4 Tips on When & How To Prune Weigela

Weigelas are beautiful and intimate deciduous shrubs that grow wonderful clusters of colorful bouquets in spring. While increasing these stunning flowering vegetation in your backyard will be a gratifying hobby, sustaining a powerful and healthier weigela shrub is not as hard as you believe. These plants are quite effortless to expand when you know a couple of basics.

Pruning your weigela plant can be a single of the smartest selections, particularly if you want to include new expansion to your already vibrant shrub. There is usually a clever remedy, even if you look for techniques to salvage your seemingly useless plant. If you’d like to understand a couple of tricks on pruning your weigela plant, read the article beneath it consists of many valuable tips.

The 4 Tips on When and How To Prune Weigela

1. Pruning Weigelas As Regular Maintenance

The most typical cause you must be pruning your weigela is as a component of regular servicing. It would assist if you did this soon after every flowering close to the commencing of June. It is crucial to prune the plant at the proper time to avoid harmful any possible blooms. If you prune it as well quickly, you might be taking away the flower buds from very last year that were obtaining completely ready to bloom yet again if you prune way too late, the plant will not have time to get better for the pursuing year’s blooming year.

  • When to Prune: From late winter to early spring.

Cautiously take a look at your weigela plant for lifeless or aged branches. Trim the branches appropriate after the position in which the two branches meet. Keep in mind in no way to prune a lot more than a single-3rd of the plant during a single year.

weigelia plant
Image Credit: beauty_of_nature, Pixabay

2. Pruning Weigelas To Rejuvenate Them

Rejuvenation is the method of taking away old branches from a plant, leaving only the younger and healthful ones to prosper. Your weigela plant will appear best if they are mostly made of young wood. When pruning weigelas to rejuvenate them, obtaining branches at least one ½ inch thick is very best. It is crucial to make a decision which branches to prune upfront. Pruning to rejuvenate weigela will renew the plant in three to 5 years.

  • When to Prune: From January to February, while avoiding freezing temperatures.

Discover outdated branches more than 1 ½ inch thick. Start pruning from the coronary heart of the plant instead of the outdoors. Minimize the branch, so it is eleven to fifteen inches high. Only take away one particular-third of the previous stems, and if necessary, repeat the process up coming yr.

3. Pruning To Control the Size of Weigela

Pruning your weigela plant to sustain its size and handle its development need to be a typical exercise in gardening. You can cut down solitary branches to the desired measurement or skinny down 1-3rd of the oldest branches to the main trunk. If you are pruning weigela branches, cut to the level where the two branches meet up with. This way, you will make way for any new growth whilst keeping the wanted measurement and condition of your weigela plant.

  • When to Prune: The best time to prune your weigela plant to control its size is between May and June.

Reduce a single-3rd of the old weigela branches each and every year using hand trimmers, hedge clippers, loppers, or pruners.

weigela plant
Image Credit: akirEVarga, Pixabay

4. Pruning Weigela To Restore the Life

If you do not have much time to devote to the artwork of gardening, you might uncover your weigela plant to be neglected and in poor form. You will acknowledge these weigelas by the thick branches with minor to no blooms in the spring. When some thing like this occurs, you may want to get drastic steps to restore your weigela plant to its total glory. The dead branches are at a increased chance of attracting pests and diseases. Soon after the renovation prune, the plant could need to have far more than a 12 months to get better.

  • When to Prune: Prune the plant after it blooms or in late spring if there are no healthy branches that bloom.

Prune the complete plant to close to four inches above the soil, leaving any healthful branches. Be patient and look at your weigela plant get started to expand significantly stronger than ahead of.


Pruning your weigela plant may possibly have appeared much a lot more challenging just before studying this useful report. Following learning the various methods and methods of pruning vegetation, we inspire you to consider them out and restore the daily life of your weigela plant. You will recognize a substantial adjust if you commence pruning your vegetation regularly, as it is an enriching follow that significantly rewards your plants.


Highlighted Impression Credit score: manfredrichter, Pixabay