19 Modern Gothic Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

Gothic architecture has knowledgeable a revival, albeit with a few up to date twists, and present day gothic inside design and style is not the reserve of spooky stately properties or imposing cathedrals anymore. It is impactful and characteristic, and a modern gothic room can be passionate and opulent. It can even, with a handful of twists, be utilised in more compact rooms without having leaving the room emotion like the within of a coffin.

Below are 19 present day gothic interior layout tips to support you bring a tiny macabre design into your daily life.

About Gothic Design

Gothic style by no means genuinely goes away. It was common all around Europe in the Middle Ages, when fashion tended to stick to church and cathedral style. It grew to become popular again in Victorian England and is enjoying a renaissance after again in 21st Century inside design and style.

Think pointed arches, wooden paneling, and stained glass. And, while darkish hues are definitely showcased, they really don't have to adorn every single surface, and you don’t have to be limited to black. Purple, deep reds, and darkish blues and greens are all consistent with the Gothic shade palette.

The Top 19 Modern Gothic Interior Design Ideas

The Room

1. Use Black and Dark Accents

Gothic design relies seriously on dim shades, which includes black, but unless of course you have a extremely big room and a serious penchant for the macabre, you most likely won’t want black wallpaper, black floor coverings, and black ornaments—it will be also considerably. You can even now accomplish the present day Gothic design with the use of black and dark accents. Incorporate darkish curtains, a pair of dim vases, and a dim wrought iron radiator and you will get the appear while nevertheless enabling gentle into a space.

2. Don’t Make It Too Dark

No subject how significantly you love the Gothic type, there is nevertheless this sort of a thing as too dim. It efficiently sucks in all the natural light even if you do have the curtains open up, and if every little thing is as well darkish, it indicates that you won’t be in a position to see the ornaments and other attributes in the area. Of program, if Gothic actually is your issue, you may possibly nonetheless be ready to pull off the dim-room search.

3. Ditch the Modern Doors

Gothic architects, especially people accountable for developing cathedrals, cherished their doorways. They tended to be huge, hefty, and created from carved wooden. They had intricate designs. A Gothic door not only sets the temper within the space, but it introduces the scene. Even though you may possibly struggle to suit a classic cathedral doorway within your home, you need to ditch the modern day, basic door. Introduce an arched doorway made with genuine wooden.

The Walls

4. Dramatic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a must-have in Gothic place style. It was utilised extensively, and if you want an genuine look to your place, you have to have at the very least some of it on your walls. Contemplate incorporating a assertion wall relatively than penning your place in with paper on each surface. Stick to darker shades, but if you really don't want black partitions, you can choose for burgundy, dark blue, or purple partitions. Some wallpaper designs stand out on their possess and may possibly even seem too hectic if protected with artwork and ornaments.

5. Wood Paneling

Wooden wall paneling conjures up pictures of castles and vampiric tales, equally of which are appropriate in the Gothic playhouse. If you do decide for wood panels, guarantee that you use a dim wood, and contemplate introducing a Gothic arch style to the panels to give it a actually reliable appear.

6. Ornate Fireplace

The fireplace is an exceptional possibility to introduce an component of Gothicana to a place. Fireplaces would have been carved and manufactured from a heavy materials like wooden or stone. And, of training course, they would have been darkish in shade. Just since you don’t have a fire in your room, doesn’t mean you simply cannot have a fireplace influence, either.

The Windows

7. Arched Windows

The Gothic arch is 1 of the most recognizable factors in this design of architecture, and if your funds will stretch, including arched windows to your room actually will give it the look of an outdated cathedral. Another gain of a big arched window is that it can be utilised to fill an or else dark room with natural mild.

8. Heavy Velvet Curtains

Very good windows want very good curtains, and if you’re searching for a Gothic complete, these curtains not only need to be manufactured from a dim substance but a large a single. Velvet material is common, but you will need a suitably robust curtain pole that can get the fat. The seem can also advantage from attractive, hefty curtain ties and similarly effective tie hooks.

9. Stained Glass

Proper stained-glass home windows with their guide calms are amazingly high-priced and the art of stained glass creation is dying down. But there are some excellent-searching modern equivalents that, whilst even now dear, are significantly less expensive than a reclaimed church window. They’re also easier to care for and can be repaired or changed a lot more simply in the long term.

The Floors

10. Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring is another massive expense but it is impactful and it should very last for several years, albeit with some typical routine maintenance and care. Adding dim flooring to a place can be sufficient to give a hint of present day Gothic style without having entirely enveloping a area in darkness. Preferably, the wood shouldn’t be also effectively completed and ought to have a slightly rough physical appearance.

11. Stone Flooring

Stone was common in cathedral style because it was readily obtainable, and you can recreate this in your personal Gothic type. Be conscious that stone not only feels cold underfoot, but it can look chilly, as well, so you will want to decorate and mix it well with other components to make sure a place even now seems to be inviting.

12. Vintage Rugs

It isn’t always achievable to rip up your existing floor and have timber or stone floors place in instead. And not everybody likes carpet. Rugs symbolize a fantastic way to add Gothic style to your flooring without having the price or the permanence of a stone ground.

The Lighting

13. Chandeliers

Lights should be low and moody. Practically nothing suggests Gothic like a big, ornate chandelier hanging in the center of a place or in excess of a desk or bathtub. Candle bulbs aid to further achieve the seem. Luckily, there are scaled-down and less notable chandeliers offered these days, which implies that these are an selection even in more limited areas.

14. Candles

The most reliable way to obtain this is with chandeliers, but if you have a low ceiling or a tiny place, you can even now appreciate Gothic temper lighting by introducing candles around the area. They can, of program, be functional candles, or you can use the candles for strictly attractive needs, particularly if you’re concerned about having open flames all around the space.

The Accessories

15. Fill the Bookshelf

The bookshelf is a fantastic statement piece of home furniture for your modern Gothic area. Fill it with antique books blended with some Gothic accent parts like candles and dark roses. Whatsoever you fill the bookshelf with, do make certain it is loaded.

16. Large Arched Mirrors

Arches are all over the place in Gothic layout. As well as including them to your wood wall panels, windows, and doorways, consider getting a massive arched mirror right earlier mentioned the ornate fire. Or, if it is a truly massive piece, give it its personal alcove or wall.

17. Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron is in a natural way dim and can have an ornate end that implies it is perfect for your place. While it does not make the most comfy chair or sofa, you can uncover tables, chairs, and even pedestal sinks that use it in a visually spectacular way.

18. Dark Wood Furniture

As effectively as wrought iron, sound wood is an additional great choice for furniture in your contemporary Gothic room. The wooden doesn’t have to be black, though light-weight pine will not fit the design ethos listed here. Typically, the furniture would have ornate carvings and it would be produced from reliable, stained wood, but there are present day equivalents that really don't require the expertise of a master craftsman and don’t have the associated price tag tag. Alternatively, seem in antique shops and thrift shops to see if there is anything at all that can be salvaged and utilized.

19. Ornamental Maximalism

Really do not be shy when it comes to ornaments and accessories. Black and white photos, mirrors, candles, and dark flowers can all appreciate a home in your new area, and this design of design and style is no spot for minimalism. You can usually commence out tiny and maintain getting new products to insert to the place as you go.


Present day Gothic design borrows from standard Gothic design and style and architecture, but it has the additional advantage that it doesn’t have to include every little thing in a place. Insert a handful of Gothic components to any room and you can create an opulent-looking spot that is reminiscent of the Middle Ages with out being also overpowering. Over are 19 examples of approaches that you can insert a contact of macabre to your house.

Highlighted Picture Credit history: marina_eno1, Shutterstock