4 Miter Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

4 Miter Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

The basic use for a miter saw is to make angled cuts. If you’ve invested in one particular, you’ve presently decided that you need precise angle cuts and really don't want to spend the time or strength generating them with a hand noticed or circular noticed, or go to the problems to use a table saw.

Any miter saw requires a stable area to use it on. This is both a workbench or just a durable desk. If you’ve received practically nothing else, you can use the floor, but which is anything to do if you have practically nothing else. Regardless, you want this saw to continue to be steady for basic safety and top quality needs.

How does a miter saw work?

Despite the fact that there are individual variances based on the producer and attributes you want, miter saws are all developed basically the same way. There’s a desk on which you area your inventory, up towards a fence to hold it in location whilst you cut. Based mostly on the miter angle you want, you can rotate the desk.

4 Miter Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

Most miter saws also arrive with an angle, so you can placement the blade to make bevel cuts. A fundamental safety attribute you will want is a blade cover that only moves out of the way when you lower the spinning blade in direction of the table. There are a few principal kinds of miter saws: normal, compound, and sliding compound, all of which can make the adhering to cuts.

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4 types of angled cuts

There are 4 standard kinds of cuts that the greatest miter saws can complete. What you want to do will determine what variety of minimize you’ll want to make. There’s no point striving to enumerate the different employs for these varieties of cuts, so we’ll just generalize and say there are four fundamental employs for a miter saw.

As soon as you have a miter observed that you like, you can use it to make any of the four basic cuts. A crosscut goes straight across the wood. A miter angle is a basic angled reduce, used mostly for framing, and goes across the encounter of the wood. Cuts made relative to the edge of the wood are beveled cuts, and these are utilized to set up temperature stripping. When you combine equally sorts of cuts into 1, it’s a compound lower.

4 Miter Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

1. Crosscut

Cuts throughout a board and in opposition to the grain are crosscuts. Cuts along the grain of the wooden are practically always considerably for a longer time and are known as rips. Since the cuts a miter saw can make are minimal to the diameter of the noticed blade, most straight cuts with a miter noticed are crosscuts.

You can make crosscuts with most saws, which includes hand saws. You can make far better crosscuts with really tiny extra energy with table saws. You can also make them with a round observed. If you make a crosscut with a miter facet, it is both because you just favor the action of a miter noticed, or you do not have another electrical power observed.

You make crosscuts to do a vast selection of issues, from receiving wooden to the right size for framing to simple household furniture building. They’re normally the crudest-searching cuts, but simply because there is the minimum wood-to-wooden get in touch with, they are also the weakest.

2. Miter cut

A miter reduce is an angled lower manufactured alongside a crosscut encounter, usually at a forty five-diploma angle. They are typically used for initiatives like putting in trim, exactly where you need two pieces to suit snugly in a corner. They are not utilized for energy in that scenario, but due to the fact they are desirable. They are also employed when putting in baseboard and crown molding.

Other utilizes for miter cuts are in producing boxes, framing photographs, and producing frames for home windows, doorways, and pipes.

3. Bevel cut

Bevel cuts are angled cuts made relative to the edge of the board. You can attempt to make them with hand tools, but they are very difficult to make and, even more important, to make accurately. To make a good beveled cut, it’s recommended that you use a power tool. Like the miter cut, most beveled cuts are made at 45 degrees. Those are not only the most attractive, but the strongest.

Bevel cuts are utilized in putting in trim and molding when you want to consider it all around a corner, either by generating a adverse angle minimize or flipping what you’re chopping so that what will face out from the wall is on the base. You also use beveled cuts to put in stripping for weather conditions or to make geometric shapes.

4 Miter Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

4. Compound cut

The most difficult angled minimize brings together both miter and bevel cuts. You are cutting it at an angle throughout the grain although also reducing it at an angle relative to the wood’s edge. It is an intimidating minimize to make, and when an individual will get discouraged putting in trim, it is most often in attempting to get a compound angle lower just correct.

Attempting to get a trim project right is not the only time you’d want to make 1 of these cuts. They are usually also utilised in generating serving trays and cradles. If you’re attempting to make some thing seem a little much more sophisticated, you may possibly try your hand at making use of one particular of these sophisticated cuts.

4 Miter Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?


If you are cutting angles in wooden, a wonderful way to do it rapidly is with a miter observed. It offers a quick, pain-free way to line up any of the 4 major types of angled cuts that will account for almost certainly 95 % of what you’d ever want.

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