20 Clever Basement Wall Ideas & Design Tips (with Pictures)

20 Clever Basement Wall Ideas & Design Tips (with Pictures)

Does your home have a basement? If you are like most homeowners, you probably invest a whole lot of time asking yourself precisely what to do with that room.

The good news is, it doesn’t get significantly to fully remodel a drab previous basement into an interesting new part of your residence. Really don't imagine us? Preserve studying to find out our favorite basement wall concepts and design and style suggestions!

1. Statement Staircase

A assertion piece often will help to provide a room with each other. In the basement, the staircase can be the most prominent attraction, so why not decide for a statement staircase that will truly maintain your visitors chatting?

2. Fake Fireplace

For practical factors, most basements can not assistance a true hearth. But an appealing fake fire can give the entire space a actually calming vibe. And if the faux hearth serves as an actual heater, it can also make the basement heat and cozy.

3. Private Workspace

Some homeowners don’t like how isolated a basement can feel. But if you set up a dedicated workspace in the basement, you can transform the room into a productive place where you can tune the world out and get things done.

4. Add More Seating

Basements usually really do not have a good deal of room. But you can add some additional seating driving your couch or along the walls in get to make it less difficult to cling out there with your close friends and family customers.

5. Family Photos

When it comes to basement decoration ideas, you don’t have to overthink items. One of our favored decorations is loved ones pictures in wonderful frames along the wall. It helps to deliver heat and love to an otherwise isolated basement.

6. Get Crafty

If you have a “crafty” interest, basements are the excellent locations to perform on your assignments. By including craft tables and content storage sections along the partitions, you will have every thing you require to deliver your desire projects to life.

7. Game Room

1 of our favourite employs for a basement is to flip it into a match space. Things like pool tables make for a excellent statement piece in the place, and you can line the walls with vintage prints of your favored online games.

8. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap partitions are a excellent way to make your basement come to feel like a cabin in your quite possess ship. And merged with clear colours (we recommend shades of white), a shiplap layout can make the whole place feel quite heat and inviting.

9. Chalkboard Accent Wall

Are you and your family members fairly innovative? If so, a chalkboard accent wall is one of the ideal additions to any basement. It is quirky and fashionable, and you can use the chalkboard to play video games, create functions of artwork, or even make your grocery listing.

10. Movie Room

Basements are typically really dark and isolated, and you can use this to your gain by turning your basement into a motion picture place. You will require a very good projector and a motion picture screen. For added ambiance, we recommend including some film posters and a popcorn machine.

11. Bunk Beds

Often, basement design and style ideas can be just as useful as they are fashionable. For case in point, adding adult-friendly bunk beds alongside the wall can turn your basement into a spare visitor bed room. And if you use it for something else (like crafts or hobbies), you may well like getting a spare mattress when you need to crash.

12. Recessed Lighting

One of the far more bothersome items about basements are the fairly reduced ceilings. If this is bothering you, consider introducing recessed lights. Not only is it modern day and stylish, but it will make your ceilings seem like they are higher.

13. Laundry Room

If you like the thought of a “functional” basement, we recommend turning it into a laundry place. You can settle for putting laundry appliances into a spare corner or dedicating the whole area to your various laundry needs.

14. Retro Patterns

Walking down into a basement often feels like going for walks into another globe. You can truly go with that sensation by introducing retro (feel 70’s or 80’s motivated) designs to your walls. When visitors open up the door for the 1st time, they’ll come to feel like they actually stepped back again in time!

15. Barn Doors

Usually, a basement is just one open area. Nevertheless, you can incorporate barn doors as a intelligent way to crack up the room. Not only will this make the basement really feel larger, but the barn doors also give the location a true rustic appeal.

16. Storage Shelves

Here’s an additional suggestion for a functional basement: line the partitions and corners with cabinets, bins, and other storage options. You can use these to shop 1 particular variety of item or merely use the basement as a “catch-all” for storing things that would otherwise muddle your residence.

17. Your Own Bar

Want your basement to be a spot of exciting and enjoyment? One of the best things you can do is remodel it into a bar! You can purchase or build a bar to match the space you have. In the meantime, you can line the partitions with classic bar commercials, liquor cabinets, and a reputable refrigerator.

18. Spare Kitchen

Think it or not, one of the most common employs for a basement is to turn it into a spare kitchen! You can go “big” or “small” with this: the basement can possibly aid you whip jointly some effortless treats or even craft large foods. And if you have family members or roommates, a spare kitchen area is wonderful for planning additional food for massive events.

19. String Lights

Occasionally, the most straightforward decorating guidelines are the greatest. For illustration, all it takes is a handful of string lights in your basement to make the complete location truly feel cozy and cozy, particularly with the other lights turned off!

20. Statement Ceiling

Earlier, we talked about introducing a statement staircase to your basement. The other clear “statement” option would be to incorporate a assertion ceiling. And since the ceiling takes up so significantly area, this is 1 of the simplest approaches to modify how the basement appears and feels to your attendees.

Highlighted Picture Credit history: Berg Dmitry, shutterstock