you want to make a vertical fairy garden.

9. Miniature Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Materials: Flowerpot with a drainage hole, soil, moss, two small rocks, miniature plants, a small wooden picket fence, and miniature fairy garden accessories
Tools: Scissors or a knife, hot glue gun and glue sticks, paintbrush, a spray sealant (optional)
Difficulty Level: Advanced

You can expand a small fairy yard in a flower pot. It is effortless to do, and it is great for little areas or as a way to get little ones involved in gardening. Just use some filth and your favorite miniature crops to develop a charming little backyard garden that will attract fairies.

This miniature yard is perfect for people who want to place together a fairy yard without putting in a great deal of operate. All you want is a pot and a little plant. You can use what ever decorations you have on hand.

If you are hunting for a moveable fairy backyard, a small flower pot can make a excellent property. Also, this task is outstanding for beginners.

10. Birdhouse Fairy Garden

Materials: Birdhouse, two cedar shingles, three small to medium logs or round branches, moss, gravel or sand, small cover plants, and succulents or small houseplants
Tools: Spade, pliers, shovel, and pencil
Difficulty Level: Beginner

A birdhouse fairy backyard is an excellent way to merge your enjoy for gardening, bird-viewing, and all factors magical. It is a fantastic fairy backyard garden container perfect for adding a miniature planet to your entrance porch or back deck.

Tiny kinds will really like this sweet little birdhouse-turned fairy home! It is the best size for very small fingers. Also, it is an outstanding way to train your youngsters about the importance of leaving space for wildlife in our gardens.

It is also straightforward to place with each other. The small birdhouse doubles as the home, while you can use moss as grass and incorporate bouquets and other greenery to make it appear like a genuine yard.

11. Magical DIY Fairy House Planter

Materials: A wooden planter box, garden soil, potted plants, fairy house ornaments, moss, rocks, and other fairy garden accessories
Tools: Small glass bowl or jar, paintbrush, white paint, hot glue gun, and glue sticks
Difficulty Level: Easy

This is a miniature edition of the magical planet entire of very small creatures and houses. You can recreate this magical fairytale entire world in your backyard or patio by means of a Do it yourself fairy yard.

The world of fairies is not just for youngsters you can even develop a fairyland for yourself! If you have a modest place in your backyard or on your balcony, you can use it to produce a excellent Do it yourself fairy backyard.

It is an superb undertaking for these who have a modest patio or actions that need to have some beautification. You can make this sweet fairy backyard garden planter using a number of items you may possibly have on hand. Get from a flower store if you do not have the vegetation to comprehensive this fairy backyard.

12. Pinecone Fairy House

Materials: Fine glitter, paper plate, one pinecone (about 4 inches tall), small twig, one small silk flower, and two bead caps with holes
Tools: Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

You can make a pinecone fairy backyard in a matter of minutes. This beautiful Do it yourself fairy property is easy to make. You can generate a single in a pot or the floor. Use some of your kids’ favored toys as equipment and they’ll have tons of entertaining actively playing with them soon after you are accomplished.

The home is manufactured from a pine cone. But you can use any small log or even a cardboard box to create a mini structure.

There are also some cute little plants and flowers encompassing the house, which is entertaining for the little ones to support you plant.

13. Tree House

Materials: Fairy Garden Accessories, potting soil or compost, plants of your choice, small pebbles or gravel, and moss
Tools: Glue gun, glue sticks, sandpaper, and a hammer
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you have a tall tree in your backyard with sweeping branches, you can generate a magical fairy backyard on the trees. This Do it yourself fairy backyard prepare includes the tree and a backyard swing for fairies to appreciate the see.

With a tiny little bit of Do it yourself skills and some basic provides, you can generate this gorgeous treehouse fairy garden. It has a true rustic really feel, with all the trimmings you’d count on to find in a magical area.

While this is a greater project, it is low cost and simple to make. This treehouse is produced from a terracotta planter, broken pieces of pots, and other odds and ends. You can use resources you have at hand or choose up a handful of things from the craft retailer.

14. Summer Escape Fairy Garden

Materials: A container, potting soil, small plants (succulents work great), moss, gravel, and decorative items for your garden (small figurines, rocks, sticks, and stones)
Tools: Easy
Difficulty Level: Sandpaper, caulking gun, and scissors

Fairy gardens are a fun way to get children interested in gardening. They can also be a wonderful way to recycle some of your junk! This a single is especially enjoyable for the seaside-lover in your existence.

This Diy fairy backyard is a summer time-influenced theme. It can be an lovable addition to your backyard or patio decor. The idea is simple, but it is loaded with entertaining attributes.

You can use a large flower pot or the hollowed-out stump of a modest tree for this project. It can make it an excellent decision for people hunting for Do-it-yourself fairy yard ideas for the outside the house.

15. Enchanted Fairy Garden

Materials: 8-inch clay pot, terracotta saucer, potting soil, flat river rocks, moss, and pebbles
Tools: Scissors, a hammer (for nails), a drill (for screws and holes), glue gun, and glue sticks
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Most of us are guilty of getting too many trinkets, knickknacks, and just basic old junk to deal with. But this fairy backyard garden plan is the answer to your difficulties.

Develop this whimsical fairy backyard with your youngster. Then, use it as a way to display all of people items you have been provided or other items that you just simply cannot get rid of.

You won’t need any special tools or resources to make this plan occur. You must only have some cute tiny trees, a home, and other decorations that you could have at residence.

16. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Materials: A pot, a broken pot saucer, plants, succulents, moss, pebbles, stones, or rocks, and fairy figurines
Tools: Wire cutters, 2-inch wood hole saw, drill, jigsaw or reciprocating saw (optional), and sandpaper
Difficulty Level: Easy

This concept of a broken pot fairy backyard is inventive. You can do it using many distinct pots and crops. It looks like you can use any damaged terracotta pots for the residence or other creating, so you can make it as massive or tiny as you want.

You will require some vegetation to fill out your minor fairy globe. Really don't overlook the fairy doorway and some home furniture for your tiny pal to sit on.

It’s such an eye-catching way to make a fairy yard. Everyone will really like seeing it in your yard. Once you get commenced with this 1, you could want to make 1 for every single of your children.


Fairy gardens are an exceptional way to add creative and enjoyable decor to your lawn or even within your residence. There’s no need to crack the lender purchasing specialist fairy yard decor when creating them by yourself can be much fun.

You can customize the particulars of your fairy backyard to match your style. Fairy gardens are well-liked among gardeners who want to plant a tiny backyard but have small space and resources.

You can make them utilizing all-natural resources and plants taken from your property. Also, you can produce distinct themes for your backyard or even indoors. The above plans are a wonderful area to begin.

Highlighted Impression Credit: Nikki Hirschmann, Shutterstock