18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

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India is an historic country with remarkable history that stretches again to the beginning of civilization, so there are a lot of intriguing areas to pay a visit to. However, there are also very a number of unsafe places that you may well want to stay away from if it’s your initial time browsing.

If you are contemplating about checking out this impressive nation but want to know in which the harmful places are, you’ve appear to the proper area. Right here, we search at a number of regions to learn about the most commonplace kinds of crimes, which includes murder, violent crime, grand theft vehicle, and a lot far more.

The 18 Most Dangerous Cities in India: A Quick Look

1. Hosur, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)
Hosur Road (3113125855) (Image Credit: Ashwin Kumar, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic)
Population: 540,291
Crime Index: 65.38
Daylight walking safety rating: 56.52
Nighttime walking safety rating: 26.09

Hosur is a town in which numerous people fear about getting attacked or insulted. Assault and armed theft are also widespread crimes in this spot. It generally continues to be safe to pedestrian vacation throughout the day but can be considerably much more hazardous at evening.

2. Delhi, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 18,980,000
Crime Index: 59.58
Daylight walking safety rating: 57.06
Nighttime walking safety rating: 27.40

Delhi is 1 of the most historic and populated cities in the entire planet. However, it also has plenty of crime, and the recent crime index stands at 59.fifty eight. If the latest increase in time is any indication, the crime index will proceed to increase. All varieties of crimes occur in the town, from vandalism to grand theft auto.

3. Tiruvannamalai, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 494,945
Crime Index: 58.09
Daylight walking safety rating: 81.13
Nighttime walking safety rating: 56.25

Tiruvannamalai is an ancient heritage website that is made up of quite a few temples. Though it has a substantial protection rating for day and night time walking, it has a large criminal offense index of fifty eight.09, which is considerably greater than a lot of other cities in the country. Corruption and bribery have a rating of 100, which is the greatest achievable. This area also sees many crimes, from medication to vandalism and grand theft auto.

4. Noida, India

Population: 637,272
Crime Index: 57.36
Daylight walking safety rating: 55.12
Nighttime walking safety rating: 28.85

Noida is an region that faces really a little bit of criminal offense. The corruption, bribery, violent assault, and mugging rates are all really large, and the other kinds of crimes happen far more usually than in other locations. Even strolling at evening can be a hazardous proposition in this city.

5. Gurgaon, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 876,824
Crime Index: 54.15
Daylight walking safety rating: 59.54
Nighttime walking safety rating: 30.80

Gurgaon is a energetic and modern day city that attracts numerous vacationers, especially from the more youthful era. However, this city also has fairly a bit of criminal offense when compared to the other towns, with a criminal offense index of more than 54. Corruption and bribery are higher, as are violent assaults, vandalism, and theft.

6. Amravati, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 2,888,445
Crime Index: 55.43
Daylight walking safety rating: 61.11
Nighttime walking safety rating: 34.38

Amravati is a town in India that faces a lot of crimes related to corruption and bribery. Vandalism is also very high, and crime in general has been on the increase in the past several years despite law enforcement scrambling to get it beneath handle. It also has one of the most affordable nighttime going for walks protection scores on this list.

7. Jalandhar, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 1,074,000
Crime Index: 53.88
Daylight walking safety rating: 67.39
Nighttime walking safety rating: 42.07

Jalandhar is probably the oldest metropolis in Punjab. It has had many various rulers throughout time and a lot of diverse names. Today, it’s a little higher than typical for criminal offense, particularly in India, and its crime index is presently at 53.88. Whilst it’s usually protected to walk on the streets during the working day and even at evening, this location has a significant drug issue, and crime has been on the increase for several years.

8. Ludhiana, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 1,620,000
Crime Index: 52.92
Daylight walking safety rating: 61.44
Nighttime walking safety rating: 31.84

Ludhiana is the biggest metropolis in the northernmost states of India. It draws in a lot of travelers owing to its lovely surroundings and historic properties, including a lighthouse. The draw back is that it’s an region that is greater than common in criminal offense. It has a serious drug problem that has caused criminal offense to increase for the final numerous a long time, with no indicators of slowing down.

9. Patiala, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 617,000
Crime Index: 51.68
Daylight walking safety rating: 81.25
Nighttime walking safety rating: 39.04

Patiala is a town in India with an specifically higher price of auto theft that is driving the recent criminal offense index up to fifty one.sixty eight. Other sorts of crime are also substantial, such as drug issues and violent assault.

10. Puducherry (Pondicherry), India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 244,377
Crime Index: 51.91
Daylight walking safety rating: 67.50
Nighttime walking safety rating: 47.50

Puducherry is a modest town when compared to the others on this record, but it has 1 of the increased crime indexes. It suffers thoroughly from corruption and bribery, but the most significant worry is the boost in all round crime over the previous numerous many years, which pushes the criminal offense index greater.

11. Mysuru (Mysore), India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)
Image Credit: sarangib, Pixabay
Population: 1,235,000
Crime Index: 51.05
Daylight walking safety rating: 60.49
Nighttime walking safety rating: 45.29

Mysuru is a huge town in India that several individuals phone the town of palaces, and it brings in several tourists every single calendar year. All kinds of crime are current in this metropolis, with drug working and car theft being between the prime offenders, as properly as bribery.

12. Patna, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 2,482,000
Crime Index: 49.55
Daylight walking safety rating: 81.25
Nighttime walking safety rating: 39.04

Patna is the money and greatest metropolis of Bihar, India. It is also a single of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the entire world. With more than 2 million folks, it’s not stunning that it activities much more crime than towns only a fraction of its measurement. Currently, it has a crime index of forty nine.55, which is a small substantial. Most individuals in this area are worried that someone may well crack into their residence. Property and violent crime are also main worries, but corruption and bribery consider the prime places.

13. Vellore, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 589,549
Crime Index: 48.89
Daylight walking safety rating: 70.83
Nighttime walking safety rating: 42.39

Vellore is the metropolis with the Golden Temple, and it is the largest exporter of concluded leather-based merchandise in India. This metropolis has a large criminal offense index, but the streets are reasonably risk-free for going for walks, even at evening. Like in numerous other regions, the most significant problem below is corruption and bribery, though drug use is also high, and many individuals are frightened of getting attacked.

14. Madurai, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 3,038,252
Crime Index: 47.35
Daylight walking safety rating: 81.13
Nighttime walking safety rating: 51.58

Madurai is a massive city in India, containing more than 3 million men and women. However the criminal offense index below is greater than in the regular city in India, both its day and night time strolling basic safety rankings are really high. Corruption and bribery are the most significant considerations in this region, but several folks also express fears about obtaining robbed or violently assaulted.

15. Faridabad, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 1,414,050
Crime Index: 48.77
Daylight walking safety rating: 65.33
Nighttime walking safety rating: 38.66

Faridabad is a common vacationer hotspot with loads of background and exciting issues to do. However, it also ordeals a fantastic deal of crime, with vandalism and home split-ins topping the listing, along with corruption and bribery. On a good note, this town has fairly handful of drug troubles in comparison to some other cities on this checklist.

16. Indore, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)
Image Credit: sonamabcd, Pixabay
Population: 1,964,086
Crime Index: 48.69
Daylight walking safety rating: 68.07
Nighttime walking safety rating: 47.24

Indore is a well-known spot and vacationer location that many men and women seek out for its cultural events. It even has a Guinness Planet File for the longest range show. However, criminal offense can get bad at occasions, and in addition to corruption and bribery, this town also sees vandalism and home split-ins.

17. Bhopal, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 2,44,000
Crime Index: 45.15
Daylight walking safety rating: 69.18
Nighttime walking safety rating: 46.89

Bhopal is a town with multiple normal lakes. While numerous kinds of crimes in this city are relatively reduced, basic crime has faced a significant upsurge in the final couple of several years. Corruption and bribery are the largest offenders, adopted by medicines.

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18. Chennai, India

18 Most Dangerous Cities in India (2022 Update)

Population: 11,503,293
Crime Index: 40.57
Daylight walking safety rating: 81.40
Nighttime walking safety rating: 54.03

Chennai has the premier synthetic seaport in India and the oldest cricket stadium. Despite becoming one particular of the bigger cities on this checklist, with a lot more than 11 million individuals, it has a crime index of just in excess of 40. The biggest difficulties in this location are corruption and bribery.

How Do I Stay Safe in India?

Staying safe in India is astonishingly easy because many metropolitan areas have a remarkably reduced crime price regardless of becoming entire of millions of individuals. Nonetheless, if you want to make sure that you are undertaking all you can to be safe, we extremely suggest keeping a partner with you when walking from area to place, specifically at night. Keeping your smartphone charged and in your hand can make it less complicated to call for help, and it may possibly also scare absent any would-be attackers. Getting a functioning alarm method on each your vehicle and house can aid protect you from theft and crack-ins. Lots of cameras will assist you seize the footage that you need to have, and it may possibly also scare away criminals hunting for an straightforward task.


While there is a important quantity of crime in some metropolitan areas, the most significant problem is corruption and bribery, and only a number of towns, like Hoser, Delhi, and Tiruvannamalai, are specially undesirable. Some metropolitan areas have poor drug difficulties, which may possibly lead to a lot more violent crimes, but if you stick to the methods to shield oneself, you should not have any difficulties.

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