4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 &#8211 Top Picks &#038 ReviewsYour final pocket multimeter failed and as such, you are browsing for an satisfactory substitute but the choices on the industry overwhelm you. There are way too a lot of alternatives to select from and they all arrive in vivid shades that are really tempting. Thinking that all multimeters work in the very same way, you go in advance and decide on the multimeter that is visually desirable but following a brief time period, the multimeter breaks down and you are asking yourself why that is the case.

The cause the multimeter unsuccessful right after a brief time is that you did not examine the multimeter prior to acquiring it and as these kinds of, you could have skipped out on a few issues that make a very good pocket multimeter. To avoid this from going on at any time yet again, we have compiled this information that takes a appear at some of the issues that you have to think about when buying multimeters as properly as offering pocket multimeter reviews of some of the prime types that you can decide for.

Our Favorite Models Compared in 2022

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall

4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews
4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews Fluke 117
  • Compact design
  • Low input impedance
  • Non-contact voltage detection
    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews
    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews INNOVA 3340
  • Makes accurate readings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile
    Best Value

    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews
    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews Fluke 101 Mini
  • Small and compact
  • Protects it from falls
  • Automatic shutdown
    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews AstroAI
  • Data hold feature
  • Large screen display

    The 4 Best Pocket Multimeters

    1. Fluke 117 Pocket Multimeter – Best Overall

    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    The best pocket multimeter that you can get for tests your electronics is the Fluke 117. With the ability to troubleshoot a range of issues, the Fluke 117 will serve you diligently when likely about your specialist or Do-it-yourself obligations. The Fluke 117 can detect voltage with no possessing to make contact with the electronic and this is really essential for your safety as it reduces the odds of getting electrocuted.

    The Fluke 117 has minimal input impedance and this will make sure that it doesn’t make inaccurate readings when utilised to test electronics. The whole position of a pocket multimeter is to make sure that it is light-weight in excess weight and compact and we are pleased to report that the Fluke 117 is not hefty. Transferring all around with it is, as a result, really simple as it will very easily suit into your pocket.

    The only fault that we discovered with the Fluke 117 was that the show was not really obvious and this by some means made it a challenge to make readings, specially in badly lit areas.

    • Compact design.
    • Rugged exterior for extra protection.
    • Low input impedance.
    • Non-contact voltage detection.
    • The display was not clear.

    2. INNOVA 3340 Pocket Multimeter

    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    A good multimeter must be capable to make exact readings and the INNOVA 3340 did a very good job in that regard. It is perfect for troubleshooting difficulties with electronics and automotive elements and this versatility is a single of the causes why it is this substantial in our position of pocket multimeters.

    A pocket multimeter should match in a pocket for easy transportation and the INNOVA 3340 light-weight layout and compact create have produced this achievable. It has paddings on all of its 4 corners and this sufficiently safeguards the multimeter from shock and falls.

    Its automobile-ranging capability is one more function that you will enjoy of this multimeter as it immediately detects the part that you are making an attempt to evaluate and this tends to make it straightforward to use the multimeter for numerous assignments as there will be minimal changes to make.

    The components of the INNOVA 3340 these kinds of as the screen become unreliable right after some time and this flaw noticed it miss out on the initial place in our ranking.

    • Makes accurate readings.
    • Rugged exterior.
    • Lightweight and portable.
    • Versatile.
    • Unreliable parts.
    • The display is not good enough.
    • Difficult to use.

    3. Fluke 101 Mini Multimeter – Best Value

    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    When acquiring pocket multimeters, the most expensive versions are not usually the best as there are even now some price range picks on the market and the Fluke one hundred and one is our price range select in this classification. It expenses considerably less than the models rated larger on our checklist but it is still ready to match their performance when it comes to providing precise readings.

    It has a rugged exterior that allows it to endure falls and this provides to its toughness thereby delivering you with many years of support. Other than being reputable, the Fluke a hundred and one is small and light-weight in excess weight and this tends to make it a perfect pocket multimeter for technicians who are constantly on the go. It shuts down immediately when it is not currently being utilized and this helps it preserve the battery charge.

    It is, nevertheless, responsible of producing ghost readings when absolutely nothing is linked to it and could result in a incorrect diagnosis when troubleshooting electronics and this flaw is what held it off our prime 2. Despite this, we feel this is very best pocket multimeter for the money accessible this calendar year.

    • Small and compact.
    • Rugged exterior protects it from falls.
    • Automatic shutdown helps it save power.
    • Makes ghost readings.
    • Poor customer service.
    • The display is not large enough.

    4. AstroAI Pocket MultiMeter

    4 Best Pocket Multimeters of 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

    When getting a pocket multimeter, your primary thought is the bodyweight of the multimeter as you want it to be mild sufficient for you to go about with it simply but sadly, the AstroAI does not provide you that ease. It was heavier than the multimeters that we sampled and which is why we have presented it this sort of a minimal ranking.

    The outer masking is not as rugged as you would assume and this compromised its longevity and features in the celebration of shocks or hard falls. The backlight was also not that obvious and this created it challenging to make appropriate readings specifically in improperly lit areas.

    The AstroAI has a massive screen that created the readings very clear and noticeable and this was 1 of the positives that we noticed with this multimeter. Its knowledge keep attribute was also remarkable but this was not ample for us to give it a larger position in our extensive manual.

    • Data hold feature.
    • Large screen display.
    • Heavy and bulky.
    • The outer covering is not sufficient.
    • It cannot be used in poorly lit areas.
    • The beep can be annoying.

    Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Pocket Multimeter

    When acquiring a pocket multimeter, the major thing that you are interested in is whether or not the multimeter is gentle ample for you to shift close to with it easily and no matter whether it is little sufficient to suit in your pocket. These are essential factors to make specifically if you are a cell technician who is often on the move but there are even now other important items to consider.

    The multimeter nevertheless has to function properly and this is yet another critical thing to consider to make other than the bodyweight and size of the multimeter. There are other items to take into account and we will search at a couple of of them in this write-up.

    Things to consider

    Some of the things that you have to contemplate to make an informed buying determination consist of

    The cost

    You require to think about the expense of the multimeter when purchasing if you don’t want to overpay for a worthless merchandise. Of training course, cost is an indicator of high quality as the higher priced models are much more likely to provide greater performance than lower-priced types. However, some worthless types are tremendously overpriced and you might conclude up with a useless multimeter if you really don't analyze the merchandise correctly.

    Some low priced versions are just as fantastic and you might get fortunate and discover a great multimeter if you search correctly. To steer clear of making an overpayment when purchasing a multimeter, it is, for that reason, important to assess the functions of the product to check if it has the features that you desire in a multimeter.

    Analog or digital

    Multimeters are both analog or digital and you will be sensible to get a digital multimeter for your troubleshooting wants. This is since a electronic multimeter provides correct readings and this will support you make the right analysis. They are also able to detect slight changes and this can make them really reputable.

    Analog multimeters, on the other hand, use a bar that moves on a graduated scale to give readings. The readings from this kind of multimeters are not accurate as the bar would be fluctuating each time there is a change and this helps make it difficult to make suitable readings.

    Analog multimeters are also heavy and cumbersome and because your main fascination when getting a pocket multimeter is the dimensions and weight of the resource, then analog multimeters really do not suit the invoice and as this sort of, you are greater off with a electronic multimeter that occupies less place.


    In our quest to uncover excellent pocket multimeters, the Fluke 117 emerged as the best that you can get with the INNOVA 3340 our second-best selection. We preferred how these two multimeters gave accurate readings and that’s why they have a higher rating. The Fluke one hundred and one was our funds acquire and the AstroAI our the very least favored pocket multimeter.

    Choosing a excellent pocket multimeter is not easy as there are a whole lot of items to contemplate other than the size and bodyweight of the multimeter. There are also a great deal of designs to decide on from, thereby creating the selection process more difficult. Blessed for you, we have carried out all the hard operate and we present the evaluations of pocket multimeters that between the greatest in the enterprise.

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