3 DIY Cedar Hot Tub Plans You Can Make Today

Sizzling tubs are well-recognized for becoming quite costly. Often, they price a few of thousand dollars at the quite least, and this usually does not consist of the installation and transportation of the sizzling tub.

When buying a tub, most folks purchase a mass-produced choice from a business vendor. However, it is also attainable to make your own scorching tub out of cedarwood. Although these usually are not as extravagant as business options, they are significantly cheaper.

If you have a little Do-it-yourself knowledge and want to tackle this project, we have integrated some plans for building a cedar hot tub below. Most of these are quite related. Even so, they do differ a bit.

The 3 Best DIY Cedar Hot Tub Plans You Can Make Today

1. Beautiful Cedar Hot Tub

Tools Needed: Jigsaw, miter saw, plunge router, table saw with laser
Experience Level: High

When it arrives to cedar hot tubs, this is very easily one particular of the greatest programs on the industry. On leading of being one particular of the most stunning scorching tubs we’ve located, the strategies also come alongside a online video series, which may possibly assist you determine out precisely how to develop it.

Like most cedar sizzling tubs, this 1 entirely utilizes wood and hearth to warmth the water. As a result, it is perfect for people with no electric power.

The programs also clarify how to discover the appropriate wood for minimal costs, which is usually great, specifically if you’re trying to save money. We also discovered that this program is useful for people that really require somebody to stroll them via each and every stage, as the online video practically does just that.

2. Basic Wooden Hot Tub

Tools Needed: 2×6 planks of cedarwood, hot tap water heater, power pack
Experience Level: Medium

This easy wood hot tub is made out of simple wood and is rectangular, in contrast to most strategies out there. It heats the water by way of the use of a sizzling faucet water heater—not firewood or other organic resources. Consequently, it is crucial that you build it exactly where electricity is accessible, in any other case, it will not be ready to heat the water.

Overall, this strategy is a minor little bit less difficult than other possibilities on the market. Consequently, if you don’t have considerably Do-it-yourself knowledge, you may want to pick this alternative.

3. Homestead Wooden Hot Tub

Tools Needed: Wood, spa pack, clamping system
Experience Level: High

This cedar hot tub plan is extremely related to the first one particular we pointed out. Nonetheless, it utilizes a spa pack to support maintain the water clean and heat it, which tends to make it considerably less complicated to care for than other alternatives out there.

With that stated, this hot tub is really challenging and can be difficult to make. The spa program does make it a bit less complicated, in theory, but that also implies that you are going to have to offer with installing it, which can be difficult.

Based mostly on all of this information, we’d only suggest this scorching tub for individuals that are far more Do-it-yourself seasoned.


If you’re intrigued in building a cedar hot tub, you can’t conquer the very first program pointed out previously mentioned. The video clip series will assist wander you by means of the exact procedure of putting together the sizzling tub, and the authors will even make clear how to help save the most funds.

You will need very a couple of woodworking resources, although, which usually are not in the beginner’s arsenal. Therefore, this venture is genuinely very best for these with some Diy knowledge underneath their belt.

Showcased Image Credit history: Semachkovsky, Shutterstock