23 Companion Plants for Eggplants (With Pictures)

Eggplants are well-liked vegetables frequently grown in residence gardens. Gardeners enjoy this vegetable due to the fact it arrives in many designs, colours, and dimensions. You can also pair the eggplant with a number of companion vegetation to fully make use of the place of your property backyard garden.

When companion planting is completed right—by pairing crops with equivalent increasing conditions and preferences—you can develop a harmonious, symbiotic romantic relationship. They will create greater crops, incorporate more nutrients to the soil, supply shade from the sunshine, improve NPK, and gives pest safety.

In this article, we have compiled a checklist of all the best companion plants for eggplants. We have also highlighted some of the worst companion plants that shouldn’t be developed with eggplants. Read on to discover more.

The 23 Great Companion Plants for Eggplants

Nightshade Companions

It makes sense that the ideal companion crops for eggplants would also be users of the same family. When planted jointly, they grow nicely without having competing for vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they have related daylight requirements, fertilizing demands, and watering wants.

Nevertheless, there is a caveat. If you get pest bacterial infections in a single plant, all your plants will be afflicted. Also, even though not really usually, they might be competitiveness for room and nutrients. Luckily, you can give your plants with high quality natural soil to dietary supplement the soil nutrition.

Nightshade species that make great companion crops for eggplants contain:

1. Tomatoes

red tomatoes on vines
Image Credit: kie-ker, Pixabay

Tomatoes do quite properly when paired with eggplants. Even far better, they are paired as elements in most dishes. So, you can develop and harvest them with each other for your do-it-yourself meals. Nevertheless, be on the lookout for large tomato leaves blocking the eggplant that reduce daylight publicity to your eggplants.

2. Potatoes

Potato field
Image Credit: Wolfgang Ehrecke, Pixabay, Sgriculture

The potato plant is 1 of the most functional crops among the nightshade household. It is also a stable component in a selection of recipes. When employed as a companion plant for eggplants, ensure that the potato variety you plant does not exhaust nutrition and nitrogen reserves from the soil.

Certain, some sites could discourage making use of potatoes as an eggplant companion plant, but if carried out proper, they can fortunately coexist. Just be certain to check out the soil’s nutrient composition and routinely include plant nutritional supplements as necessary. Potato vegetation can even shade your eggplants from the severe glare of the summertime sun, hence preventing burnt foliage.

3. Peppers

bell peppers
Image Credit: JillWellington, Pixabay

Eggplants share similar increasing problems with peppers, generating them excellent associate crops. They really don't necessarily count on certain cultivars, so you can pair the eggplant with either delicate or scorching peppers. This pairing aids decrease pests and bugs in your backyard garden mattress. In addition, peppers include a chemical to the root program, which aids avoid fungus and root rot beneath the soil.

Be sure to check the soil metrics utilizing a soil meter. Also, keep in mind that when multiple nightshade species are planted together, they promote competition, ensuing in more compact crop yields. Your soil will deplete its nutrients in excess of time, so your crops want to be reseeded with clean soil. In such a predicament, crop rotation would help prevent pest recurrence and nutrient competitiveness in between members of the nightshade loved ones.

Herb Companion Plants for Eggplants

Some herb species make excellent associates for nightshade vegetation due to the fact of their robust scents that not only appeal to useful insects like pollinators but also by natural means repel pests from your garden. The herbs that make wonderful companion plants for eggplants incorporate:

4. Catnip

catnip plants
Image Credit: snd_nrdc, Pixabay

It is safe to plant eggplants near catnip. Even so, you need to in no way plant catnip subsequent to any legume species that are close by. Be it beans or peas, they will end up competing for nutrients. For that reason, both vegetation will be stunted and not able to reach their complete crop produce.

So, if you are thinking about planting eggplants with catnip, make sure no other legumes are present in your backyard. Also, if you have cats, you need to be careful simply because the furry creatures will action all more than your plants as they attempt to access the catnip. Wire fencing may be critical if pairing catnip with eggplants.

5. Oregano

oregano herbs
Image Credit: HansLinde, Pixabay

Oregano is a fantastic addition to a house backyard. If developed as a companion plant, it can repel spider mites, aphids, and cabbage moths. Oregano also attracts pollinators, this sort of as ladybugs and honey bees, to your backyard.

6. Cilantro

wet cilantro leaves
Image Credit: Brett_Hondow, Pixabay

Like Oregano, cilantro plant species entice natural predators that feed on beetles. This will help shield your vegetables from becoming attacked by pests. Also, its nice scent will maintain your garden smelling fantastic all calendar year spherical.

7. Lemon balm

Lemon Balm
Image Credit: MAKY_OREL, Pixabay

Lemon balm is also a fantastic associate plant for eggplants because of to the all-natural citrus smell that it makes. The scent will assist maintain bugs like spiders, snails, slugs, and tablet bugs from your precious vegetable backyard.

8. Rosemary

benenden blue rosemary
Image Credit: nnattalli, Shutterstock

Plant rosemary next to your eggplant or other vegetables to repel the Colorado potato beetle. It is a great pet deterrent companion plant. When picking which variety to grow, it’s greater to go for the highly scented ones due to the fact they also aid increase the flavor of the eggplants.

Vegetable Companions for Eggplants

The symbiotic partnership among greens rewards the two vegetation in a number of methods. Prior to choosing a vegetable for your residence backyard garden, first make sure that it grows in your hardiness zone. The best partner vegetable vegetation for eggplants include:

9. Spinach

Image Credit: ha11ok, Pixabay

As a leafy plant, spinach is planted for its eco-friendly foliage. The large, broad leaves shield your eggplants from the severe solar glare, specially on very hot summer times. In addition, the huge leaves defend the soil from evaporation so that you really do not have to h2o your crops as usually.

Spinach also aids in eggplant improvement and, in some cases, can also assist hold weeds out of your garden. When harvested together with the eggplants, they also make a wonderful food.

10. Cabbage

cabbage in vegetable garden
Image Credit: Vulkahn-22, Pixabay

Cabbage is a excellent partner plant for eggplants, specifically when employed as a entice crop. This just signifies cabbage can deter bugs away from your eggplants. It makes a good decoy plant since it lures absent bugs like the flea beetle. Beetles often favor cabbage more than eggplants. Granted, this is not a low-cost alternative, but it is nonetheless feasible when done appropriate.

11. Radish

radish crops
Image Credit: wenzlerdesign, Pixabay

Radishes also make fantastic partners for eggplants. They are a fantastic selection, especially if growing your eggplants in a modest, restricted room in which other “needy” vegetation would not easily expand and thrive.

12. Okra

okra plant budding
Image Credit: Elouis73, Pixabay

Okra pairs properly with eggplants simply because they share the identical watering needs and Okra increases nitrogen material in the soil. So, you can basically feed and drinking water your vegetation simultaneously in your vegetable yard. Maintenance techniques are also related.

13. Kohlrabi

Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

This tiny-recognized plant is largely planted following to eggplants owing to its insect-deterrent houses. Kohlrabi can repel cabbage beetles and aphids, specially if used as a barrier plant. In addition, it assists shade eggplants from the very hot, scorching midday sunshine.

14. Amaranth

Red amaranth microgreens
Image Credit: Madeleine Steinbach, Shutterstock

Amaranth shares the very same increasing specifications with eggplants, so they can be spread out in the backyard garden exactly where eggplants are growing. It repels some dangerous bugs and loosens the soil for far better drainage. Moreover, amaranth can be harvested at the exact same time as eggplants.

Flower Companions for Eggplants

Some flowering plants make wonderful companion plants when planted up coming to your eggplants. They consist of:

15. Marigolds

Image Credit: Marjonhorn, Pixabay

To most gardeners, Marigold is 1 of the greatest flowering plant species to pair with eggplants since of its pest-repelling homes. They also entice a lot of attention from pollinators, such as bees and birds, which also gain the encompassing crops in your backyard garden. So, if you have pests this sort of as flies, ants, fleas, beetles, and aphids attacking your eggplants, marigolds will maintain them absent. The flower also discourages nematodes.

Regrettably, the Mexican marigold species might preserve pests at bay, but it introduces toxicity to legumes, these kinds of as beans and peas. So, you should be careful if expanding a assortment of legumes near your eggplants.

16. Borage

borage flowers
Image Credit: ioanna_alexa, Shutterstock

Borage, a cousin of oregano, is also a excellent companion plant due to the fact it will help preserve worms and larvae away from your eggplants. If you recognize lower marks on your eggplant foliage, merely plant oregano, which draws in birds and bees to feed on these pesky insects. Certain, it may possibly not be as popular as its cousin species, but it even now has several makes use of in a property yard.

17. Sunflowers

sunflower plants
Image Credit: Ulleo, Pixabay

Sunflowers are stunning, easy to develop, and really adaptable in use. They are also excellent companion plants simply because they attract beneficial pollinators to your backyard. Nevertheless, sunflowers deficiency the pest-repelling power of other flowering species. But they more than make up for their sunny disposition, which draws in birds that eat the beetles that may attack your eggplants.

18. Nasturtium

nasturtium plant
Image Credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

Nasturtium is often grown subsequent to eggplants as a decoy plant to bait any insects wandering about your vegetable backyard. Instead of feeding on the eggplants, they will feed on the nasturtium.

This plant species is effortless to increase, cheap, and can be sacrificed to pests to guarantee that your eggplants thrive. Bugs like aphids are especially captivated to this companion plant. Nasturtium also aids avert weeds from using in excess of your backyard garden.

Legume Companions for Eggplants

It is a well-documented reality that legumes and beans assist incorporate nitrogen to the soil. Eggplants will gain from the nitrogen-wealthy soil and could even eradicate the require to fertilize the soil with nitrogen fertilizers if the soil is missing.

Even so, use a soil meter to affirm the soil nutrient profile before making use of legumes as a companion plant. Also considerably nitrogen will pressure your eggplants to produce smaller fruits and more foliage as an alternative. This will as a result minimize the crop generate.

Right here are the ideal legumes to pair with your eggplants:

19. Peas

peas growing on the fence
Image Credit: CJ, Pixabay

Peas can insert more nitrogen material to the soil than most legumes. This is simply because it derives its nitrogen articles from the air and adds it to the substrate. If your garden soil normally lacks nitrogen or potassium, simply plant peas to fertilize any vegetation developing close by.

20. Lentils

Image Credit: Mario, Pixabay

Lentils are also best companion vegetation for eggplants since they can easily stimulate nitrogen production in your substrate plant. With lentils expanding up coming to your eggplants, you will not need any nitrogen health supplements. Also, right after a although, these crops are likely to cut off right after maturity, permitting your eggplants to appreciate the unused space even though utilizing the lentil roots as compost.

21. Pole Beans and Bush Beans

pole beans
Image Credit: Robinotof, Shutterstock

Pole beans are suited as associate plants due to the fact they offer organic assistance to eggplants as they grow up. Like pole beans, most vine plants make a trellis that naturally wraps around tall surrounding crops. Just before making use of pole beans as companion plants, maintain in head that the height of pole beans can grow way too substantial. Tall beans could cover eggplants, possibly avoiding solar rays from achieving the lower crops.

On the other hand, legumes this kind of as bush beans will normally assist avert pests this sort of as the Colorado beetles from attacking your eggplants.

22. Squash

squash in vegetable garden
Image Credit: umaruchan4678, Shutterstock

Squash is an excellent companion plant for eggplants simply because it shares equivalent sunlight needs to make huge wholesome fruits like eggplant. They equally thrive from 6 hrs of publicity to daylight for each working day, so can be planted concurrently. Basically guarantee there is adequate organic and natural issue since squash is normally greedy for nutrients.

23. Green Beans

Green Bean plant
Image Credit: Catherine_P, Shutterstock

Environmentally friendly beans are an easy and inexpensive alternative for pairing with eggplants. Not only are they rewarding when grown in a residence backyard, but you can also use the plant to maintain pests like the Colorado beetle at bay.

Worst Companion Plants for Eggplants

As you may possibly have collected by now, companion planting is advised to aid maintain the beauty of eggplants and increase the generate. Nevertheless, there some plants if planted up coming to eggplants could bring about their destruction. These plants incorporate:

  • Fennel: Fennels make poor companion plants for eggplants as they can easily deplete nutrients from the soil. This will prevent your eggplants from receiving the much-needed nutrients to thrive and produce healthy-looking purple fruits.
  • Geranium: Granted, geranium has some pest-repelling properties when planted next to some plant species. However, when grown next to eggplants, your vegetables are likely to contract disease infections. Geraniums are vulnerable to a variety of diseases.


Picking the very best companion plant for your eggplant will count on factors such as expanding circumstances, feeding and watering demands, your budget, as well as your gardening choices. Now that you know the ideal and worst companion crops for your eggplants, figuring out which paring works greatest shouldn’t be a dilemma. Pleased Gardening!


Featured Impression Credit score: Rycky21, Pixabay