22 Free DIY Router Table Plans You Can Build Today

22 Free DIY Router Table Plans You Can Build Today

Most woodworking projects require some degree of precision. You can get by with subpar measurements for some issues, but if you are building one thing put prominently in your home — specifically anything that might have an effect on its benefit — you are going to want to get it appropriate so it seems to be and matches together snugly.

We went out and found some strategies for Diy lovers that will train how to create a router table to suit their fashion. Routers are utilised frequently in constructing cupboards, and you really do not want uneven or free cupboards. One particular way to keep away from that is attaching your router to a set surface area for security. We have included a variety of different plans for people with various wants and tastes. There are ones that are effortless to set up, types that are moveable and kinds with diverse and novel ways to dispose of squander. The only issues all of them have in frequent is that you can build them in your residence and that they’ll aid make your woodworking projects much better.

22 Free DIY Router Table Plans

1. DIY router table plan from Instructables

The greatest Do it yourself projects are kinds that permit you use basic things to attain intricate ends. That’s what this table does, it allows you to get precision results with your router with just a handful of materials and components. You can even deal with sawdust, a constant problem with these kinds of tools.

Instructables has a copy of these strategies. The ideas are laid out in pictures, so if you find out very best from photos this 1 will be particularly attractive.

2. Patrick’s router table plan from Ana White

This is considerably less a table and much more like a complete router program. It will come with the benchtop to do the real operate, but with loads of area for storage of components and even wooden. Furthermore, it is got a location to coil up the electricity cord when you’re done. You can roll this out to where you want to function and then put it absent just as merely. It is less a moveable router table and a lot more like a cellular workbench.

Even though this is Patrick’s router desk, it is at ana-white.com. The recommendations are sophisticated, clear and supply plenty of photographs so that you not only know how to make it but what it should to appear like.

3. American Woodworker router table plan from Popular Woodworking

A single great factor about building your router desk is that you can get all the performance of 1 you buy at the retailer but at a significantly decreased price. That indicates conserving a great deal of cash although constructing one thing that you can show off to your pals as a demonstration of your expertise. Those are all the factors that make Do-it-yourself projects so desirable to fanatics.

You can find the recommendations right here. They are each composed out and come in accompanying images so that if you commence and get stuck you can almost certainly determine your own way out of a jam.

4. Wall-mounted router table plan from Rockler

There is a great deal to like about this product that folds right up for straightforward storage when not in use. The first is that it’s a area saver. You may only use your router desk occasionally, and that signifies having up room for some thing that isn’t a day-to-day device. Possibly the most eye-catching point is that it is far more complex than the other types we have profiled, which signifies that you get to play close to far more with your resources to make it.

The recommendations from Rockler get proper down into particulars and offer pictures of what resources to do and what the desk seems like at each phase. One particular point it doesn’t tell you is what dimension shop vac to hook up to it to sweep absent the dust.

5. Benchtop router table plan from Instructables

One particular of the more complicated patterns we looked at, this one particular is much more acceptable for men and women with some abilities in woodworking instead than a person who would like to get their package up and working. It is a comprehensive desk that assures precision routing when concluded, but the best portion is that as soon as you are finished you’ll have one thing that matches on best of your workbench. When you require it, you just need to pull it out.

Instructables has thorough methods on how to create it. There is some jargon concerned, so if you are unfamiliar with it you may well want to look for a less challenging venture.

6. Stow-and-go router table plan from Fine Woodworking

Diy enthusiasts who want a router desk that is fast to develop, effortless to crack down and light-weight enough to take to a job web site will find these programs attractive. It starts with easy components with a basic style and ends with topline features like constructed-in dust selection. For anything that looks so complicated, it does a light-weight touch to your wallet.

These instructions come with every little thing, from pictures to created guidelines. There is even a video clip introduction for folks who desire to find out from viewing.

7. Fold-away router table plan from Woodsmith

This router table is excellent for somebody who only needs one particular occasionally for light use. It is bolted on to a workbench, which signifies that you can set it up rapidly, but it’s also not as durable with a powerful set of legs beneath it. When you are done, it arrives with the added advantage of becoming a snap to keep.

The guidelines are offered in PDF type below. That signifies that not only can you effortlessly comply with the recommendations with your laptop computer open but that you can down load it and print it off so that you can construct it following shutting down your electronics.

8. Quick-and-easy router table plan from Woodsmith

Excellent to sit on prime of your workbench and then put away when you are accomplished, this router table is strong, transportable and simple to set up. It has a lot of area for bits and is very easily to set your router into, so if you do not require a standalone bench this one just may be the proper a single for you.

Like the earlier router desk, the guidelines are on a downloadable PDF file. That means you can print it out and consider to the components retailer to get the materials for it and then use it to build from.

9. Scott Moore router table plan from Scott Moore

This router table seems to be much more like a toilet or kitchen standing cupboard, other than that this a single is designed for doing work with a router. It is received storage for accessories that go with your device and a location for you to run the wire to the table. It is mild ample that you can go it close to, but it doesn’t have wheels so it’s designed to sit in 1 location.

You can find the guidelines at Scottmoore. It’s 3-ft tall so it is perfect to stand in entrance of to function. It’s also got a wonderful massive functioning area.

10. Creston Wood router table plan from Creston Wood

This one particular is abnormal from the other programs we appeared at in that it’s painted. It is acquired tons of drawers and cupboards to shop your tools and components in between uses, which provides it fantastic utility.

You will not discover the plans at crestonwood. What you’ll uncover is a downloadable .zip file that you can extract for a comprehensive established of directions that involves components and materials.

11. DIY router table plan from One Project Closer

There is not everything genuinely specific about this router table. It’s a rather basic product meant to just permit you to cut precision grooves. One particular factor that we like is that it is built with a special eye to your electricity wire. When it will come to a device intended to continue to be in location and plugged in, that is a rather big deal.

Just as there aren’t any secrets or anything at all to this router, the programs are rather simple. A single advantage of its simplicity is that you can create it and get routing in a hurry.

12. Simple router table plan from Sawdust Making

Most likely the simplest programs we seemed at, this a single is just about receiving you a steady operate surface that you can place on best of your workbench. There is not any flash to it. It is just a basic benchtop router table that you can set jointly in a hurry to get to perform.

One thing to spend particular focus to are recommendations on how to build the fence. That’s genuinely what this desk has likely for it.

We have also taken a search at the foremost router tables on the marketplace appropriate now. You can read through our conclusion (best picks) right here.

13. A Router Table for Woodworkers

This router desk by Joe Johns is aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. Technically, this desk is more of a “cabinet” than a desk. If you have developed cabinets prior to, figuring out this strategy ought to be straightforward.

14. Cheap Router Table Plan

If you’re striving to make a router desk on a budget, this prepare from Instructables could be your very best selection. You could have ample wood scraps laying close to your house to construct it – which would make it totally free of charge. Of system, you do want a few screws and bolts to get it together. Nevertheless, most woodworkers have these laying all around as nicely.

15. Trash Can Router Table


In the south, we would call this “jury-rigging”. An simple way to preserve area in your shop and make a inexpensive router table is to use a trash can as your foundation. This super effortless program from Woodworking Tips must only take a handful of moments to produce.

16. Mini Router Table

If you really don't want a enormous router table, this prepare from Wooden Magazine might be a reliable alternative. It makes use of simple parts of wood and a handful of clamps. It is one particular of the least difficult options to make on this record.

17. Router Table with Plenty of Storage


This desk from Woodsmith Programs is elegant and will come in a few diverse types. It is the supreme router table guidebook and contains lots of storage. You can pick amongst an open up base or enclosed foundation, depending on your preferences.

18. Fancy and Complicated Router Table


If you want to make the fanciest table achievable, this one from Ideas Now is the a single to get. It will come with all types of drawers and seems to be professionally manufactured. Nevertheless, it does consider really a little bit of work.

19. Aluminum Router Table Cabinet


For individuals who can operate with aluminum, this desk from Sommerfeld’s Equipment is a strong selection. This desk consists of ten drawers for plenty of storage. It isn’t terribly tough to develop possibly.

20. Unfinished Wood Router Table


This is a simple table from Woodstore.web with lots of storage. It will take a little bit of know-how. But, if you have worked on wood prior to, you must be able to figure out how to do it.

21. Spool Router Table


If you take place to have an additional spool lying around, then this table from Mother Earth News is perfect for you! Of course, most men and women do not have an extra spool lying all around, so you could have to select a various choice rather.

22. Easy Router Table


Learning how to develop a router table from Sawdust Producing a hundred and one is a really effortless and uncomplicated. It has an extension twine connected to it to electrical power all of your equipment and machinery, which is a good addition.

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