4 Different Types of Wood Flooring In Old Homes

Ahead of World War II, virtually each and every residence experienced some type of wooden flooring. It did not subject if the house layout was Tudor, Colonial, or even Victorian. If it was a composition meant to be a house, it had picket flooring.

Things started out shifting in the fifties when the wall-to-wall carpet was released into the industry. Suddenly people started switching allegiance, like property owners who had previously mounted extraordinary hardwood flooring.

The fact is, this new development received momentum so rapidly since the high quality of carpets that were released at the time have been so excellent, it was nearly unattainable to resist the urge. It experienced this lavish look and felt excellent underneath the ft.

Some people swiftly realized that they could install the carpet correct above their hardwood flooring and not have to make investments far more time or funds removing the earlier set up. So that is precisely what they did.

But after a few of a long time, the pattern fizzled out, and people began lacking the warmth provided by wooden floors. By the time we had been opening a new chapter cued by the new millennium, the demand from customers for wooden flooring skyrocketed when yet again.

What this brief background tells you is, wooden floorings have and will usually be very fascinating. So when you acquire an previous residence and locate a single of the wood floorings that we’re about to go over, do not uninstall it. Treat it appropriate by selecting a expert who’ll give it a new lease on existence.

The 4 Main Types of Wood Flooring In Old Homes

1. White Oak

Color: Light beige
Grain: Straight
Texture: Uneven

White Oak was so well-known again in the day simply because it was very easily accessible. It also occurs to be lighter in color—an attribute that provides homeowners the option of exploring various stains, ranging from dim chocolate to gentle gray.

If you have used White Oak just before, you are going to agree that it often finds a way to maintain up with present developments. Throughout individuals moments, folks retained hunting for that rustic flooring design as it was the trend back again then. Feel it or not, the homes of the oak created it such that it was the ideal in shape for that kind of aesthetic, and several other folks as nicely.

You wouldn’t be mistaken to believe that White Oak is a flexible flooring option. Or how else can one particular explain wooden flooring that meshes well with any type of décor? Oak has a beautiful grain that is not only straightforward to stain, but also can be manipulated to search a particular way.

Durability and its higher resistance to rotting and dents were the other causes a lot of men and women relied on it when it arrived to flooring. Those who settled on other choices probably only did so simply because they discovered white oak too difficult to saw—a difficulty resulting from its substantial density.

  • Durable
  • High resistance to rot and dents
  • Versatile
  • Not easy to saw

2. Chestnut

Color:  Light brown
Grain: Straight
Texture: Coarse

Anytime we chat about chestnuts, we’re referring to two diverse species, located in the Genus Castanea. There is Castanea Dentata, also identified as the American Chestnut, and the Castanea Sativa, frequently referred to as Sweet Chestnut.

Most of their houses are of program related, but you are going to be in a position to place a couple of differences—their appearance, for case in point. You see, even even though the two of them are mild brown in shade, the grains of American Chestnut will be black and resemble dotted strains. People of the Sweet Chestnut, on the other hand, won’t have any darkish colour, but they’ll seem like dots.

The Sweet Chestnut is not as durable as the American chestnut, but compared to most species out there, it is still really resilient. What is a lot more, they are both effortless to work with, have a high resistance to rot, and stain properly.

Sadly though, the American species is a rare species. Not because it’s exotic, but since of the condition that virtually wiped all of them in the 1900s. In truth, this is the other reason why it’s expensive and not very frequent in modern day homes.

  • Durable
  • Stains well
  • High resistance to rot
  • Not easy to find
  • Pricey

3. Maple

4 Different Types of Wood Flooring In Old Homes
Image Credit: jactod, Pixabay
Color: White with reddish-brown hues
Grain: Straight
Texture: Fine

Maple was, and is still, is a supporter favored in this industry, and it is truly not challenging to see why viewing as it assures a mixture of elegance and power. This is a sort of flooring that has withstood the examination of time and comes with neutral shades that blend into pretty much any décor type.

We truly feel it is crucial to observe that there are a lot more than a single species of maple. Even so, the toughest and most frequent species that have been used in outdated home floorings are the Black Maple and the Sugar Maple.

If by any possibility you really do not believe us when we say these two are the hardest species in that household, why are they usually utilised to assemble gym flooring and bowling alleys?

The good issue about the maple species is, they are plentiful in the United States. And they are easily available—and affordable—because they increase reasonably quickly.

Though maple is a hardwood species, it’s relatively unstable. That is why most aged residences that experienced this flooring had been more inclined to changes in the environment. Just a slight fluctuation in humidity or even temperature is ample to trigger the boards to split, warp, or shrink.

  • Can withstand the test of time
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Readily available
  • Relatively unstable

4. Black Walnut

Color: Dark chocolate brown
Grain: Straight
Texture: Medium

The rich, dim coloring of Walnut considerably contributed to it being shown as a single of the most elegant flooring alternatives for old houses. A good deal of individuals gravitated towards it due to the fact it created a beautiful two-tone patina, and didn’t appear hideous as it aged.

The other leading top quality that we cannot fail to remember to talk about is its insect-repelling abilities. Walnut makes iodine, a chemical material that’s brown in shade and influences insects. This means homeowners didn’t have to be concerned about bugs lurking beneath the floor with the intent to result in harm.

Cleaning a Walnut ground is no problem. It can make detecting dust and particles effortless and looks to be the leading decision for individuals grappling with asthma and other allergies. The only disadvantage is that it has a Janka scale measurement score of 1010, meaning it’s a softer and more pliable wooden.

  • Creates a beautiful two-tone patina
  • Repels insects
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great with people who suffer from asthma and allergies
  • It’s a softer, more pliable wood

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Wrap Up

Some of the wooden flooring employed in the previous can still be mounted in modern day homes and can be identified commonly in old properties all around the nation.  We know individuals have distinct tastes and preferences but, we’re certain you can discover at the very least 1 flooring that matches your type.

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