20 DIY Christmas Tree Stands Plans You Can Make Today

Most people have some generic tree stand for their Xmas tree kicking all around. These stands are typically nothing at all extravagant, and much more usually than not, they’re hidden below a festive tree skirt anyways.

If you’re searching for a enjoyable Diy undertaking for this holiday getaway season, contemplate building your possess tree stand. When you make your personal decor, you are free to inject as a lot individuality into it as you like. And you may possibly be stunned to find how low-cost it is to make a Do-it-yourself Christmas tree stand.

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The 20 DIY Christmas Tree Stands Plans You Can Make Today

1. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: 1×6 and 1×2 pine boards, stain and wood conditioner of your choice
Tools: Nail gun, tape measure, circular saw or miter saw, glue, clamps
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

You don’t need to have to use pine boards for this farmhouse Xmas tree stand. However, pine is one particular of these woods that is fantastic for people farmhouse or barn-design initiatives, which is exactly what this Do it yourself stand aims for.

The idea for this task is really very basic. Even so, except if you already have some Do-it-yourself information, the strategies could be hard to preserve up with in some places. That’s the main cause we’ve recommended this as an intermediate undertaking. Other than that, this is not a hard project, and the concluded task is extremely customizable concerning the color and complete of the stand.

2. Pallet Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Pallet wood, plastic bag from box of wine, screws
Tools: Miter saw, drill,
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This pallet Xmas tree stand is the excellent project for an individual just dipping their toes into the Do it yourself entire world. Outside of the box of wine, there is generally no value to this task. A lot of businesses allow you to consider pallets for cost-free, and most individuals will have 3 screws kicking all around.

A miter saw will be the least difficult instrument for this project. Even so, if you have a circular noticed or even a jigsaw, you can make either of those work as well. Sanding the wooden and offering it a end could include to the aesthetic charm of the stand. But when the tree is up, you could also include the total stand in a tree skirt.

3. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: 2x4s, screws, wire eye lags
Tools: Allen wrench, miter saw, drill,
Difficulty Level: Beginner

It doesn’t get considerably less complicated than this Do-it-yourself Xmas tree stand. If you have done any Do-it-yourself woodworking initiatives prior to, this must get you significantly less than an hour—it almost certainly won’t take even a half hour. And price-smart, you only need to have a few of 2x4s for lumber and some hardware.

This strategy is comparable to the pallet stand we just covered in the sense that it’s not the most stunning concluded solution. It will maintain a good large Christmas tree, even though! If you want it to be a small fancier, you can hit it with some paint or stain. Or else, cover the stand with a wonderful festive skirt after the tree is up.

4. Metal Bucket Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Galvanized bucket, clothesline hooks with nuts, marble rocks or garden gravel, 8-inch round plastic container, drill bits
Tools: Drill, tape measure,
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Wood isn’t the only material we can work with on our Do-it-yourself project. This steel bucket Xmas tree stand proves that sudden supplies can make fun decor and sensible items. The wonderful point about this project is it calls for really little tool use, which increases the security factor.

A easy undertaking like this doesn’t just take considerably to personalize. For case in point, you could use suited steel paint to colour the bucket. Or you could embellish it with festive ribbons to give it a little flair. Possibly way, this is not a venture that will break the bank.

5. Christmas Tree Basket

Materials: Heavy-duty 2-gallon bucket, PVC pipe and cap, quick-dry cement, round basket
Tools: Saw to cut PVC, level
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Xmas tree basket is a tremendous sturdy stand that is not likely to topple over—even if the cat begins employing the tree as a jungle gymnasium. In addition, it looks absolutely superb and offers your festive decor a wonderful rustic truly feel (dependent on the variety of basket you use).

The great thing about this venture is that it is simple to do and requires virtually zero information. Some cement-mixing expertise would be very good, but the bags usually have quite excellent directions. Another wonderful thing about this Xmas tree basket is that it is easily tailored just by decorating the basket.

6. Sturdy Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Planter or bucket without holes, rocks,
Tools: Pruning saw
Difficulty Level: Beginner

A strong Xmas tree stand doesn’t have to be fancy. Take this program, for instance. It utilizes a bucket and rocks to keep your tree in place. This distinct Diy project could be as low-cost or high-priced as you want it to be.

Other than acquiring a simple bucket or planter, you could merely go acquire rocks. On the other hand, you could commit the income on fancy, polished rocks and purchase a nicer planter. Just bear in mind to make certain it doesn’t have holes so you can drinking water your Xmas tree with no leaks.

7. Christmas Tree Collar Box

Materials: Various dimensional lumber, screws, pre-stain conditioner, gray stain (or personal preference), matte topcoat
Tools: Kreg Jig, drill, measuring tape, miter saw
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Generating a Xmas tree collar box is a great way to stand your tree up and guarantee it takes middle stage this holiday getaway time. All whilst discouraging cats from climbing the tree because of its peak.

This is not an extremely hard undertaking. Nonetheless, it uses a Kreg Jig, which not absolutely everyone has lying close to. It is possible to complete the project with no the jig but making pocket screw holes can make a significantly nicer finish.

8. DIY Christmas Tree Planter

Materials: Dimensional lumber, plywood, screws, glue, stain or paint of choice
Tools: Drill, miter saw, clamps, circular saw, orbital sander
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This Do it yourself Xmas tree planter would be a beautiful addition to your family members room for the tree this getaway period. Not only does it have a wonderful rustic truly feel, but you can also personalize it with colour to match numerous diverse inside decoration variations.

Most of these assignments can be designed simply with a miter saw. Nonetheless, to reduce the plywood to size, you will need a more cell observed such as a round noticed or jigsaw. Even a hand observed would do the trick if you don’t brain the added operate.

9. Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Dimensional lumber, screws, brad nails, bucket
Tools: Miter saw or circular saw, drill, nailer
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you’re not as involved about appears as you are with the stand being able to keep a massive tree, this weighty-duty Xmas tree stand is the venture for you. With this project’s style, you are going to be ready to place up quite much as large a tree as any home can keep.

It does not appear wonderful, but at the stop of the prepare, the place the creator demonstrates a picture of the completed item, they give a great idea of how to integrate it. In their residence, they wrapped a sheet around the stand and boxed it in with a planter-style box.

10. Faux Barn Wood Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Giant cardboard box, hot glue, binder clip, imitation wood paper,
Tools: Utility knife, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Wood is wonderful task substance, but not absolutely everyone can function on a picket task. This fake barn wood Xmas tree collar enables absolutely everyone to have “wooden” vacation decor. The most high-priced part of this venture will likely be the imitation wooden paper. But the plan’s creator presents many very good options for the place to get the materials.

11. Concrete Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Bucket, concrete mix, PVC pipe
Tools: Saw for PVC, water
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Suppose you are seeking for a durable stand. In that situation, this concrete Christmas tree stand is about the sturdiest you will get without creating a heavy-obligation wood one particular. The great thing about a concrete stand like this is that you are cost-free to box it nonetheless you want.

Don't forget to use a mask when dealing with concrete powder. It’s horrible for your lungs if you breathe it in. In addition to putting on the mask, the best way to prevent dust is to make sure you are utilizing satisfactory h2o in the combine.

12. Rope Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Cardboard, hot glue, white rope
Tools: Utility knife, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This is a perfect example of a collar that would pair well with the preceding concrete bucket stand. A rope Christmas tree collar is a time-consuming but affordable getaway project. Even now, the finished project is a exclusive way of hiding the base of your festive trees.

One particular neat characteristic about this plan is that the creator ends the article with some suggestions on decorations that go well with a white and black rope layout.

13. Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Scrap dimensional lumber, screws, glue, preference of stain or paint
Tools: Drill, miter saw or circular saw, clamps, Kreg jig
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

It doesn’t get much cheaper than scrap wooden, consequently the key attract for this picket Christmas tree stand. The programs show pocket hole screws, which is the ideal way to assemble panels like this. However, you can total the venture with no a Kreg Jig if you do it carefully.

A wonderful bonus of this certain style is that the plan’s creator has still left it open up for customization regarding color. They also include a area to guide you via developing a concrete tree stand inside of the box if you really don't previously have a single.

14. Picture Frame Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Picture frames, fabric, cardboard, staples
Tools: Stapler, utility knife or scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you have extras lying around, this picture frame Xmas tree stand would be a exciting vacation Do-it-yourself undertaking. There are a pair of ways you could approach this project—both are demonstrated in the strategies.

You can go the route of using your decision of material and protect every frame completely. On the other hand, you can get inventive with the different kinds of frames and let each to be a element of the undertaking with no masking them.

15. Simple Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Plywood, trim, preference of paint or stain, staples, screws
Tools: Cricut or similar crafting machine, drill, levels, stapler
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This easy Christmas tree collar is effortless to do and extremely customizable. The creator makes use of a crafting equipment that cuts out decals in the programs. Which is the beauty of this distinct task, though. If you do not have a single of these machines, you can simply personalize the collar with other decorations to make it your personal.

The panel building is marginally innovative. But as long as you have a affordable sum of Do it yourself experience, you should not have any issues.

16. DIY Drum Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Quilting loops, metal flashing, cup hooks, choice of paint, rope trim
Tools: ainter’s tape
Difficulty Level: Beginner

One of the a lot more special and authentic programs on this checklist is the Do-it-yourself drum Xmas tree stand. It employs some sudden supplies to get a fantastic end result. A single term of caution with steel flashing. If you are not common with it, it’s really sharp. So, it’s a excellent idea to wear gloves.

We have labeled this a single as a beginner project. Even so, it does need an inventive flair with tape and painting. If this isn’t your powerful go well with, you will want to just take added time with this venture to prevent any errors.

17. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Pine crate, tarp, spray paint, stain, decorations
Tools: Hot glue gun, stapler
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you’re hunting for straightforward and effortless, head to your nearby Property Depot and get every thing you will need to have for this Do-it-yourself Christmas tree stand. The good point about this prepare is that it makes use of primarily all set-to-go components, so there is quite minor “construction” information required.

It also leaves it open for no matter what customization you want relating to shade and other decorations. A reward is that the programs contain several photographs that display you many concepts on how to decorate the box to get your creative juices flowing.

18. Tapered Wood Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Wooden slats, choice of paint or stain, staples
Tools: Miter saw, stapler, sanding block or orbital sander
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Wooden tree stands and containers are awesome, but a tapered wood Christmas tree stand provides a total new dimension to the task. The creator of this project even contains a helpful download of her drawing that exhibits all the measurements she used, which requires a great deal of the work out of the venture.

Of system, you can alter measurements and sizes to fit your requirements like any woodworking undertaking. Possibly you’ve received a greater tree, or you want a sturdier stand in the middle. The opportunities are unlimited.

19. DIY Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Galvanized metal tub, toilet bowl cleaner, rocks or bricks
Tools: Steel wool, rubber gloves
Difficulty Level: Beginner

It does not get significantly simpler than this Diy Xmas tree collar. It is as basic as acquiring the tub and using the toilet bowl cleaner to change the finish. A single neat issue is that after making use of the cleaner to modify the galvanized end, you could also use a stencil and paint to more customise the tub.

Right after you are done with the design and style, all you need to have to do is weigh the tub down and set up your tree in your new Do it yourself tree collar.

20. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Various types of wood, corner brackets, screws, glue, choice of paint or stain
Tools: Drill, saw, sandpaper, clamps, sander
Difficulty Level: Beginner

You may possibly just contact this Do it yourself Xmas tree stand an additional box. But it’s one more box with countless possibilities to customize. Actually, there are numerous bins on this record, but if you appear at each of them, you’ll notice slight style distinctions. This is the place you get to insert your personal personalized contact to the task.

No matter whether that’s color decision or the way you do the finishing trim. There are no policies for most Do it yourself assignments, and this tree stand is no different.

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Closing Thoughts

There you have it: twenty different Do it yourself Xmas tree stand suggestions to get your imaginative juices flowing. The attractiveness of any Diy project is that there aren’t a good deal of rules. You can personalize something to your personal style. We advocate that you read through by way of many different strategies that curiosity you and see how you can merge numerous aspects to get a tree stand that is 100% you!

Highlighted Image Credit: sincerely-media, Unsplash