5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?

Paint sprayers can be employed to go over single objects, total walls, or entire rooms with your option of paint. They supply much more uniform protection than brushes and rollers, and they do not have brush marks or other marks from the painting procedure itself. There are four kinds of paint sprayers on the market place, with the most commonly employed becoming the airless paint sprayer, typically named the electric powered paint sprayer, and compressed air or pneumatic paint sprayer. Decide on according to your level of experience, how much coverage you require, the amount of depth required, and your budget.

Types of Paint Sprayer

Underneath, we have incorporated particulars of the five principal variants of paint sprayer, like information of the most common makes use of for every single sort and their execs and downsides. Utilizing this data, you should be capable to determine the very best spray gun for your venture.

1. Airless Paint Sprayer

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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The airless paint sprayer does not use compressed air. Alternatively, it makes use of an electric pump to propel the paint via the suggestion of the sprayer, which causes a enthusiast or arc of paint. The paint sticks to the surface area and leaves a easy complete.

The electric spray gun takes little planning and is completely ready to use virtually straight absent. It will cover a big region in a limited area of time and, while this does indicate that it is the most helpful design for ending walls or entire houses, it also requires some follow to get your own speed up. If you perform also gradually, the fast jet of the airless paint sprayer will continue to use coat following coat to the exact same spot. This is known as overspray, and it can leave you with non-uniform protection of a wall although also costing you much more in paint.

When to Use It
  • Volume work
  • Professional contractor work
  • Lacquering and varnishing paint

The quick spraying signifies that this type of spray gun is employed for mass coverage. If you are painting a total space or multiple walls in a house, then an airless paint sprayer is a excellent selection. If you are a specialist handyman or contractor, the pace of this system is also helpful.

However, other than uniform, volume work, the electric spray gun might not be your very best option. It does not work nicely outdoors, despite the fact that this is accurate of any sort of paint sprayer. The possible for overspray also means that it is not suited for precision operate. If you are hunting for a reliable way to precisely spray a piece of household furniture, for instance, you are unlikely to get the preferred results from anything so quick.

Are Electric Paint Spray Guns Any Good?

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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Electrical paint spray guns are highly effective. They may be too successful for the uninitiated and the inexperienced. The paint stream does not contain any air bubbles, which implies that a huge volume of paint is used directly to the area you’re functioning on. If you can preserve up with the velocity of the jet, it delivers the fastest spray-portray remedy for quantity function. It isn’t suited for precision perform, nevertheless.

What Should I Look for When Buying An Airless Paint Sprayer?
  • If you are experienced using this type of spray gun, you can look for the device with the highest horsepower and that delivers the most paint in the shortest space of time. This will enable you to finish projects more quickly.
  • Ensure that the gun includes the tip you need for the project you undertake.
  • Also, consider the hose length. If you’re spraying a fence, you will want as long a hose as possible because that will negate you having to keep stopping to move the spray unit.
  • If you’re painting rooms, you should be able to house the unit in a single position and reach all of the walls.
  • Some electric spray guns may accept more than one gun, allowing multiple people to work on a project at once.
  • Uniform coverage
  • Fast paint delivery
  • Works with different stains and paints
  • Quite a lot of paint waste
  • Not a clean process
  • Not suitable for precision work
  • Can be expensive


5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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The HVLP, or Large-Quantity Reduced-Strain paint sprayer, is far more of a precision unit. As the identify indicates, it operates with a lower force, which means that significantly less paint is ejected from the idea at any time. It is also combined with the molecules of air that are used to pressurize the paint. This signifies that the HVLP sprayer is less difficult to control, causes significantly less of a mess, and can be utilised for precision perform.

Whether you’re hunting to paint crown molding or to finish a carpentry occupation. Nevertheless, the minimal force signifies that this kind of device is only suited for thinner paints, and even when utilized with thinner liquids, it may even now become clogged and need regular cleaning.

When to Use It
  • Painting trims and molds
  • Finishing furniture and other projects
  • Cabinets and doors

An HVLP could not be appropriate for volume function. It would consider a lengthy time to paint a place. What is more, the low pressure necessitates a limited hose, so the unit has to be carried or moved regularly, and this tends to make it an not comfortable and inconvenient tool since of the potential for user exhaustion.

Exactly where the HVLP excels, nonetheless, is in its precision operate. Paint is delivered slowly and specifically, so if you want to make sure that you get even protection of a particular region, this is the spray gun for you. If you can use a slim adequate lacquer or paint, it can also be utilised for portray furniture and other craft projects.

Is Airless or HVLP Better?

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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Airless and HVLP spray guns are different types of device and have different uses.
  • The airless spray gun delivers a large volume of airless paint and is better suited to volume work where precision is not required. It is better suited to experienced professionals.
  • The HVLP delivers less paint, makes less mess, and has less cleanup. It is better suited to precision work and can be too inconvenient for big jobs.
  • Costs less than an airless sprayer
  • Used for precise finishes
  • Safer than airless
  • Clogs a lot
  • Can cause user fatigue
  • Not suitable for big jobs
  • Not suitable for thick paints


5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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LVLP stands for Lower-Volume, Lower-Strain and these units only call for close to 10PSI to function. This helps make them suitable for use by the DIYer due to the fact they can use extremely fundamental air compressors that are obtainable for a portion of the value of these needed for other compressed air gadgets.

They are also considerably smaller than other gadgets and their style means that you will carry the entire issue, like the paint tank or reservoir as you use it. This is why it is crucial that the system is in fact low-quantity, to ensure that it is moveable and can be carried.

When to Use It
  • Painting interior walls
  • Painting fences

It may be fatiguing, but this variety of device will operate on large projects like spraying a fence or a total wall. Even so, the minimal pressure of the system indicates that the pump is not powerful enough to eject thick and viscous liquids, so it will only work with slim and mild paint.5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?

What Is the Best Type of Paint Sprayer For Home Use?

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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The LVLP spray painter is the one most typically acquired for house use. It is economical, straightforward to function, and despite getting quite large soon after extended-time period use, it can be utilised for moderately massive work. Even so, if you do intend to use a spray gun to paint every wall in each and every room of a residence, as properly as some other work like portray the exterior of the home, you must think about one thing far more powerful.

  • The most affordable option
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Can be used on large surfaces
  • Not suitable for thick paints
  • Low volume means regular refills
  • Not very powerful or quick

4. Compressed Air

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
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Compressed air sprayers, like the LVLP gun, are an effortless sort of paint sprayer to use. They use a compressor to generate and drive compressed air via the paint in the reservoir. This forces the paint down the hose and by way of the nozzle or suggestion of the device, giving a jet of paint mixed with air.

They are effortless to use, tend to be considerably less pricey than electrical types, but they are progressively being replaced simply because they do not give the exact same uniformity or regularity of an electric powered unit and they have a tendency to deficiency the electricity. You are seriously dependent on the quality and electricity of the compressor technique that you use. Nevertheless, they do continue to be well-liked for art and artisanal use.

When to Use It
  • Painting cabinets and furniture
  • On a tight budget

The compressed air spray gun is gradually becoming changed by the electric powered sprayer. Compressed air units are likely to be considerably less strong, more susceptible to clogging, and they are not as quick when used to include large locations.

They are utilized by cabinetmakers, DIYers that make their very own household furniture, and by artists. They are also utilized by those that have an current compressor program and when a particular person needs a easy but nevertheless perhaps effective answer to portray a respectable size region.

5. Gravity Feed Paint Sprayer

5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?
Image credit: Ralfador Ralfadinski, Pixabay

In actuality, the gravity feed is not a subcategory of paint sprayer, so much as it is a design aspect that can perform out in a range of various methods.

The gravity feed spray gun (so named for the truth that the paint feed reservoir rests atop the sprayer) is one more device made for producing a wonderful end. Considerably like the HVLP, it can make a selection of distinct coats on the operate surface.

With the siphoning factor located on the prime of the gun, the gravity feed sprayer needs significantly less stress than other choices. The end result is intense precision, no overspray, and a very small cleanup. This variety of sprayer is very frequently utilised for spraying vehicles, which it truly excels at.

You won’t use this technique with more substantial jobs, but it is a great way to include a more refined contact to your perform. The gravity sprayer 1st strike the scene in the context of automotive perform. It was specifically prized for its ability to lay down obvious coats of paint. Now, nonetheless, it’s utilised for a extensive variety of initiatives.

Functions properly for: Spraying your car

  • Extremely precise
  • Easy to clean up
  • Not very good for high volume work

What Is the Easiest Type of Paint Sprayer to Use?

Compressed air paint sprayers are very straightforward to use. Fill the tank with paint, guarantee the location is guarded, start off the compressor, and pull the set off. This must be adequate to get a jet of paint tht you can use to paint personal things or whole partitions. Some electrical sprayers can be as simple, but several of them have dials for force levels and other functions that make them look a lot more complex than they need to be.

  • Simple to use
  • Cheaper than electric spray guns
  • Work with existing air compressors
  • Prone to overspray
  • May not work with thick paints
  • Use a lot of paint

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There are different varieties of paint sprayers obtainable, but the most and increasingly widespread variant is that of the electric powered spray gun. It can go over a large area in a reasonably short place of time. Even though it could be vulnerable to overspray if you are inexperienced, when you get the cling of using an electric gun, you will be ready to get a uniform coverage that is free from brush strokes. Pneumatic, or compressed air, sprayers are greater for precision and artistic perform.

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