5 DIY Jelly Cabinet Plans that You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

5 DIY Jelly Cabinet Plans that You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Have you at any time been to an more mature place-fashion house? They have a specific rustic appeal like no other. From their layout and construction to furnishings, these houses will give you a cozy warm-and-fuzzy feeling every time.

A single especially comfortable aspect of a rustic house is a jelly cupboard.

Also identified as jelly cabinets, these cupboards were considered to have originated from America’s Midwest in the 1830s. At this time, jams and jellies experienced become an American staple thanks to conveniently offered fruits that were produced in that area.

Unable to take in all of the harvested fruit refreshing, most of the crop ended up getting turned into some form of preservative. And as soon as bottled, these jams and jellies would be saved in the aptly named jelly cabinet. With a single of these genius programs, you can find out how to construct a jelly cabinet of your very personal.

What is a Jelly Cabinet?

A jelly cupboard generally is composed of a large cupboard with two hinged doors and is primarily stored in the kitchen or dining location of the house. Nevertheless, jelly cabinets can vary wildly with the addition of several drawers and shelves. The most common style you are going to come throughout is a dual doorway product with two added drawers over.

The shelving inside every single jelly cupboard was usually short, even so. They typically ended up just tall sufficient to accommodate the size of the jelly jars utilized. This manufactured the shelving far more everlasting and permitted for far more whole shelving—to ultimately supply area for a lot more preservatives.

5 DIY Jelly Cabinet Plans that You Can Build Today (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Anatolijs Gizenko, Shutterstock

You can construct a jelly cupboard out of virtually any wood you’d choose even so, there was a basic regular when it arrived to construction resources. In the guide Country Household furniture by Ellen Plante, jelly cabinets manufactured for use in dining rooms—or other far more public rooms—were often built out of finer components this sort of as cherrywood, chestnut, oak, or walnut. Jelly cabinets discovered in the kitchen area had been primarily crafted out of economical pinewood. This is due to the fact kitchens weren’t community thoroughfare and showcased as they are these days.

Growing Popularity of Jelly Cabinets

Despite the fact that jelly cupboards had been found in numerous Midwestern homes, it wasn’t till the twenties that they became well-known through the US. Their introduction into Montgomery Ward’s mail-order catalog began spreading the get to of the jelly cabinet. Montgomery Ward’s model was a simple two-door cupboard with a solitary drawer overarching the two.

But you don’t require to go again and time to discover a good quality jelly cupboard. In reality, you can make 1 on your possess at property! Below, you will locate our favored free Do-it-yourself jelly cupboard ideas.

The 5 Best DIY Jelly Cabinets

1. Rogue Engineer’s Jelly Cabinet

If you’re hunting for a genuinely rustic jelly cupboard, these are the ideas for you. It is a very straightforward layout consisting of two hinged doors with mesh screening. The cabinet is 4 inches tall but just below 3 inches broad. We like this design and style for a kitchen area jelly cabinet thanks to its simplistic design and see-through cabinet doorways.

2. ScavengerChic’s Rustic Cupboard

For these of you with added area, we’d advise constructing this behemoth of a jelly cupboard. It stands 6½ feet tall and has two huge, hinged doorways. The actual shelving on this cupboard has a much higher ceiling permitting for you to store taller jars and other pantry products that may possibly not fit in a classic jelly cabinet. This cupboard will also make for a superb dialogue piece to your place kitchen area or rustic eating room.

3. DIY Jelly Cabinet from This Old House

Classic, quaint, and straightforward. If these words describe your house décor, you must critically consider creating this jelly cabinet. It is a extremely homey and straightforward layout even so, its curved doorway provides a very easy contact of course. This cupboard would seem absolutely superb in a kitchen area with a classic or wood-burning stove.

4. DIY Vintage Jelly Cabinet

A jelly cabinet doesn’t want to be very ornate to provide its purpose. In fact, the authentic jelly cabinet was just a location for simple storage. Today, that useful use typically will come with an antique appear that will incorporate a touch of historical past to your property. This specific design is also very useful all around the home—not just in the kitchen area or eating areas. If effectively treated, this cupboard would make a great addition to any toilet for added storage.

5. DIY Patrick’s Jelly Cabinet

If you’re common with Do it yourself ideas, we’re fairly confident you’ve read of Ana White. She’s obtained some of the best Do it yourself programs and assignments around—and that contains jelly cupboards. We’re quite fond of this specific cabinet due to the stylistic selections and accents that include a contact of course to a straightforward, utilitarian cabinet. Even however this cupboard has mesh screen doors, we’d have no issue exhibiting this cupboard off in a eating area.

Building Your Own Jelly Cabinet

You really don't require to go antiquing to very own a piece of American historical past. As an alternative, you can develop your personal. And there’s no far better way to do that than studying how to construct a jelly cabinet. It’s a super entertaining project that you can complete over a weekend and use for a life time.

Remember, these are just some base styles. If you’re seeking for one thing much more ornate or with different proportions, you can simply alter these fundamental programs to in shape your tips. Which is the joy about jelly cabinets. They are completely customizable. But if you’re seeking for a strong starter template, these are the ideas we advise.

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