5 Different Types of Cedar Wood for DIY Projects (with Pictures)

If you are a woodworker and like to do Do-it-yourself assignments, you likely want to find out as significantly as you can about the various varieties of wood available. Hardwoods can be beneficial for some tasks, although other individuals need soft versions. Listed here, we look at numerous diverse kinds of cedar wood that are especially great for Diy tasks. Preserve looking through as we talk about hardness, shade, grain, and far more.

The 5 Different Types of Cedar Wood for DIY Projects

1. Eastern Red Cedar

Taxonomy: Juniperus virginiana L.

Japanese purple cedar is a soft wood, so it is easy to minimize and carve. Many individuals use it to create attractive assignments with absolutely nothing a lot more than hand resources. It has a deep pink colour and is excellent for benches, fences, and many other projects.

The downside to jap pink cedar is that it is 1 of the toxic varieties to cats.

  • Deep red color
  • Easy to work with
  • More toxic than other varieties

2. Western Red Cedar

Taxonomy: Thuja plicata

Western purple cedar is a fantastic wooden range for new woodworkers due to the fact it’s effortless to reduce and shape. This variation does not have the deep crimson colour of the jap pink cedar, but it has an desirable well-pronounced grain that is perfect for any undertaking, and it pairs nicely with the eastern crimson cedar if you need far more distinction. It is not super harmful to cats, and you can stain it in a lot of colors. Most woodworkers use it to produce benches, shelves, and much more due to the fact it is very durable.

The only draw back to operating with western red cedar is that it can be challenging to discover in some places.

  • Not super toxic to cats
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be hard to find in some areas

3. Eastern White Cedar

Taxonomy: Thuja occidentalis L.

Japanese white cedar is a popular selection of cedar that several people use for a lot of sorts of assignments, which includes canoes, fence posts, shingles, household furniture, and even paper. It’s straightforward to operate with and has a gentle colour with an appealing but a lot more subdued grain than the western purple cedar. Because this range is so popular, it’s typically less complicated to locate than some other people and may possibly also be considerably less high-priced.

The only downside to this selection is that it is a minor softer than the other individuals, and it may well not be effectively suited to projects that contain several screws.

  • Attractive pale grain design
  • Easy to work with
  • Too soft for screws

4. Spanish Cedar

Taxonomy: Cedrela oderata L.

The Spanish cedar is a popular and effortless-to-discover assortment that functions fantastic for any project. It is a darkish-colored wooden that resembles the eastern pink cedar more intently than the eastern white. It’s really resistant to humidity, so you will see it in several cigar containers and humidors. It is also a common assortment to use for window and door frames and shingles.

There is no draw back to Spanish cedar other than its dim colour limitations staining prospects.

  • Easy to find
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Dark color

5. Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Taxonomy: Palicourea croceoides

The Alaskan yellow cedar is a common selection of wooden that woodworkers have been using to create initiatives for thousands of many years. It was and stays common among numerous Native Americans, who use it to create baskets, rope, canoes, totem poles, and much more. It’s a reasonably easy-to-uncover selection that is light-weight in color, so it helps make a excellent accent to darker colours, and you have far more alternatives for staining. The grain is not too prominent, so you can use it for nearly anything.

The only draw back to this assortment is that it can be expensive.

  • Light color
  • Easy to work with
  • Expensive

Cedar Wood Dangers

One threat to making use of cedar in the workshop is that it can be harmful to cats. Cedar contains phenols and terpenes that can trigger health concerns if ingested. There are no severe concerns about a concluded project, as cats do not usually chew on wood, but although you are chopping and sawing, you will produce sawdust, which can be a lot more unsafe.

What Variety Should I Choose?

Any variety of cedar will provide you with a great experience as a newbie woodworker due to the fact most kinds are soft sufficient to reduce with hand equipment while remaining tough ample to very last a lot of a long time. Seasoned woodworkers will also discover loads of employs for this wonderful wood since of its severe durability, humidity resistance, and desirable grain.

However, if you have cats that visit your workshop, we recommend staying away from japanese red cedar due to the fact of its large toxicity.

Is Cedar Wood Toxic to Me?

Many kinds of cedar are moderate to average irritants to people, which usually results in burning eyes, headaches, and abdomen cramps. Some versions may possibly also cause an bronchial asthma assault. Only Alaskan yellow cedar is shown as a moderate irritant of the kinds on this record.

How Can I Protect Myself?

The very best way to safeguard by yourself when working with cedar or any other wood is to use the proper security tools. A encounter mask will assist hold sawdust out of your lungs. Security goggles can assist hold the sawdust out of your eyes, which is particularly beneficial when operating with cedar, an eye irritant. Lastly, large perform gloves will prevent you from receiving slivers and keep your skin from getting in contact with any oils that might trigger a response.

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The versions of cedar on our checklist should supply you with a wonderful entry stage to operating with this wonderful wood. They are gentle and straightforward to carve and reduce but tough ample for outdoors benches and shingles. These kinds are appealing, pair well with each and every other, and are comparatively simple to find in any property repair store or lumber yard.



Highlighted Graphic Credit history: CentrArredo, Pixabay