33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)

Palm trees are a fascinating kind of tree that most of us consider are strictly heat-weather conditions crops. However, some species can reside and weather conditions down to 10° Fahrenheit. They occur in a broad selection of dimensions, and the leaves differ in form and color.

If you’re thinking about acquiring a palm tree for your property or property and would like to know far more about the versions offered, you’ve occur to the appropriate spot. We’re about to checklist a number of species that would make a excellent option. We’ll give you a quick description and a photograph for every single so you can decide which is appropriate for your following landscaping undertaking.

Types of Palm Trees

Fast Growing Palm Trees

1. Carpentaria Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: FiwFuse, Shutterstock

The Carpentaria Palm is a medium-sized palm tree indigenous to Australia. It has a solitary trunk that can expand to ten-inches in diameter and achieve a height of forty feet.

2. Foxtail Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Foxtail Palm is an eye-catching tree that is self-cleaning and has several trunks with rounded fronds. It seems to be excellent in any landscape, as lengthy as it is not too close to the residence simply because it can grow to about thirty ft.

3. Majesty Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixelbender36, Shutterstock

The Majesty Palm is an additional Palm tree that has a vast trunk probably for storing h2o. It first came to the United States in 1990 when Florida released it as a houseplant. It has eye-catching fronds that have varying shades of green.

4. Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Supporter Palms are tall trees that can expand to be a hundred toes or far more. It will get its title from its darkish green admirer-shaped leaves that can be 5 feet broad. It has a reddish-brown trunk that is thin and tapered.

5. Queen Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: NatureFotoBug, Shutterstock

The Queen Palm is a solitary trunk tree with shiny leaves. It can grow to fifty toes tall and makes vibrant orange dates that hang in ornamental clusters.

Fruit-Producing Palm Trees

6. Acai Palm

Folks usually expand the Acai Palm for the nutritious berries it produces that are prosperous in anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids. However, it also has attractive fan-shaped leaves.

7. Coconut Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Coconut Palm is a single of the most common versions of palm trees globally, not only for the tasty fruit it makes but also due to the fact it is not picky about the soil it grows in. All this tree needs is plenty of sunshine and plenty of drinking water.

8. Date Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Date Palm is a species of palm tree from Africa popular for its sweet edible dates. Some folks imagine this is 1 of the very first vegetation cultivated as numerous as 5,000 several years in the past.

9. Jelly Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Alexander Denisenko, Shutterstock

The Jelly Palm is a shorter palm tree that only grows to about twenty ft tall. It likes effectively-drained soil and receives its title from the tender fruit that it produces with a sturdy pineapple taste.

10.  Saw Palmetto Palm

The Observed Palmetto Palm is utilised to produce a health food complement. It may possibly assist reduce coughs because of to different ailments and reduce chronic pelvic ache, migraines, hair loss, and a lot more.

Cold Tolerant Palm Trees

11. Bismark Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: clayton harrison, Shutterstock

The Bismark Palm has placing foliage color and texture. The thick trunk has a rounded head of stiff metal blue supporter-formed fronds that can be four ft extensive or more.

12. California Fan Palm

The California Fan Palm is a flowering tree native to the southwestern United States. It can increase to 66 toes tall with a strong column and admirer-shaped leaves.

13. Chinese Fan Palm

The Chinese Supporter Palm is a chilly-resistant tree that can endure temperatures as minimal as 15º Fahrenheit. It is a fantastic apartment plant, but can we expand up to 40 feet outside the house.

14. Needle Palm

The Needle Palm is renowned simply because it is a single of the toughest palm trees in the planet. It is a tiny, gradual-developing tree with an desirable visual appeal and dark grey and shaped fronds.

15. Windmill Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: rSnapshotPhotos, Shutterstock

The Windmill Palm is an desirable tree with large round supporter-shaped fronds that can develop to 75 inches prolonged. This tree can increase to 40 toes tall but can get decades.

Drought Tolerant Palm Trees

16. Areca Palm

Areca Palm Trees are quick-developing and drought-resistant. It tends to make the grace property plant or lawn ornament and is indigenous to El Salvador, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and encompassing regions. It functions well in pots, but you need to have to be careful when transplanting it.

17. Blue Hesper Palm

The Blue Hesper Palm is a single trunk assortment of palm trees that can increase to about forty toes tall. It has supporter-shaped fawns with sharp spikes that are highly resistant to drought conditions.

18. Blue Latan Palm

The Blue Latan Palm is an very tough tree that flourishes in intense heat, sunshine, and dry situations. Even so, this tree does not do effectively under 32º Fahrenheit, so it’s greatest to develop it in hotter locations.

19. Canary Island Date Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixabay

The Canary Island Day Palm is a well-known decorative tree because of the pink fruit it creates. It typically grows to about sixty ft but can get a long time to achieve that height.

20. Sylvester Date Palm

The Sylvester Date Palm is a single of the most attractive palm tree varieties. It swiftly grows to its mature height of all around fifty toes tall, and it can be as broad as twenty five feet.

Salt Tolerant Palms

21. Buccaneer Palm

The Buccaneer Palm Tree is a hardy variety that can stand up to drought salt and excessive temperature alter. Every single Buccaneer Palm has a unique physical appearance with leaves ranging from eco-friendly to bluish-eco-friendly or even silver.

22. Cabbage Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: T-Vision, Shutterstock

The Cabbage Palm is one more hardy tree that can expand to sixty five toes tall. It has a rounded head but is made up of vast fronds with quite a few leaflets. It produces a fragrant flower that growers get in touch with Cabbage Palmetto.

23. Old Man Palm

Aged Gentleman Palms are a excellent option for a tiny landscape. They also work nicely when planted in clumps, but they can get quite expensive. It gets its title from its unique trunk with a wool-like covering of fibers that cling down from the tree and resemble an older man’s beard.

24. Spindle Palm

The Spindle Palm has a single towering trunk that can reach more than twenty five feet if it gets complete sunlight. It has lengthy fronds that can reach ten toes lengthy, producing an arching effect that looks pleasing when part of a bigger landscape.

Small Palm Trees

25. European Fan Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

The European Enthusiast Palm Tree is the only Palm native to Europe. It’s a sluggish-expanding and clumping selection that grows to about eight to fifteen toes tall and spreads to ten toes broad. This plant is on the Florida-helpful landscaping plant record, and its textured fronds make it stand out from other vegetation.

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26. Bottle Palm

The Bottle Palm is a true Palm with a swollen trunk. No one particular is confident why the trunk advanced, but a lot of think it may keep water during a drought. It grows to about 10 feet tall with fronds that can develop to 12 toes.

27. Lipstick Palm

The Lipstick Palm is indigenous to Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo. Several folks phone it the Crimson Palm because of its coloring. It can increase to 52 feet tall, and its coloring puts it in higher demand from customers for landscaping assignments.

28. Pindo Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: SKPG_Arts, Shutterstock

The Pindo Palm is 1 of the far more well-liked varieties of palm trees. It stands about 15 feet tall and has prolonged feather-like leaves that range in colour from inexperienced to bluish-gray. It creates yellow to orange bouquets in late spring, turning into brilliant orange fruits we contact pindo dates.

29. Pygmy Date Palm

The Pygmy Day Palm is a slow-developing tropical plant that can attain a number of toes tall and is about four feet wide. While most Palms have a plastic appearance, the Pygmy Day palm has delicate leaves. It enjoys humid circumstances and loads of area.

Indoor Palms

30. Areca Palm

33 Different Types of Palm Trees (With Pictures)
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

Areca Palm is an decorative tree with a bushy appearance. Some folks get in touch with it a Butterfly Palm because of the way the leaves dangle down, creating it a well-liked indoor plant that you can find in many office structures and doctor’s offices.

31. Bamboo Palm

The Bamboo Palm is a relatively exceptional tree that thrives in minimal light situations, creating it an outstanding office plant. It is also hardy and challenging ample to skip a number of waterings.

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32. Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm Tree is another workplace plant that grows better in indirect daylight. This palm tree is not particular about its soil, but it likes nicely-hydrated floor with a lot of fertilizer.

33. Ponytail Palm

One particular search at the Ponytail Palm, and you will know specifically why it’s called that. It has a vast base with a thin prime where the leaves lengthen. It requirements very minor care and only calls for water every single handful of weeks as prolonged as you area it in sunlight.


As you can see, there is quite a massive variety of palm trees obtainable to you. If you dwell in the northern element of the United States, you will require to decide on from the cold-tolerant palm trees. If you’re looking for palm trees to spruce up your outside landscape, we advocate little palm trees and fruit-making palm trees. For in-property use, we recommend indoor palms for the very best benefits.

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Featured Picture Credit score: Pixabay