5 Different Types of Car Fuses (with Pictures)

If you just began driving or have bought a new car, it can be beneficial to understand about the different kinds of fuses that it consists of. Fuses support your electrical technique run appropriately, and if 1 of them blows, you will require to find it and substitute it as shortly as feasible. Maintain studying as we search at the distinct kinds of fuses that you are very likely to face. We also discuss what they do and how to modify them.

The 5 Different Types of Car Fuses

1. Blade Fuses

5 Different Types of Car Fuses (with Pictures)
Image Credit: eroyka, Pixabay
Characteristics: Thin and flat shape in multiple sizes and amps
Uses: Extremely common in automobiles
Amperes: 2–80

A single of the most frequent types of automotive fuses that you are most likely to experience is the blade fuse. It has a flat shape and can be a lot of distinct colours, like blue, crimson, orange, yellow, environmentally friendly, and brown. The coloured plastic condition will have two or 3 flat steel legs sticking out that are the speak to factors. These offer you with safety for modest to medium-sized wires and are accessible at any price up to 80 amps.

It is effortless to see the worth of blade fuses, and they do not roll away like spherical fuses. Blade fuses are obtainable in 6 sizes, like Micro2, Micro3, Lower Profile Mini, Mini, ATO/ATC, and Maxi. The only downside to this kind of fuse is that it at some point burns out, and when it does, you will need to have to replace it.

  • Don’t roll away
  • Easy to read
  • Burn out eventually

2. Cartridge Fuses

Characteristics: Multiple shapes but often round
Uses: Extremely common in automobiles
Amperes: 35–60

Cartridge fuses are incredibly popular for automobiles, and you will also discover them in other places, like the residence. They have a simple construction, function swiftly at any temperature, and are straightforward to change. Cartridge fuses have been in use for a extended time, so they are nicely examined, low-cost, and effortless to find.

Like with blade fuses, the downside of cartridge fuses is that you will need to have to substitute them if they encounter way too significantly electrical power. Another downside is that you can only select values between 35 and 60 amperes, so they are not as adaptable as blade fuses.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read
  • Burn out
  • Not as many ampere selections as blade fuses

3. PAL Fuses

Characteristics: Rectangular, female, or bolt-on terminals
Uses: Common in Japanese vehicles
Amperes: 20–120

PAL fuses are specific cartridge fuses that are incredibly common in Japanese cars. They can endure a substantial number of amps outside of what ordinary cartridge fuses are able of, so you will probably discover them on electrical power-intense circuits. These fuses are color coded for simple identification.

  • High power rating
  • Color coded
  • Some need to be screwed in place

4. High-Current Fuses

Characteristics: Multiple shapes but often rectangular, with metal tabs on the sides
Uses: Power-intensive circuits
Amperes: 50–200

Like cartridge fuses, higher-existing fuses can be any form or dimensions, but they are regularly sq. or rectangular, with metallic speak to posts sticking out the sides. You typically need to screw these tabs in place when setting up a new fuse, and they can stand up to up to two hundred amps. You will frequently see these fuses in electricity-intensive circuits of non-Japanese autos. It’s generally straightforward to figure out their value by searching at their shade and matching it to a chart.

  • High power rating
  • Color coded
  • Usually require screws to keep in place

5. Circuit Breaker

Characteristics: Similar to blade fuses but thicker
Uses: Replace standard fuses
Amperes: 15–60

A circuit-breaking fuse allows you to reset it, like the circuit breaker in your residence, so you do not need to exchange it if it excursions. Some vehicles may well even appear with the regular. It resembles a blade fuse but is quite a little bit bigger in order to residence the tripping mechanism, and it’s a great choice for circuits that excursion frequently. The large surface location helps make it easy to study the worth.

The downside to the circuit breaker fuse is that its huge size might be tough to use in some scenarios, and it will likely have a greater expense.

  • Reusable
  • Easy to read
  • Expensive
  • Large size

How Do I Change My Fuses?

If you observe that your lights or radio are not operating, there is a good likelihood that you have blown a fuse. It takes place, and there is no quick lead to for issue, but you will want to substitute the fuse to get every little thing functioning properly once again. You can make an appointment at an auto mechanic, but it’s normally a fairly effortless task that you can do oneself in a number of minutes.

Your fuses are either in a fuse box beneath the dashboard or in a fuse box below the hood. In each instances, the bins are normally on the driver’s aspect. A swift look in your owner’s handbook or on the web will tell you what fuse you need to have and where you can discover it. If you don’t have a fuse on hand, a rapid journey to any nearby car areas keep will get you what you need to have.

To alter the fuse, you only require to pull out the previous one particular and push in the new one in its place, and you will be excellent to go.

Does a Blown Fuse Mean I Have a Problem?

No, bumps in the road and other things can cause a small power spike that is adequate to blow a fuse in some cases. However, if you want to modify the very same fuse again speedily, we advocate getting the car looked above by a certified mechanic to establish if there is an electrical dilemma. If the vehicle is more than 10 years aged, it may possibly be great to have it seemed at after every single blown fuse. Automobile fires can take place as the car receives older.


Even although there are a number of types of fuses available, the only kinds that you will most likely want to alter are blade fuses and possibly cartridge fuses. The blade fuse is very simple to change. It’s also shade-coded and generally consists of effortless-to-study text. We recommend obtaining a competent services technician modify any PAL or large-existing fuses, to make certain that there is not an electrical problem.



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